Thomas Campbell – Hawaii Lecture – Exercises

This is from Thomas Campbell’s lecture he gave in Hawaii back in June of 2010.
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He doesn’t speak directly on the topic of Astral Projection, but the topics and concepts he’s introducing here can be applied 100% to Astral Projection and other areas of your consciousness life.

I very highly suggest that when you watch this to listen to him and try to FULLY COMPREHEND that which he is saying, because it really is of utmost importance. Then try to apply it to your own Projection practices. 🙂

Xanth’s Phasing Method

I posted this in my last article I wrote where I focused on a couple posts from the Astral Pulse, but I thought that it’d be nice to get it down separately and with a bit more detail.  So, what follows is my current Phasing method which has been giving me a lot of success as of late.

What I’ve been doing lately has been a slight combination of a few methods, rolled up into something that has been really easy for me to do.  Doing this takes me, pretty quickly, through Focus 10 into Focus 12… my sticking point right now is the transition from Focus 12 to Focus 21.

Anyway, let’s get into what I do!
I’ll type up a quick overview, then go through each step in more detail.:

  1. Stretch your eyes out… close them really tightly for a few seconds.  Do this a few times.  Then rotate them around several times, making sure they’re completely stretched out… I’ll give them a good rub too.
  2. Close eyes, fixate upon a spot in the blackness directly in front of you and visualize something at the spot to help hold your focus there, I use a spinning vortex.
  3. Start your relaxation process.
  4. As you’re relaxing, move that spot you’re fixating on slowly upwards as high as you can comfortably go without straining your eyes.
  5. When your eyes have gone as upwards as they’ll go, you’ll hopefully also be fully relaxed at this point, you should be in Focus 10 at this point… to shift to Focus 12, begin the “Noticing” exercise.
  6. Should you begin to see floating, formless shapeless blobs in front where you’re fixated, this signifies you’re now in Focus 12.
  7. Keep “Noticing” the formless shapes floating around and eventually, without trying (just allow this next part to happen), you should find yourself engulfed within the 3D Blackness of Focus 21.

Ok, so let’s drop into more detail!
Lately, I’ve been listening to some hemi-sync MP3’s that I bought off the TMI webstore.  Stuff like “Dreamseed”, “Touching Grace” and “Voyage to the Other Side”.  Actually those are the only three I have, I cycle through them quite often.

The first thing I do is stretch out my eyes… this helps to relax them and allows them to stay closed easier.  I’ll do this by closing them tight for a few seconds, then release.  Do that a few times.  Then rotate your eyes around in whatever direction you wish.  But try to stretch them as far out in each direction as you can.

Now after my eyes are stretched out nicely (they should feel a lot more relaxed at this point), I close my eyes and fixate on a single point directly in front of me.  I visualize a small spinning vortex at that point to draw my gaze into it.  You can use whatever you want.  I use this time to begin to relax my body… I used to have to use a progressive relaxation technique, but lately I’ve been able to bypass that and start moving directly into a fully relaxed state.  So, if you can’t do this, feel free to use whatever method you want to achieve your relaxed state.

Now, throughout this relaxation phase, I’ll really slowly shift that point I’m fixated on upwards in small increments.  This has two effects… first it locks the eyelids shut and secondly, for some reason it assists the action of phasing (perhaps it’s just me, but try it anyway).  I find I have to find a new point to fixate upon which is slightly higher than the last one each time.  Just remember to continue your fixation visualization each time (in my case, the spinning vortex).

Try to coincide your finished relaxed state with your eyes reaching as comfortably high as they’ll go.  At this point, hopefully, you should be in Focus 10.  You’ll know by the greatly reduced bodily sensations and a general sense of relax and calmness about you.  I want to point out here that your body WILL NOT be asleep at this point… and really, it never will.  You’ll simply be disassociating your focus from everything physical.  I can put it this way… at this point, your focus will be roughly only 20% in the physical and 80% within the non-physical at this time.

From here, we’ll start Franks “Noticing” exercise.  You’re going to continue fixating on the point that you’ve been using… and you’re going to just “notice” and passively observe what’s going on in your field of view.  It’ll start with blackness, or you might, right away, start to see abstract shadows and areas within your field of view that will begin to shift and move around… keep “noticing” these things.  The more you “notice” this stuff occurring in front of you, the deeper you’ll shift your focus into it and the more you’ll remove your focus from the physical.  When this happens, you’ll roughly be 10% in the physical and 90% in the non-physical.

Now, there will come a point when you’ll feel a shift… and you might find yourself within a scene or some kind, or floating in what’s best described as a 3D Blackness.  When this happens, try to remain passively observing… you’re now in Focus 21.  Congrats, you’ve now phased your consciousness as close to 100% as you can go.  You still might retain some sensations of the physical, but that’s normal.  🙂

Phasing Method – Mental Rundowns

The \”Mental Rundown\” is the method that I like to use to do my Phasing attempts with.

This post by Frank really puts it all into perspective:


In addition to what the Major has said, you need to be a little bit careful that you do not begin merely entering into a kind of creative visualisation action. This, in Phasing Model terms, would be an F1/F2 overlay.

For example, I have an extremely vivid imagination. I can sit here now and imagine all manner of scenes \”in my head\” so to speak. But this is not making what I call \”the switch\”, which is the action of transitioning your focus of mental attention out of Focus 1 and into Focus 2 of consciousness.

Your imagination faculty is situated in Focus 2 of consciousness. This is the area of consciousness where most people dream and have their basic \”astral projection\” style experiences, lucid dream experiences, etc. Focus 2 of consciousness is also the region where people meet all their devils and demons, and whatever else besides.

Now, knowing that your imagination is situated in Focus 2 of consciousness, what we do is create a little mental rundown that engages our senses within the rundown to the extent where it captures our focus of attention. As it captures our focus of attention we make \”the switch\” and kind of, go to \”meet\” our imagination.

So the idea is not to just simply remain in the physical creating all manner of pretty pictures in our imagination. What we want to do is to actually \”step into\” our imagination. Not just lie back and view it as if from a distance.

Generally, if a person is losing concentration in their rundown then they need to make the rundown more engaging, more captivating. I mean, provided your physical body is fairly relaxed. You could make your rundown as captivating as you like, but if you were riding pillion on a motorbike then not much is going to happen in the way of making a transition. 🙂

That is why I tend to practice this only when my physical body is fairly relaxed anyway. After about 6 or 7 hours of sleep is my most common time and often I do it now about 2 hours before I would normally want to sleep.

If I want to be active, physically, then I get restless and give up. I can\’t be bothered doing it, I\’ll have a list of things to do and a full day and I want to get active and get on with it. So under those circumstances I would find it next to impossible because I simply want to be physically focused. But later on, when I\’ve done all I can for the day, then that\’s the time to lie back, relax, and take a trip over to the other place and see what\’s what.


So yeah, basically when you\’re doing your rundown and you find that the scene is now all around you, then you\’ve stepped into it. At that point, you\’re IN Focus 2 oC.
This particular method is also great if you\’re a big day dreamer. If you\’ve ever been sitting there thinking about something and you become so focused on it that for a split second you find yourself IN whatever it is you\’re day dreaming, then you\’ll probably want to focus on this method.


What is Phasing and “Noticing”

Before I get into methods that we use to Phase, I think it\’s important to know what it is first.
This post, made by Frank, is a perfect description of what Phasing is:

Phasing describes a controlled process where you phase out of the mode of being open to the Physical world (or C1 consciousness as it\’s generally termed) and allow your sense of conscious awareness to become open to other realms of reality. There are two basic schools of thought on this, the latest is the Moen-school, and I believe the idea was first touted by Monroe.

There is a technique which people call \”WILDs\” (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams).  These are, in effect, Phasing.  Anytime you switch your Focus of Awareness from one Focus to another Focus while remaining consciously awake and aware, that is Phasing.  In essence, it\’s falling asleep into the non-physical and remaining consciously aware.  Through Phasing, you go to the same places as you would through more traditional OBE methods and you can do all the same things.

\”Noticing\” is a name given to a basic Phasing Exercise.  You can find the details in the Astral Pulses\’ Frank Kepple Phasing Resource, found here.  It\’s got lots of solid information written by Frank Kepple and compiled by one of the moderators, Gandalf, after Frank\’s disappearance.

Noticing what?

Well, nothing at first, there’s not much to see really but blackness. But then, after a short while, I may see that perhaps one part of the blackness is not quite so black. Perhaps there was just a brief flash of something, then maybe a sensation of a movement somewhere else. Maybe I just heard someone call my name. Hmm, that’s interesting, I might think, I wonder where that came from. But I don’t get too curious I just keep noticing. I might see swirling areas of not quite so black as the rest. I might see flashes of this and that. As I am offering myself these images, my attention is steadily becoming more fixated within.

As my attention becomes fixated within, from the act of noticing, at this stage I am not aware of my physical body. Part of my awareness realises that somewhere in the background is a physical body, in bed, etc. but I have phased away from it. Before, the forefront of my awareness was my physical and 180 degrees turned around from that, in the background of my awareness, was the non-physical. But now there has been a “phase shift” i.e. a turning through 180 degrees. Now, my previous foreground (physical) is my background, and my previous background (non-physical) is my foreground.

Reading this particular link, The Phasing Resource, is what allowed me to progress further than I ever had during the previous years.
I hope it does the same for you.  🙂