TMI Gateway Pointers

If you\’re currently trying to learn to project using the Gateway CD\’s purchased from TMI\’s store, then I\’ll give you a tip.

The counting that Monroe takes you through has a point and it\’s not something that you just \”listen\” to. The point to the counting is to give the listener (you) something to focus upon. Each time Monroe counts up try to \”listen for\” the next number. Just like you\’d sit at attention while trying to listen for a particular sound off in the distance, or waiting for a thunderclap to occur after you\’ve seen the lightning. That\’s the kind of focus you want to place upon \”waiting\” for the next number.

The numbers are very arbitrary too. He could have just as easily started listing fruits. The point is that \”listening for\” focus you want.

Give that a try the next time you listen to the Gateway CD\’s.

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