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Author Topic: Hello from a long-time projector & explorer of the paranormal  (Read 2084 times)
Goggles Pizano
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« on: October 30, 2013, 06:45:44 »

I just realized that I have been posting off and on in this forum for awhile, & I'd never done an introduction.

I'm from Canada. Always been a "space-cadet", for lack of better term. Always been a "sky enthusiast".  Paranormal activity, for me, goes back a long long way. I grew up in a small village, in a very old house (1890's) in Ontario. The walls were 2 feet thick, the house had it's own cistern. Our house was surrounded by forest, farmland, & swampland, & it was a beautiful place to grow up. My brother claims he saw a ghost of our great grandmother in our house there, & an entity that came into our room while I was sleeping in the upper bunk, & he was awake in the lower bunk. He said it looked like it had a long snout, & it had a what looked like a knife, but really, it could have been anything-ie scientific device. My brother thought that he thought it was going to kill me. He was so terrified of this being that he hid under the covers & told it to go away. It was gone when he looked again. That place creeped me the heck out, but I loved it anyways. When we moved to the city I had my first  UFO sighting.I was with my brother actually. We were using our GT Snowracers in about 1986. I noticed a bright large orange orb transversing the sky towards our location. A slightly smaller orange orb travelled from the opposite part of the sky. They came together, & more, smaller orange orbs split off from the largest one. They eventually formed a large triangle,suspended in the sky. It remained there for about 30 seconds, perfectly stationary. Then the smaller orbs went back into the largest orb, & the two origional orbs flew away in separate directions again.

When I was about 15 & started practicing OBE & AP. I'm nearly 38 now, & only recently got back into AP after about a decade away from it.. I have explored various paranormal subjects, including evp, remote viewing, telepathy, ap & obe. I have had about 20 ufo sightings-most since 2011. Current experiments include the exploration of communication w/non-human intelligences.

If there are any members who are knowledgable w/communication w/non humans, specifically the Zeta. Whoa! voice in my mind just said "Whitefish". There is a Whitefish Montana. Is anyone on the forum from there?

Or maybe I'm crazy, or maybe it's just some random non-forumite there.

It's a strange life. rolleyes cheesy huh

I'm also an artist, musician (guitar,bass,piano/synth) & composer of orchestral music. Currently interested in scoring a short silent film or piece of silent animation for someone, if anyone is interested. Even if it's just  a video of your hike through the forest. If it moves me enough, I'd like to score it. A vid about an astral projection would be great!
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2013, 02:00:29 »

Goggles welcome =D

I just saw this, I don't normally browse this section. Just thought i'd say hey.

You'll like it here. :- )
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2013, 02:00:29 »

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