Astral Projection – Visual Sensory Deprivation

There’s a great product on the market called the Mindfold.
The nice thing about the mindfold, and other functional products like it, is that you don’t have to worry about your eyes as much. It removes that factor of worry from your projection sessions.

A lot of people, including myself, have had issues where you have your eyes closed… you get really deep, then your eyes begin to flutter.
In the day light this can really ruin things… but with a mindfold on, you don’t have to worry about that light troubling you.

You can actually practice without having to close your eyes at all!
I’ve tested this… and it really works. Try it: find a room in your house which you can remove all light from… for me, it’s a bathroom on our main floor. If I close the door, put a towel under the crack in the door and turn the lights off, it’s 100% dark. Not an ounce of light anywhere creeping in. Now just sit there in the dark with your eyes open… if they begin to close, let them. This isn’t an exercise in keeping your eyes open. Allow them to do whatever they want to.

Eventually, as you sit there, for the most part, meditating with your eyes open, you’ll start to “see” things. These are the same things you “notice” using the noticing exercise. The exact same things you would see if you had your eyes closed in an otherwise well-lit room. You can project from this state just fine too. PROJECTION WITH YOUR EYES OPEN. Why does this work? Because with the room dark, you’ve done the same thing as if you had your eyes closed… you’ve shut off the visual sensory input, and this is the cause for triggering of the 3D Blackness/Void state.

By just doing this, you can initiate a conscious exit projection. Let me know how things go! Enjoy!

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