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Upright pentagram

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I think what makes any symbl holy is your belief and what that symbols means to you.
As such any symbol can be holy or not.
How do you feel about it?




HI Qball

I dug this up for you, its all old thread from p2 of the spiritual development forum. All you answers should be in here, but if there not ask!




Veni Vidi Vici


The main reason I am asking about this symbol is because of the following vison I received during a meditation.
I was standing before a small wooden table, and on this table there was an upright pentagram,which was attached to a chain. I picked it up, and I was about to wear it when a hand appear to my right. This person to my right touch the upright pentagram  and it fell off the chain to land back on the table.
" That symbol is not meant for you," I heard.
Could this person have really been one of my true spirit guides or was he something else?


Sorry I just replied to your PM before I read it here!, you can stick my responce in here for more discussion if you like.

Veni Vidi Vici


Is the upright pentagram considered to be a holy symbol?