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Author Topic: A few questions :)  (Read 1618 times)
Astral Energy 1
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« on: April 14, 2015, 03:15:06 »

Hello there! First of all I want to say that I really love the Astral Pulse forum, it's currently the best source I have for everything AP/OBE related.

Well in the last month I've been attempting to project with no success so far, but I think with some practice I will be able to do it. I have fully read Xanth's pdf book and found it very informative! Currently attempting to AP either via one of the techniques he wrote about in the book (noticing, mental rundown) or I will build something myself.
Anyway the questions I have are less OBE related for now. I'm sure I'll have a lot of OBE related questions coming up as I practice more.

The first one is with my eyes, when I attempt the noticing technique and focus on the blackness my eyes constantly begin to open. Strangely it happens only when I focus on the blackness, if I just go to sleep for example it won't happen (or happens but much less). I suppose I can deal with it by focusing on something else or focusing on the eyes so much that they won't open anymore, but if someone knows what might cause that I would be really thankful if you could post it. (note that I'm spending a lot of time by the computer, might be related to that)

The second one, does anyone has a good source, whether some small PDF book, or a video perhaps, about chakras ( I know, I know, not related to OBE at all maybe not even to Astral Pulse) and especially about the third eye and "activating" it? I don't really love too long books, as I said small PDF book or video would be best Smiley

And about visualization, I feel I'm very bad at it when I'm awake, but when I just wake up, you know that feel where you seem to wake up but you're still half asleep, basically the first minutes of waking up especially if you didn't sleep well, I'm so good at visualization as if I was doing it for my whole life. Then when I'm fully awake I don't even believe that it was me who visualizated that good. It feels that I don't visualize, I just look INSIDE my head and see the images, as if it was with my physical eyes.
So I wanted to ask, is there anyway to improve the visualization so I can be good at it even when I'm fully awake? And another question, is visualization done with your third eye chakra, or is it something else or are there different kinds of visualizations?

And the last one is about time travel.
Is it possible in the Astral (or one of the parallel dimensions I can travel to, Etheric f.e) or in the physical too? Both?
I have seen a topic where there was one guy (who knew A LOT) and he was trying to make a device that allows you to Astral project easily. So in one of his posts he said that time travel CAN be done with your physical body but is very dangerous.
If I time-travel I don't plan on changing anything, that sounds impossible. Nor I plan on going to the future, I want to go to the past and view certain events. Just to see them (maybe even participate?) like on TV. The catch is I'd like every small detail to be exactly as it was. That leads me to a thing I've read in Xanth's book. That in the Astral everything you see is based on your perception, like the example with the dead squirrel, if you see something in the physical you might think it's something else but when you come closer it's not what you've thought. In the Astral it WILL be what you've thought, but it wasn't originally. So if I travel to the past in the astral, what I will see is only what I know, what I think it is, what I've read from "official" history (even though it's not always correct)
So if anyone knows or thinks anything about time travel, please do share, I feel it's a very complicated topic and I've no idea where to start searching information about it.
Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2015, 07:15:35 »

Just a few observations based on my experiences,

1.  Eyes
  This happened to me a lot when first starting.  I am not sure why this happens but my best guess is simply your mind has a hard with the notion you are actually trying to stare at something with your eyes closed, so it is trying to help you out by opening them.  If you think about it prior to this you probably never had a time when you actually tried to stare at something with your eyes closed, as you practice and your brain gets  used to the idea they should stop opening, at least mine did.
EDIT:  Actually upon reflection of this I think it might be not that your mind gets use to the idea but more you tend to be a little too ambitious with your staring when you first start out.  So it is more of a looking and paying attention at the blackness, not staring in a strict sense, when you actually stare at something your eye muscles tense and this would cause your eyes to open slightly.  Yeah I think that is probably more accurate, it's not your mind getting used to you staring with your eyes closed as much as it is you learning to pay attention to your closed eyelids( the blackness in particular) without staring.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?

2.  Chakras
  Very much have to do with OBE but you may find many people call them energy centers instead, not wanting to bring along all the traditional eastern baggage the word chakra carries with it.  Most of my knowledge on energy centers came from Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce and reading through forum posts.

3.  Visualization
  For me visualization isn't visualization.  It is more about the sensation of the experience I am imagining and not the image.  This concept I first heard way back in A.D (Astral Dynamics) as well and it helped me greatly.  It seems some people get better at "true" visualization and some don't.  I focus on feeling the sensation of the touch, smell, sounds, etc and not as much on the traditional visualization part of the experience.  This is what has worked best for me.  Oh, when I say traditional visualization I mean actually seeing a picture of the image in your minds eye and not imagining the image.

  As far as the visualizations when you first wake up.  My guess would be it is because you are actually kind of dreaming and the images you are seeing are dream imagery.  Someone with more experience might be able to confirm or rebuke this statement, hard to say for sure with the information you gave.  All I can say is for me usually the early morning vivid images are see seem to be due to a partial REM overlap.

4.  Time Travel

  Not gonna touch this one, I have not decided exactly what I believe on this and there are many schools of thought.  I'm sure several others will give their views on the topic though.

  I hope you find some of that helpful.
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The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2015, 07:15:35 »

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Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2015, 07:49:48 »

Hello ^_^ I'm happy the forums have been useful!
I would like to offer you slight advice/guodance in terms of:
1) Addressing the concern with your eyes opening
2) What the chakras are/how they work
3) The third eye and how to activate
4) time & space as well as the travel through space & time.

The following infirmation is from my expirience & of my perspective, I hope it is useful to you, but I want to make it CLEAR the answers to all your questions are already inside you - I just hope to be of guidance on your way to the answers.

1) what you are expiriencing is normal, what do you think is causing it? Excitment? Anxiety? What can you do to help relax?
2) in the basic chakra system there are 7, each represents an area of your life/conciousness, when fully activated and cleared you are healthy, happy, and able to fill your highest potential. When blocked, or dirty, you are ill and may suffer mentally, physically, or spiritual. When the chakras are too swollen, you are obsessive, when shrunk, something is not getting enough attention. I will now explain the Basics of the Chakras starting from the base of your spine all the way to the top of your head, their color coresponds with the order of rainbow, and each is about two inches above the other:

-root chakra
-red vortex at the base of your spine
-relates to your connection to physical reality & body, basic needs & animalistic attributes as well as the blood

-sacral chaira
-orange vortex located bellow the stomache
-relates to your desires & wants, sexuality, and creativity.

-solar plexus chakra
-vibrant yellow about the center of your stomache
-relates to power & control, meeting your dreams & making choices

-heart chakra
-green vortex by the physical heart, located in the center of your chest/center of your being
-relates to love, relationships, appriciation, compassion, and kindness.

-throat chakra
-blue vortex in the center of your throat (no kidding!)
-relates to truth, wisdom and asserting your needs and your true self

-third eye chakra
-indigo, above brow near pineal bland
-relates to psychic vision, abilities, and intuition

Crown chakra
-violet/purple, crowns your energetic bening
-relates to your higher purpose, connection to universe & the divine

3) now to cover the third eye and activation. It is important you care for all areas of your energetic, physical, mental, and emotional body, for your energy to run smoothly and fuction to it's fullest potential. The third eye is your psychic center, here you can access universal knowlege, telepathy, ESP, intuition, etc. the area where thoughts are processed and visualization takes place is from the veiw of your third eye, practice these things and trust your Divine nature, us Beings Of Light offer you telepathic guidance, we will assist you telepathically if comfortable, but we urge you to find your own way aswell, because that will be the most effective, as you are as all the embodiment of the Divine.

4) What is time really? You have the capability to travel to any place/time, keep in mind though, perhaps time is not something stagnant, but can shift and change like the pulse of your heartbeat, maybe what was the past yesturday is not the past today, which is perhaps not the past of tomorrow. This physical realm is subject to laws and regulations in order to expirience cause and effect, (although these can be subject to change by intention, but that's a different story) because of this, physical time travel is complicated, but, under your intention as you wield the power of your own Divine nature,  anything is possible. I encourage you to do research on this topic, the correct information will come to do, but I suggest time-travel in the astral to be less complicTed.

Finally, do not fear what is real or not real, for whatever you decide, is what is. <3

Much love, happy travels.
Feel free to private message me or reply any other questions Smiley

Astral Energy 1
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« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2015, 11:30:16 »

Wow! These replies were very informative!

I wanted to say that now that I've read astralm's reply about the eyes problem I also agree that the eye muscles tense when I stare, which causes them to open up a bit. It really feels like it has to do with muscles, I just didn't think about it. What I also wanted to say that apparently I can close my eyes twice. At first I just close the eyelids but the eyes are still open, allowing me to see the blackness but constantly being interrupted by opening, but then I realize that while they're closed I can... close them again. I'm pretty sure I just do something with the muscles and I'm not really "closing" them again. Anyway when I do close them for a second time it's much harder to see the blackness but they're unable to open automatically anymore.

I don't think the eye problem is caused by excitement or anxiety, but maybe I do need to relax a little more before trying it.

And about this comment: "maybe what was the past yesturday is not the past today, which is perhaps not the past of tomorrow. "
Yes that might be, but what happened has happened, and isn't it being stored somewhere? Like what you guys call the akashic records. I think everything is stored somewhere whether in happened in this reality/time line or not.

Anyway I'm sure I will have some more questions coming in the near future, for now I thank you very much for finding the time to post these replies, it means much to me Smiley
The Astral Pulse

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