Morning Projection – Saturday, February 12th, 2011

I had another astral awareness experience that I want to write down and share.  I hadn\’t planned on trying for any conscious exits, so this is quite spontaneous.

I woke up around 7am this morning and went the bathroom, came back and just tried to get back to sleep as normal as I felt rather tired from a frustrating day prior.  Anyway, as soon as I dropped back to sleep I found myself in the non-physical with an astral awareness!  I was quite shocked really.

I believe what occurred was a Focus 2 oC experience.  Anyway, the environment was someone\’s house and there was a party of sorts going on.  I walked up to a random stranger and began talking to them, trying to see where abouts I was (F2 or F3)… the gentleman I spoke with didn\’t see \”all there\” and he had some trouble making words, so if it could have been something manifested by my own mind, or it could have been someone dreaming… this would throw some wrenches in my \”no sharing dreams\” thing.  LOL  Oh well, I remain skeptically open.  🙂

I asked him for any information, like his address or something… and I mentioned to him where I lived, and he agreed and said the same city.  To which he also replied \”54..\” then a pause like he was really trying to think hard about it \”54 Rustyax\”.  Now, I know no such road exists where I live… but I noted it down anyway.  I didn\’t get much more information out of him about that.

We began to walk elsewhere, to which I began to attempt to explain where exactly we were, I mentioned to him that we were in the non-physical and that he could possibly be dreaming.  I remember mentioning how physically real the non-physical felt, even though we \”call it\” the non-physical.  I picked up a dog which looked like one of the first dogs I owned, and began petting it, noting to myself how real and lively it seemed.  I noted that the gentleman had a crutch or limp of some kind with some kind of metal gadget hooked up to help him walk.

We proceeded into the basement where a few other people were there watching, what looked like Lord of the Rings on the TV.  A few seconds after that, I abruptly woke up.  It was a really quick wake up too, immediate shift to black and back in my bed.  I didn\’t even have time to realize I was coming to.  Total time projecting felt like 5 minutes.

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