What is Grounding and Centering Yourself?

What is Centering?

Centering, refers to your mental and physical state. Centering means to calm your emotions and slow your mind and your breathing to a point where you can \’feel\’ a lot more going on around AND inside you. It\’s like a state of alertness, but really relaxed at the same time.  It\’s described as \”Mindfulness\”.

For things like Astral Projection, it\’s VERY important to always remain centered.  This means keeping your thoughts and most importantly your emotions in check at all times.  Staying \”calm\” is centered.  You can practice this throughout your physical life… for example, say someone cuts you off in traffic?  What\’s the usual response you might give?  You sit there in your car mouthing insults into the air, you might even flip the person the finger.  At this moment, you\’re the exact OPPOSITE of centered.

Realize that anything you do, however you react isn\’t going to change what happened.  Take a deep breath if you have to, count to 5 and then just accept what happened and allow yourself to release it.  This is the act of centering yourself.

For meditation purposes, to center yourself breath in for a count of 5 (or however long it takes to slowly fill your lungs), then out for a count of 10 (rule of thumb is twice as long as the inhale)  You\’ll know when you\’re centered when you feel calm and at peace.

It\’s a pretty self explanatory experience really.  If you\’re not sure what it feels like, then you haven\’t reached it. It\’s really not hard though. Just don\’t \”TRY\” too hard and it will come. Now you can Ground yourself.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is a term used mostly in conjunction with energy. Grounding means to get rid of the excess energy in your body and provide a path for new, clean energy to come through. It\’s important to always have a good flow of energy coming in and going out when meditating and doing any energy work.

Most people Center themselves before they Ground themselves. It\’s just a logical way to do it. First you calm the energy, then you move the energy.

How do you Ground your Energy?

This is a very simple exercise to ground yourself that can do almost anytime you want if you\’re feeling unbalanced or anxious or just beaming with extra energy that you have no current use for.

Sit down, close your eyes take a DEEEEEEP breath. Exhale slowly. While exhaling visualize a root system growing downwards from yourself. Visualize it growing down towards the earth farther and farther until it reaches the earth below you.  If you\’re in a high rise or a higher floor of a house, you\’ll need to visualize this until you feel you\’ve reached the \”earth\” below you.  When you feel the connection, visualize your old energy moving down that root system and then new energy coming in through the top of your head. This will provide a nice even flow coming through your body to aid you in any energy work you intend to do.

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