What is the RTZ (Focus 1 Projection)?

I\’ve always been \”on-the-fence\” as to the nature of what people commonly refer to as the \”Real Time Zone\” (term coined by Robert Bruce).  I was never quite ready to accept that it was some form of objective reality, or if it was just another of many non-physical astral environments.  Well, I believe I might have come up with a possible answer that describes the nature of the RTZ and explains why some people are able to view places, people and things that they might not have ever been personally witness to.  It also explains what people call \”reality fluctuations\”.

I think that the real time zone is a collective, non-physical environment, much like you\’d find in Focus 3 oC, it is being created and sustained by the collective conscious minds of the beings who inhabit this physical reality (aka us physical people).  I believe the consciousness of every living being in this physical reality are interconnected and the \”RTZ\” is the result of that interconnected consciousness.  The reason we can go places that we have personally never been to and can accurately (within reason) report what\’s there is because we\’re tapping into the collective consciousness unknowingly and it\’s giving us the information we need to form the surroundings.

However, the environment is also subtly affected by our thought energy  just like any other non-physical environment is.  This is where the reality fluctuations come into play.  These are our own subconscious (consciously or unconsciously) manipulations overlaying on the surrounding collective consciousness surroundings.  Fluctuations can also be your perception of what\’s actually going on in the environment you are in.  For example, Robert Monroe relayed once that he was watching people playing with large white playing cards, when in actuality they were checking their mail.  The \”envelopes\” were being perceived by him as \”large white playing cards\”, because that was the closest thing his subconscious mind could come up with that matched what he was seeing.

The way to control those fluctuations is to control the output of your thoughts and emotions.  Make sure that the surrounding environment is as pure an experience as possible.  That way, what you experience is what\’s actually there… and not some form of overlay.

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