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Tangible Entities?

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Let's start taking a big leap in our learning and stop depending on 'authorities' to determine what is believable and what's not. If Bruce believes it or not, is inconsequential. The best way to learn is to experience yourself, travel, seek... And if you want to learn about Sai'Baba then go to India and see the 'Saint' himself. But be forwarned, you will learn more about yourself than about the Sathya Sai Baba. I once mentioned here on AstralPulse that from my experience most highly 'psychic' individuals tend to be oversexed from my perspective, and seem to fall into trouble in this area. I myself am not highly psychic, and I'm sure being 'oversexed' has nothing to do with being psychic. I have witnessed many 'materializations' of the sort Bruce mentions. And I'm sure if it was someone else in Bruce's place, the Sathya Sai Baba would not have materialized.



Fenris (first page) "can a negitive or any type of entity not normally on this plane exist here in a tangable form"

Yes. I'm doing it right now, as are many other humans.


Hello, as a new member this is my first post.

Rob suspects all the anti-baba sites to originate from the same people. Through registrars websites (where you can buy domain names) you can check who the owner of a particuliar site is (and gets other info as well).

One could check who owns all the anti-baba sites.

I had never heard of Baba, but just thought I could throw my 2 cents.


A datura experience, with elements of lycanthropy.


I wonder if someone could shed some light on somthing. In my local area in Brisbane Australia I have talked to three people two of which are close about a particular entity. It was first seen by my neighbour in our street about 15 years ago. And it was resently seen by my brother in a field about 2km away while out playing silly buggers in a car. It is described as a large wolf of immense blackness. Its body appears more enlongated than as for a 'real' wolf and the best part is that when it moves it does so in an effortless fashion that does not bounce as it moves, it more glides along. My neighbour who saw the creature on more than one occasion said that the second time he saw it the creature stoped its run down the street and stared up at him through his window. He described it as having his soul look through, and felt as if it could crush him if it willed. My brother described the same sence of being powerless. Another important thing to add is that it makes noice as it moves, so this sugests that it is tangible. The third person I mentioned has had knowledge on the subject was another witch. She described it as being an oracle(she didn't elaborate as to how) and its purpose is to search the souls of people for its master. However she was also a drug addict! The only idea I have is that it is some kind of energy feeder, and both people assure me that it is no ordinary creature. Sorry to be so long winded but hopefully Ive provided some food for thought!

Regards David