The Event - Mass Awakening - Dimensional Transcendence

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I had never heard about the event before, there are certainly a bunch of topics about doomsday, apocalypse, and revelations just about anything you can imagine focusing only on fear (at least in my side of the coasts). For instance, some years ago I had two people approaching me constantly in every social event in a friendly manner and they would speak mostly about nuclear war, nuclear bombs, groups of people taking shelter, everything wiped out and only the remnants of big cities left. I walked away from all of this of course but I won't deny they managed to scare me, so I started to search the internet for stuff like this, things about the future, and I read almost something about everything, it was crazy, from sharks turning into dolphins to people becoming light beings to how our five continents would become one once again due to some major catastrophes in the coming years. I had a hard time going through all of this but eventually I understood that it was just stuff to try and make me take the bite. Thinking about this, it won't matter in what part of the world you find yourself in; cults and stuff probably have the same psychological method everywhere I suppose. Not that I believe anything of the things mentioned above are impossible, but they would certainly take an incredible amount of time like millions of years and it wouldn't be just something that happens in a few generations and requires you to support it. Lol. I do believe in everything you mention LightBeam, it goes well with what I've learned and I suppose it can be explained in terms of "energy, frequency and vibrations".