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You heard Mark's voice both before and after he died?  Did you know him personally?  If not, its very likely that these are not real people.  Try talking back to the voices.  If they never say anything creative, you might have created them out of your fears.  See if they might represent an emotional trauma of yours that you refuse to accept or deal with.  
If they're real, its nothing to be afraid of or let run your life.  From what i know, ghosts are in an unstable state, needing attention and energy from the living to stay there longer.  What better way to get attention than to claim to be satan?  Don't believe it, and call his bluff.  If you ignore them long enough, they might go away on their own.  If they don't, its because they share a similar emotional problem that you do.  Once you overcome your own problem, they can no longer stay attatched to you.
Good luck!


frank linehan

I didnt know mark huhggs peronally, i was an independant distributor for his company.He claims i did some things on the internet which were against herbalifes policy. I ve since contacted the company with a full confesion of  what i did and they thanked me for bringing it to their attention and left it at that.These two spirits lie to me constantly butthey say their going to haunt me for the next 36 years because i killed mark huhggs through telepathy. Ive seen psychiatrists and psycologist but they havnt helped one bit. I in the process of  trying for another exorcism.


After reading some of robert's book and seeing what my brother (phobia schizophrenia) has gone through it sounds like the demon is telepathic with you trying to get control of your mind and body trying to mess with you using fear (he did the same to my bro said politicians and such are after him etc..).  If this just started recently then it's pretty easy to break it just go on a crossing water stay there for awhile, if it has been recent it should break whatever this is (could be a curse/karma thing).  The next best thing, I can't believe it's working (no effort in meditation or the sorts) is Robert's crossing water thing is really helping my bro, whenever he starts to hallicunate, we bought a submersive small hose pump and wrapped it around the bed for crossing water, everytime that thing starts to make my bro hallucinate (in his chest makes his whole body pulse) he goes into the bed and after 30minutes it's gone, the pressure in his chest comes down.  Thats probably another good thing to do if you get those thoughts coming at ya, go into the bed with the crossing water around the bed and see if they disappear chances are they will.  And get robert's book on some meditation exercises to build up some mental defenses.

frank linehan

I here the voice of herbalife fame mark huhggs for about three and a half years about a year ago I learned he died of alcohol and medication.yet i still hear his voice. a little after that a second voice came along calling himself the life has turned completly upside down since then. they can hear see and feel everything i can.ive sought exorcisms from the churches but they just tall me to go to psych doctor which ive allready tried.Ive read that robert bruce was once possessed maybe he could give me some advice?!