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Ability I got 2 years ago

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As I started mediating more and such I noticed I could feel different types av energies  vaguely and now adays I usually get into a state of mind where Im in everyday situation can feel how Another persons "feel" or Perceives their World for a split second. It feels so weird and afterward I feel like I have a stone in my stomach.. Does anyone know what this is? And yes Im 100% sure I know exactly what they felt because you're not judging in that moment so I can feel it's very real.


You have developed your empathic ability


It's kinda cool at times. At others you have to learn to not let the emotions get to you.
Given time you'll see this as things develop in your ability.
You'll be doing your daily thing and then just 'know' something.
At present it's people based, on occasion it may feel somewhat different but you just 'know'. Wait around for it to appear as it also cuts through time.
Have fun.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.