Spirituality – Choices of Love or Fear

I posted this on the Astral Pulse just now and I wanted to share it here too.

I always try to remind myself that two choices exist (probably many more, but you’ll figure them out on your own)… Fear or Love.

The Fear choice takes you back down the mountain… it’s giving in to all the negativity surrounding everything in this world.
The Love choice takes you up further up the mountain to the next teetering precipice (yes, there are many of them up the mountain LoL)… it’s simply allowing the world to be as it is.

There’s a lot of fear in the world today, we saw it boil over a couple weeks ago in Boston. The fear will always be there.

It’s all meaningless anyway… although, that

‘s not to say that it’s not important. The smallest act such as stepping on an ant is very important to the world, as the world has lost something… however small that loss is, it’s now gone forever. Through focusing on Love, we can help retain the best that the world has and allow it to continue to grow, while we also create a world that is less fertile for Fear grow. I try not to worry about that which I have very little, or no control over. I have very little to no control over the actions of others who have given in to Fear…

Choose Love over Fear… never give in to the negativity in the world.

Giving into Fear is allowing your ship to fill with water and sink.


One thought on “Spirituality – Choices of Love or Fear

  1. j pond says:

    we seem to be on the same page. when i’m not happy with the progress in my life i always hear the Band Of Horses lyric : ‘if i am lost, it is only for a little while’ 🙂

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