What was an experience you've had with another entity in the astral?

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It could be anything From scary, to amazing, to good to bad. I would like to hear about some of your experiences with running into an entity while projecting.
Since I'm guessing the Astral plane has a diverse amount of beings inhabiting there, you guys can talk about whatever types you've encountered, whether it was another living human astral projecting, an artificial being, a person who is not alive anymore, an alien, an inter-dimensional being, or maybe even something I've never heard of before.

For anyone with an experience with another being while in the astral (or other) plane, feel free to reply with as much detail as you want. :D


I was asked by some people to write down the name of a dead person on the back of a mirror shard while I was in the astral plane. I did so, and when I turned the mirror back to the shiny side, I saw that woman standing behind me in the reflection. I turned around and there she was. Even without the mirror, I could see her. I couldn't help but to feel that her death wasn't a "sweet relief" for her, but more like it was horrible and possibly violent, because that is the vibes that I was getting from her. Names and places won't be shared in respect for the deceased. After all, only her shell has been deceased and her soul is still out there as it is immortal.



The people that you see when out of body are all wonderfull people.

I have seen a person least 7 feet tall with no facial features, like eyes, lips, the face was just a structure were eye balls would go. Peacefull being.
I have been cornered by dogs that ate the meat of my hands while I thought how the bonk do I get out of here now.
I have seen in my kitchen a whole branch of my family tree of dead people all sitting their talking, waiting for me.
I ticked of a spirit guild..LOL 
I had sex...
I have had a fairy land on my left middle finger.. I said f you are so tiny and real.. it may of been a garden fairy.
oh the lady that pressed here finger in the back of my head near the spine.. when I said I don't understand you..i am not intelligent enuff..sorry.. the feeling that surged through my body after she touched me, was like a ..melt me in a puddle..I was going to say a orgasm times 1000 but that not even close..
Leave your body and you will run into beings..fact.

The key to meeting beings is to have a open mind, embrace them, respect them, show them you want to learn from them, show them that you try.


Very interesting read guys. I find it very fun reading experiences with people interacting with other beings from the astral.


I've met so many, but the first time I met a deceased person was in the beginning of my practice. There was an elderly lady in the neighborhood who would often talk about her best friend who had passed away a few years back. I had never met her friend, not had I seen a photo of her. During one AP, I ended up in the old lady's house and there in the living room was her best friend. She greeted me and hugged me. For some reason I knew who she was. At that moment I thought, OMG, I am hugging a ghost. That freaked me out a little LOL. She said I have made this broach for G(the old lady). And she was holding in her hand a beautiful broach with a large green stone. In the physical life the old lady had told me that they used to make jewelries together. After that AP, one day while I was at the old lady's house, I asked her to show me her photo albums. When I saw a photo of her best friend, it was the same lady, just in the astral she appeared younger. That was one of my first validations and I thought to myself, G, if you only knew who did I meet a few nights ago....


In the two or three I have had, I haven't run into a single one... :D yet. I almost went 1s phase the other night!
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