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Author Topic: Retrieval - White Collar Business Man  (Read 3033 times)
Astral Energy 4
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« on: May 22, 2011, 13:28:29 »

This retrieval is from another forum. PUL is used a lot.


Retrieval - White Collar Business Man

--- Part 1 - Initial sessions ---

First I had two initial sessions, several days in advance. Both were short.

The first session involved me meeting James May outside the dome, where
Tom Hanks usually stands. James May transported me to a town. Then he ran
away and I had to follow him. He ran down the streets, fast.

I saw pavements, houses, trams, shops, cars and a few people. Then James
May stopped and rested. He looked at me. Nothing more happened. I just
guess that he wanted to check that I managed to keep up with him running
around in a busy town.

A few days passed and on my next meeting with James May he gave me
visions of tall buildings in a town. I also saw one very tall tower
in the middle of a traffic circulation. The tower was very slim and
could be 50 meters high.

The tower was shown to me in crisp clear, 1970ies cop TV series
style. Nothing else of importance happened.

--- Part 2 - Retrieval (long) ---

Then some days passed, and it was time for a session. I hoped it
wouldn't take too long or lead me into something too strained.

I had had a pressure in my head most of the day.

I hoped for a simple session.

Sitting up, I tried to do NEW with full body circulation, but had great
difficulties getting the energy down to my base energy center, once it
had been moved up into my head. All energy got stuck in the top of my
head once I had moved it up, and I failed to move it down again.

It felt taxing.

Eventually I lay down to have the session. I prepared me for anything and
nothing, and circulated energy from above/below and PUL.

I peeled an clementine (easier to peel than an orange) and walked along
my favorite beach, to "prime the pumps" of imagination.

After a while my neck energy center starts to throb and I get a slight
breathing problem, but ignores it until it goes away.

During much of this retrieval I get lots of energy waves over my physical
body, and lots of waves of physically felt goose bumps.

Relax. Start...

I sense that I'm on the lawn where I usually meet Markhill. He stands in front
of me and he does some adjustment to my body chakras. I can also feel Simone
behind me as she has her hand inside my head and does adjustments, too.

After a few seconds I seem to be done. I think to myself, that was quick!


What should I do?

Perhaps I should try to view that tower in the middle of the traffic?
I get the tower into view, but the image is not so clear. Then my
view shifts.


I'm at a skyscraper or at least in front of a very tall building. At close
range, I can look directly into one of the windows at a floor mighty high up.

From my outside position I look through the window and I see a man in a white
shirt. He stands with his left side to the window, and he seems to be working
in an office.

I move closer and pass through the wall. I'm inside the building. I've
entered the man's office room. He is standing with his back to me,
so he can't see me.

I concentrate on getting as much impressions from the white shirt man's
office room as possible. He has a huge room, so he must be some kind
of high ranked manager or important boss, a White-Collar-Manager.

I can also sense that the office at this floor, and the total building,
is in fact without any people, except for the White-Collar-Manager. He
works for some kind of big corporate company. The company's office has
a deep and thick air of commitment, cleanness, effectiveness, hard work
and upholds a trustworthy exterior.

This is clearly a company with a sick amount of money!

I'm probably in the White-Collar-Man's F 23, but it seems so big that I
get the feeling that it at some level also could be a BST. I shrug the
BST feeling off me.

The White-Collar-Man is standing up, in front of his office desk. I sense
more tables, desks, sofas, wall paintings and bookcases. I also get the
impression that the room continues beyond my viewing ability, and part of
the White-Collar-Man's office makes a turn to the right. I can't quite make
out if I'm in a corner room, or if there is a gray glass wall far ahead of me.

At my back there is a wall with a door to my back-right.

Now that I've absorbed the feeling and taste of the White-Collar-Man's
office, I must say that it's the most clean and perfect office I've
ever visited. It's not too much and not too coldly decorated. Everything
looks meticulously at place. The Perfect Office.

It's a place which means business.

I inspect the manager in front of me.

The White-Collar-Man wears a crisp white shirt, beige office trousers and
a black tie. He seems to be about 30 years old. He has some good looks,
almost like a male model. The White-Collar-Man also seems to be tall and
in excellent physical shape. Ha has short dark hair.

I watch him from behind as he seems to be caught in deep thoughts. My
impression is that he is one of the company's successful young bosses.

I now begin taking in my own appearance. It's clear to me that I won't fit in
as an office worker. I think I look like the private driver belonging to some
wealthy CEO. I wear sort of a driver's dark blue uniform and a driver's hat.

As I can be taken for the private driver of a very wealthy customer, I think
the young Manager would pay me some neutral or perhaps even friendly attention.

I walk up to the White-Collar-Man, rounding his office desk at his right
side, and I ask him:

"You are working here?"

"Yes", he answers.

I hesitate a little and we look at each other for a moment. He still mostly
seems to be pre-occupied by his own thoughts. I say:

"And you are..?"

"Matt. ...?", he answers.

I look around his office. He now seems to observe me with a little more
attention. Then I say very casually and almost matter of fact:

"This is not real."

I then put my right palm on the outer wall of his office, and I push a
section of the wall out into the empty air. The piece of wall I push off
the building has the shape of a square at the size of 4 x 4 meters. At
least one window follows the thick piece of wall as it breaks off and
falls towards the ground many floors below.

Matt crouches and clashes his open hands on to his desk, trying to grab
whatever solid object he can hold on to, to keep his balance. He looks
in fearful disbelief at what just happened and Matt's teeth are clenched.
In fact he is scared stiff.

I can almost hear his thoughts: "This is not true!"

I'm surprised at my own behavior. I had no intention to such a thing and
certainly not to scare him. At the same time I get the feeling that I'm
shielded from the worst of his emotions, which keeps me calm. I just

"There is a friend of yours I want you to meet."

Uhh... A friend? Did I really mean _one_ friend? I used singular. Why?

Now Matt breaks out of his frozen state. He turns around and runs out of
his office, through the door I initially saw when I entered his office.
I follow after him. He runs through a maze-like corridor and shouts something.
I can see doors to other much smaller office rooms as we pass by. All rooms
are empty.

Far ahead I get a glimpse of a conference room with some people.

Through the clear glass wall to the conference room, I can see a fat man with
a short stick in his hand.

Matt runs into the conference room. An old, fat and bald man, who looks
like a typical CEO, wearing a white shirt and a black tie, is standing in
front of a canvas. On the canvas a mid 1980ies projector is showing
some kind of image. The fat CEO is holding a short stick, which he
has been using to point at something interesting on the image projected
on the white canvas. About 10 rather ordinary looking office workers are
sitting around the conference table. They all wear white shirts.

Matt is agitated. He shouts and says something in a very upset way to the
office CEO. I send Matt PUL, a lot of PUL. Matt repeatedly points at me while
shouting. The CEO ignores me and gives Matt some kind of completely pointless
answer, almost like a politician.

At some point I realize that the others are all Matt's thought forms.

Behind Matt there is a wall partly covered with some brown, exotic wooden
tiles. Matt spins around on his feet and doesn't know what to do. As he cries
out against me, the wall behind him fades away and gives place to a beautiful
vista of a landscape covered by light green meadows and a few sparse trees.

I'm a little surprised to the change of scene. Could the landscape be a
variation of The Park, but with a rural setting?

I say to Matt: "Look behind you!"

I get my first wave in a long series of physically felt goose bumps.
Matt looks behind him and stops his body movements as he transfixed views
the landscape. I send him some more PUL, just in case.

Now he will step into that landscape and I will be done. Great! It's so simple!
I feel that I'm impressed by those Helpers' smooth ways of doing things.

I look at Matt. Now he will step into that landscape all by himself and
I will be done..?


Not at all

Matt refuses.

I'm also a little puzzled as I can see no people on the grass moors of
the wonderful landscape. Friend(s)?

The CEO doesn't move. Only some part of the conference room has faded away
and the 10 office workers still sit around the long table. They look at
Matt in strangely a disconnected way, showing little interest to the vista.


Why doesn't Matt step into the wonderful landscape?

Matt turns his attention to the CEO. Matt seems to be even more upset now,
shouting incoherently. I send him more PUL and get more goose bumps all
over me, some more on my back and head than on my front.

It seems to me that Matt doesn't want to believe what he has seen, and
that he wants the CEO or _someone_, to do _something_ about the absurd

Matt cries out against me with some kind of accusations. I send him more
PUL. Tons of waves of energy now goes through me and I'm having a severe
case of physically felt goose bumps. So far the goose bumps feels okay,
but I also feel a little concerned as I watch how the landscape scenery
starts to fade away to be replaced with the former solid wall of the
conference room.

The landscape is gone!

Matt becomes even more upset. He has somehow managed to restore his F 23
environment. His company's office space!

Matt shrieks at me!

Then he throws his head around and looks at the solid wooden wall. I send
PUL and move close to Matt. I send a good portion of PUL and tells him to
take my hands. More goose bumps. I tell him I'm a Helper. He takes my hands
with much trepidation. Nice, I've got his trust. I send more PUL. I seem to
be brilliant in sending PUL during this retrieval! I can sense Helpers nearby.

They don't step in.

Again the conference room's wall turns into a landscape, but this time
the light green grass meadows look more dark. I get a bad feeling.

Matt drops my hands. Matt projects his fear on the vista of the landscape.
The moor turns darker and more frightening. The vista transforms into a
terrible landscape of nightmares. Matt cries out!

He has lost it!

Matt screams in terror!

He is completely struck with panic!

I seem to fail with this retrieval.

Matt's small world has completely crackled, crumbled and fallen apart. He
is crawling on the walls shrieking and screaming.

Perhaps I should just call it a day, abort and return at some other time?
Or maybe I could just leave the mess and let my Guides sort it out?

I now feel some heavy physical waves of goose bumps run through me. I thought
to myself that I had sent more PUL than ever before and it hadn't worked.
I also wondered if the presence of goose bumps helped me send PUL? Perhaps
the waves of energy were some kind of PUL, but they clearly felt more like
some kind of astral rocket fuel feed through my physical body.

For a moment I was so engulfed in goose bump waves that I lost the sense
of where Matt was standing. I searched for him and sent more PUL, sending
more good feelings that things were okay, that he had noting to worry about,
that he would be fine.

I got back my vision. I could see how Matt looked into a landscape of
Hell. It looked really frightening. Things totally felt crap. I could
feel Matt's panic. I didn't know what to do. Should I grab him around
his waist and throw him into the landscape? Push him or force him into
the landscape? Perhaps once he was inside the landscape he would figure
out that F 27 is a nice place?

Everything in the landscape now looked dark, black, hostile, frightening
and terrible. The landscape had turned into a world of insanity, torture
and punishment.

More goose bump waves. The energy waves now started to feel just a little
too much.

I sent Matt more PUL, buck-loads of PUL. I could watch how a fear struck
Matt was being swallowed by a black cloud of Fear and Hell. Holy cow...
I feel the concern from Helpers. They didn't want to loose Matt to a BST Hell.
Oh, what a crappy situation. Was that my fault?

I could feel Matt drowning in his worst horrors.

The amount of goose bump energy increased to a level I've never experienced
before. This wasn't a normal amount of physically felt goose bump waves anymore.
I could feel the energy waves were now sent and fed through me from several
different sources. It felt unpleasant to say the least.

I Sent PUL, PUL and PUL to Matt. I again lost sense of the office building
and I could hardly sense Matt any longer. I accepted whatever was fed
into me as I only relayed it onwards.

I reached a peak of energy being transmitted through me, and I felt like a
leaking garden hose put over the tower top of a free-flowing Texas oil well.
98% of the PUL went to waste, and only 2% of the PUL reached Matt.

I was a small antenna sending whatever I could, as fast as I could.

Truckloads of PUL, PUL and PUL sent to Matt.

I could feel some of the stuff sprouting out of my head and I got a small
spot at my crown of my physical head, which felt like it had a minor leak
of something.

Those guides seemed determined not to loose Matt to any kind of Hell.

Slowly the office room came into view again, and my goose bumps were reduced
in intensity. The original conference room wall was back into place.

The CEO looked pale in appearance. The number of office workers around
the table was reduced to maybe 5 persons.

To make a long story short, the dark green landscape re-appears a third
an last time. But Matt didn't go into the same fearful panic and I didn't
have to send waves of PUL as intensely the third time.

Then the CEO and the office workers around the conference table completely
disappears. Matt and I am standing in a well lit conference room suitable
for about 30 persons.

To my surprise, Matt walks to the other side of the conference room's
long table and sits down.

He would now do what he was doing best.


He would try to get the best deal possible for his poor Soul. He used
no paper, no pen and had no briefcase. But he is also dazed and confused.

He looks at me.
My call now.

I start to talk to him, asking him what he wants to do now. Does he
remember his last work task? How long has he been working on that
task? Has he wondered where all the other office people are?

Matt seems to know that he is alone. I ask:

"You realize that you are dead?"

Matt answers: "Yes."

Me: "I'm a Helper. I help people move on, so they don't get stuck.
And you will meet some other Helpers."

I could sense two Helpers at the sides of Matt. They took him and moved
him upwards, not forward (not towards the conference room's wall).

We move up and arrive into some kind of landscape, which is not as bright
as the first landscape I saw, just a little darker like a darkgreen moor.

There is a shift of my impression. I wonder if it is some kind of image,
which my Guides are showing me.

I can see a person.

It seems to be Matt sitting somewhere on a darkgreen moor, looking out
over the landscape. Matt wears a thick outdoor jacket. He doesn't
notice me.

At his side is a big, calm dog.

I thank my Guides & Helpers for allowing me experience this retrieval and
for all the physical goose bumps. It was big. My-oh-my.

--- Part 3 - stuff ---

I felt like I had had too much coffee.

Usually I stay a little longer in session to sense if there are more
retrievals to do, but this time I exited within a two minutes and
had to take a walk. I found a tree and put my hand on it.

Afterwards I saw James May, who fancied turning into someone who looked
like the actor Stephen Fry. I asked S Fry some questions.

I got the message that Matt had passed over in a car accident. His whole
life was his work. He was busy with making money. And he was quite high a
Manager, so he didn't make a lot of friends.


(My other retrieval given on this forum is -> here)

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2011, 17:35:58 »

LOL you scared the crap out of him  rolleyes

that was a nice read thanks for posting and im glad it all turned out ok in the end
well done  cool

The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2011, 17:35:58 »

logoVisit the website of Astral Pulse creator Adrian Cooper.

Home of the best selling book Our Ultimate Reality.

Astral Projection, Metaphysics and many other subjects.

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2011, 21:01:41 »

Awesome read, thanks for sharing.

So out of interest, were you able to find information about this Matt in the physical world?  Maybe his car accident was featured in a local newspaper somewhere?

Sorry for a newbie question. But for me, if I experience something like that I'd want to do that.

I feel like i was born to help others. I would love to be able to do retrievals. I wouldnt even know where to start.
Astral Energy 4
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« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2011, 21:31:05 »

So out of interest, were you able to find information about this Matt in the physical world?  Maybe his car accident was featured in a local newspaper somewhere?

I had the opportunity to ask some limited questions, but I felt it was inappropriate to get too detailed info. It seemed that he passed away fairly recently, in the 1980ies. I also live in Europe and there was a U.S air feeling to the F 23 environment.

I feel like i was born to help others. I would love to be able to do retrievals. I wouldnt even know where to start.

You could read Ginny's description of Moen's method -> here
I've made some review of Moen's books too -> here

I don't do it exactly as Ginny does. For example, I have a hard time to stay in the 3-D darkness for more than 30 seconds. Also for example, I sometimes request to meet Helpers, but I seldom do explicit requests to meet Helpers to do retrievals in Ginny-style.

I think everyone can develop their own method for doing retrievals. Just be open and accepting to whatever happens, and keep an innovative mind.

Hmm, perhaps I should write down my own method for others to read? Smiley

Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),
Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2011, 08:43:42 »

Thanks pauli2. I'll have a look at the links.
Im still at the stage where I have yet to proove to myself that it is possible to communicate with other entities whilst in the astral. So at this point in time, anyone I do speak to during a projection.. I would be trying to match up with the physical. Did you ever do that? Like when you first started? you found someone who had died, and then found out they actually had in the physical?

Yeah I would be very interested in your methods. I feel I am a long way away yet from attaining decent projections, nevermind doing retrieval but it would still be interesting Smiley

Thanks again
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2011, 08:43:42 »

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