Post Focus! After 20 years my OBEs have stopped!

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d start them back up again! Post Focus!
There was a post made on the Astral Pulse today by Alex-Anderson, where he speaks about having many what he labels as “OBEs” during his life, but now recently, within the last couple years, that has apparently stopped. He goes on to say that he does have many, what he labels as “lucid dreams” though. Which is great! And I’ll explain!

First, this is his post:

Guys this is driving me crazy, I had probably about at least 3 or more OBEs per week for many years/decades, and my experiences became very mature and controlled in the latter years, but for some reason they stopped suddenly about 2 years ago.

Since then external factors such as a new position at work (higher workload + stress) and the birth of my twins could be contributing factors undecided, but nonetheless I feel somewhat depressed loosing what I thought was a unique gift.

Every night at bed I’m thinking about possible OBE experiences but nothing ever avails (mine always happened from sleep). However I still have very detailed lucid dreams (as I did as a child prior to OBEs occurring), but so far it remains as is with nothing more than a lucid dream.

I remember reading a book stating that OBEs can just stop in mid/late adulthood and never return, has anyone ever had this and found some way to re-kickstart the experiences again?

My response:
The ONLY issue you have is that you’re stuck on labels.
To me, those two quotes above (bolded sentences) are contradictory.

Here’s what you’re saying: “I used to have lots of OBE’s, but within the last two years they’ve stopped… except now I have lots of Lucid Dreams.
Here’s my perspective: “I used to have lots of projections, but within the last two years they’ve stopped… except now I have lots of projections.

An OBE *IS* a projection.
A lucid dream *IS* a projection.

Your ONLY problem is that you “believe” that they’re different things… and, as I said, you’re too hung up on labels.
Forget the terms you know. They’re meaningless and worthless. If you’re consciously aware that you’re experiencing a reality which isn’t this physical reality, then you’re projecting.

What you need to do is learn to control what you’re calling a “lucid dream” and dictate where and what you do in those experiences. They’re ALL non-physical experiences.
If you want to experience something resembling this physical reality while having what you’re calling a “lucid dream”, then just do it. You’re only limiting yourself here. Place the intent. Do what you choose to do. Have control.

You have no problem here beyond what you believe you do. You haven’t lost anything except time.

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