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The Death Method...

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Haha, dont worry you didnt die.Lol. You lost awarness of your breathing thats all. It happens all the time.


Along similar lines, become aware of your heartbeat at your heart. Then develop the ability to feel a pulse at any part of your body. Then go back to your heart and count out the beat. Gradually slow your counting so that your heart will follow along, also slowing its pace. Remember that you will cool off this way and a blanket is a good idea.


never heard of the technique for stimulating an oobe, but i have experienced it. in fact, whenever i relax completely and mentally direct my body to stop breathing, it stops and i don't even feel the need to do it. i've held it off for a few minutes without feeling the need to breathe, but i decided in my mind that i really should start breathing again. so i directed myself to.

maybe i will try that method to try to induce an oobe. i feel safe with the idea of trying it because i have set myself up so that my consciouness has a "quick report" kinda thing, where i can, at any time, get a complete "diagnostic" on what is happening to my body, my mind, and my spirit. this way, if i do start dieing, i'll be able to stop it before it gets anywhere near serious.

thanks for the idea. i'll post my experience (if there turns out to be one) later.



Though I do not have any experience using the Death Method to induce astral projection I do have some experience with spontaneous stopage of breath.
    I practice pranayama which is yogic breath control. This exercise is to breathe in for a number of counts, retain the breathe for a longer time then slowly breathe out. I practice both Adhama which is beginner breath control (inhale for 4 seconds, retain for 16 sec. and exhale for 8 sec) and Madhyama (intermediate level = inhale for 8, retain for 32 and exhale for 16 seconds).
    Though I only practice pranayama 2 or 3 times a week now I used to practice it nearly every day about 3 years ago. During that time I found that during meditation I would frequently spontaneously stop breathing. Though I was never in any danger it was sometimes annoying. Also I read somewhere that a few people who got into yoga without qualified teachers also experienced this and sometimes it caused them anxiety attacks.


oh yeah. forgot to try that. i'll post about it when i remember to try it.  :P



didn't work. i tried to make my body forget about a need to breath, but eventually my body started taking small, light breathes anyway. no oobe either [dang][|)].

anyone else gonna try it?


What Tha Phak


i just had an experience exactly like the one above.
i smoked a joint and i was laying down,when i started to go into a trance. this happens a lot but after reading this thread i started to think about the death method. i became aware of my heart beating and tryed to slow it down. it felt like as i held my breath it slowed but when i breathed out again it would speed up. i thought i was loosing and it wasnt working but i became aware that i had pins and needles all over my body in all my veins and arterys,then it started in the back of my head then parts of my brain felt solid and heavy. then i got a pain in the middle of my brain for a few seconds and a black cloud was in my head. it started to get samaller and smaller untill i had a sharp pain in my head and i couldnt feel my body. i paniced and came out of it. i felt tired for ages afterwards.



Has anyone ever heard of this?

Last night, I fell into a half-asleep mode while doing some basic energy work. I'd just been doing some breathing energy exercises for a while. I came a little out of it when I noticed I wasn't breathing anymore. For approximately two minutes - after an exhale. Not only that, I didn't feel any pressure telling me that I -needed- to breathe. I think I may have even left my body a bit - not sure. I was kind of stumped as to why I didn't need to breathe. Needless to say, as my awareness turned to this 'little' fact, I came out of it and decided that I didn't know what the hell had just happened to me - as it wasn't like any other astral projection experience I'd heard of.

A friend told me about a book he'd read on the Death Method (a rarely spoken about astral projection method...), which purportedly has a pretty high level of danger to it (As in, you might be buried alive or your body slows down so much that you -really- die.)

Basically, he says the basic purpose is to slow your body's functioning systems down so much that you actually simulate death and leave your body.

Has anyone heard of this? If so, can you give me any information on whether the surmise of the level of danger is correct, and maybe like... how to -prevent- it if it is? I'd like as much information as possible - it wasn't in my control at all, and I'm just a bit worried about it happening again. :P