“After Sleep Exit” Vs. “Conscious Exit”

As the subject suggests, there seems to be two ways of successfully projecting your consciousness away from the Physical.

The first way I call the “After Sleep Exit”. This is probably the easiest way for beginners to begin practicing because, when you wake up from sleep or a nap, you’re generally already relaxed and your mind is in that optimal point where your it’s drifting on that edge of sleep, without being fully awake yet. This means that you only need to initiate an exercise (two examples would be the Noticing or Mental Rundown exercises) to practice.

The second way, is a bit more practice-intensive. It’s commonly referred to as a “Conscious Exit”. It’s an exit you do from a fully conscious state, generally anytime during the day after you’ve been fully physically aware and active. This particular way requires you to initially put your mind into that “edge of sleep” state. This is what most beginners have the most trouble with as it actually requires a base knowledge and understanding of meditation. Without that base knowledge and practice of meditation, you’re going to find it very hard to focus your attention away from the physical long enough for your consciousness to make the shift.

This is where the Point of Consciousness State meditation comes into play. My suggestion for those of you wanting to learn to project at any time of day whenever you want is to first learn to quiet your mind and remove any sense of physical awareness or your physical surroundings. Any form of meditation should allow you to do that… I highly suggest google to find one that suits you best.

I’ll try to expand on this at a later time, but I wanted to get this down as it’s been bouncing around my head lately. I’ll see if I can find a list of potential meditations you can use to attain this State. In essence, it’s also called the “Trance” state. Trance… Sleep Paralysis… Point of Consciousness… the idea is to remove your consciousness from this physical reality and exist as just a “point of consciousness”. LoL