Astral Projection – The HOW and WHY a Technique or Method Works

Techniques and methods for astral projection, by themselves don\’t actually do anything without you placing the proper Intent and having the Belief behind them. We witness this on an almost daily basis on the Astral Pulse when people say they do a technique and get no results… usually because they’re not putting the proper Intent behind the technique. Some techniques are blatantly obvious what Intent/Expectation is created. Roll out technique, for example, it sets you up completely for a \”see your body lying in bed\” OBE.

It\’s about understanding the “how” and “why” certain techniques supposedly do certain things for a person… and it all boils down to three things: Intent, Belief and Expectation… or a varied mix of all three. That is what ends up being the deciding factor in just about anything you do in regards to metaphysical exercises.

This is also why no single technique will work for everyone, because we have such wide ranging Intents, Beliefs (especially this one), and Expectations (explained below).

If you read something that tells you that doing so-and-so technique is going to end up with so-and-so result… then chances are pretty good (not always though!) that you\’re going to end up experiencing something, if not precisely what you read about.

Using this knowledge, you can shape and craft your own techniques and methods to best suit yourself. Give it a shot!

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