What does grounding your body mean in Astral Projection?

One of the nice things about running your own website is that you can see what searches people are using to find your articles with. Someone wanted to know, “what does grounding your body mean in astral projection” (if you recognize this search, please feel free to comment. :))… which is a really valid question, not to mention a good one, since it’s loaded with a lot of preconceived beliefs which I feel are really not really required. So being able to free people from this kind of thinking is great for actually getting to the non-physical and personally experiencing it.

“What does grounding your body mean in astral projection”
What grounding yourself means is the same on the physical level as it is on any non-physical level, this is because it’s not a physical act… it’s an act of consciousness. Grounding yourself goes hand in hand with Centering yourself. It means to remain calm and emotionally balanced at all times. This ties into the phrase “raise your vibrations”… the more focused, ground and centered you can remain, the “higher” your vibrations are. Yup, there’s nothing mystical or magical about “raising your vibrations”. In fact, it’s an act you do on a daily basis and don’t even realize it BECAUSE you probably think it’s some mystical or magical thing.

If actions such as “grounding” are a non-physical thing, then the natural extension of them is that if you can keep yourself ground and centered while projecting, you can not only strengthen your experience, you can extend it too! This is because you can remain calm and notice the ‘signs’ of when you’re about to wake up… and immediately be able to do a technique to remain projecting.

There are more benefits to being grounded and centered… not just in your projection life, but in your waking physical life as well. 🙂

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