Why Can I Never Remember My Dreams in the Morning?

It’s been proven scientifically that you dream every single night of your life, yet some people wake up each morning and simply can NEVER remember what they experienced while unconscious. Why is that?

Well, your memory works in the same way whether you’re experiencing this physical reality or a non-physical reality. You must have what I call a “base level awareness” in order for you to directly and consciously experience a dream, after you have that, it’s then up to you in order to fully remember it. There are other things you can do upon awakening to lock that memory physically, but that’s a point for another article.

You remember whatever you directly experience. Yet to directly experience a dream, you must first have even the smallest amount of awareness within that dream. Anything less than that base level awareness, and you won’t re-call the dream, because you didn’t consciously experience it.

I’ll explain how it works physically with a comparison event which I think a lot of us have encountered before: Being so drunk you didn’t remember anything from that evening. If you’ve ever been so blind drunk that the next day you didn’t remember anything that happened, it’s not that you didn’t DO things, because obviously you did (I’m sure your friends will tell you every detail! LOL), it’s just that you didn’t have the base level awareness to directly experience it.

Well, the same holds true for your dreams. If you don’t have that base level awareness, then you won’t recall your dreams, because you didn’t directly experience them.

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