Phasing Method – Mental Rundowns

The \”Mental Rundown\” is the method that I like to use to do my Phasing attempts with.

This post by Frank really puts it all into perspective:


In addition to what the Major has said, you need to be a little bit careful that you do not begin merely entering into a kind of creative visualisation action. This, in Phasing Model terms, would be an F1/F2 overlay.

For example, I have an extremely vivid imagination. I can sit here now and imagine all manner of scenes \”in my head\” so to speak. But this is not making what I call \”the switch\”, which is the action of transitioning your focus of mental attention out of Focus 1 and into Focus 2 of consciousness.

Your imagination faculty is situated in Focus 2 of consciousness. This is the area of consciousness where most people dream and have their basic \”astral projection\” style experiences, lucid dream experiences, etc. Focus 2 of consciousness is also the region where people meet all their devils and demons, and whatever else besides.

Now, knowing that your imagination is situated in Focus 2 of consciousness, what we do is create a little mental rundown that engages our senses within the rundown to the extent where it captures our focus of attention. As it captures our focus of attention we make \”the switch\” and kind of, go to \”meet\” our imagination.

So the idea is not to just simply remain in the physical creating all manner of pretty pictures in our imagination. What we want to do is to actually \”step into\” our imagination. Not just lie back and view it as if from a distance.

Generally, if a person is losing concentration in their rundown then they need to make the rundown more engaging, more captivating. I mean, provided your physical body is fairly relaxed. You could make your rundown as captivating as you like, but if you were riding pillion on a motorbike then not much is going to happen in the way of making a transition. 🙂

That is why I tend to practice this only when my physical body is fairly relaxed anyway. After about 6 or 7 hours of sleep is my most common time and often I do it now about 2 hours before I would normally want to sleep.

If I want to be active, physically, then I get restless and give up. I can\’t be bothered doing it, I\’ll have a list of things to do and a full day and I want to get active and get on with it. So under those circumstances I would find it next to impossible because I simply want to be physically focused. But later on, when I\’ve done all I can for the day, then that\’s the time to lie back, relax, and take a trip over to the other place and see what\’s what.


So yeah, basically when you\’re doing your rundown and you find that the scene is now all around you, then you\’ve stepped into it. At that point, you\’re IN Focus 2 oC.
This particular method is also great if you\’re a big day dreamer. If you\’ve ever been sitting there thinking about something and you become so focused on it that for a split second you find yourself IN whatever it is you\’re day dreaming, then you\’ll probably want to focus on this method.


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