My First Lucid Dream in Two Months

It\’s been a troubling two months, as I usually have a Lucid Dream once every 1 – 2 weeks.  Thankfully, last night I broke that dry spell and had a really great Lucid Dream!  My first  in over two months.  So I\’m quite happy.

At the time, I forgot to even attempt an Astral Projection from it, but it was a pretty nice AND long experience too.
This Lucid Dream lasted what felt like 20 – 30 minutes… and it went a little something like this:

I\’ll start off with the time before bed, I laid down on the couch around 12:30am to watch some TV while my girlfriend was playing some video games behind me, but I ended up falling asleep.  Anyways, 2:30am rolled around and we decided to hit the hay.  It was just starting to thunderstorm at the time and our dogs were going nuts, so we had to calm them down long enough for the storm to pass, which thankfully it did… but we left the light on anyways in the bedroom for them until they calmed down completely.

Unfortunately, we fell asleep before turning the light off… so I woke up in the middle of the night to go turn it off.  Little did I know this was a false awakening… and I woke up again seemingly a bit later and found the light was still on!  So I turned it off again, this time for real.  hehe

When I fell asleep this time, it was directly into a Lucid Dream… I knew I was dreaming and I strengthened it right away by spinning around quickly.  Apart from that, I forgot to do my Projection conversions. Afterwards, I ended up outside some woman\’s house,  she gave off a grandmotherly feeling,  next thing I remember she was teaching myself and others how to fly.  I was having some difficulty flying this time too… I remember jumping into the air hovering slightly, and then coming back down.  I was getting better though as the time went by.  This was a good 20 minutes of the experience.

I noticed some kid by the house making something with the sand, but he wasn\’t using his hands.  I walked up and asked what he was doing and he said he was… well, making stuff.  We talked for a second, but I don\’t remember what about, but at the end he showed me how to do it… I remember mentioning something Frank said about merging with the underlying structure of the environment to create stuff and the kid agreed with that.  It took me a few tries, but I finally managed to create a simple cube by waving my hand over the sand.  It was pretty neat.

Around this point I began to wake up, I didn\’t bother stopping it this time as I do remember wanting to write all this down so I didn\’t forget it all.  I woke up and began writing!  🙂

I have a strong feeling that due to the environment, the great conversation with the inhabitants doing the training and their very lifelike actions… I feel this was a Focus 3 oC training environment for me and others.  The extra strange bit is that I\’ve generally had very little problems flying, but I figure it had something to do with me not being 100% consciously aware at the time.  Who knows.

Pretty cool… I might try taking a bit of a nap a couple hours before bed from now on.  LoL  Especially if this will be the norm that comes of it.  🙂

Lunchtime Meditation – Sept 17, 2010

I meditated a bit at lunchtime today during which I had an epiphany that I would like to share.

My goal in mind was my usual, I wanted to try to passively observe myself falling asleep so I can learn to catch it.
I had a thought earlier in the day, and I realized that I just wasn\’t keeping my mind active enough while falling asleep… I don\’t know why I never really thought about it before, but it just kind of hit me hard at that point and finally sunk in.

I began my meditation around 12:40pm… sitting at my desk, back straight in my chair, my feet flat on the floor and my arms resting naturally on my desk. After a few minutes, as I started to relax, I\’d notice my upper body falling forward slightly. This is my sign that my body is relaxing enough and is falling asleep. Points would come when I\’d realize that my head is almost touching my desk due to falling forward so much. I\’d straighten up and refocus. This happened twice.

After the second time, I thought to myself, \”Hmmm, I need to get my mind more active\” and I decided to engage my mind more by starting a rundown. I chose a location nearby, down at the lakefront on Lake Ontario. It\’s a cliff that overlooks the lake and beach. i visualized myself standing around up there watching the lake and the waves beat up against the sandy beach… and I still found myself drifting off a bit, it was much better than before in that I was able to catch it happening… so that\’s definitely progress!

I decided to increase the activity a bit… and I got to thinking about Astral Pulse Island. I wanted to incorporate that into my rundown somehow… so I looked out at the water and decided to take a jaunt out there to see what I could/would find on the Lake!

I floated off the cliff, down to the beach below where I had a boat waiting for me. I jumped in an started paddling out into the open water. What happened next wasn\’t part of my script, nor could I control it. I had gone out only a few seconds when the boat started tipping! It would tip left and right, then it went upside down, and righted itself… it just kept doing it. It felt like I was in a tumble dryer. I tried as hard as I could to control it, but once it started, it was very hard to stop it.

I decided to jump out of the boat and swim back to shore. This stopped the \”tumble dryer\” action from happening, thankfully. I floated back up to the initial cliff I was on before and just started walking instead. At which point, someone called me and I had to go do some \”office stuff\”. >_<

So that was a pretty random experience for me, and I\’m hoping to be able to duplicate it the next time I meditate at home or practice my Phasing. I think I was pretty close to stepping into the rundown though, it started to have a real feeling to it. The tumbling was definitely real, I FELT it as if I was actually there.  This all ended around 25 minutes later.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that. 🙂

Yesterdays Meditation – Sept 14, 2010

I sat down yesterday right after work to meditate a bit… I had no particular goal in mind.  It wasn\’t like I was sitting down to do any phasing practice or anything.  Keep in mind that I\’m still working towards my first \”conscious projection exit\”… meaning from a fully awake state, instead of my usual \”wake up in a dream\” thing that I currently do.

I put my iPod earbuds in and turned on some Carlos Nakai flute music… really relaxing stuff to me.  🙂
Anyways, about 10 minutes go by and I\’m really relaxed listening to the flute music and I start to feel disoriented… like I physically know which way I\’m facing, but I\’m sensing that I\’m just all over the place, plus I had a sensation of slowly spinning around.  I think this was kind of along the lines of the \”noticing\” exercise used for Phasing. I was just passively observing these changes in motion.

As I was doing that observing, I felt as if I immediately shot up and backwards, but it startled me, because I came right back as soon as it happened.  I\’ve felt that particular thing before, but this time it REALLY caught me off guard… it was as if I was standing in an elevator and it just DROPPED.

So yeah, I just felt like sharing that.  I hope you can take something away from this experience that might be of help to you. 🙂

My Most Recent Lucid Dream Conversion Experience

I\’m hoping that talking about this will assist me in experiencing more Lucid Dreams… because lately I’ve been in quite the dry-spell.  I’ve been having Lucid Dreams for as long as I can remember.  I usually have a lucid dream, at least once every 1 – 2 weeks… but as I type this, my dry-spell has lasted the last 5 – 6 weeks now.  I’m going to relay to you the last Lucid Dream experience that I had.

Prior to being lucid, I simply remember flying around, but when lucidity hit me, I found myself hovering roughly 50 feet above my old high school.  I always find it fascinating that it didn’t hit me before hand… I mean, c’mon… flying… and it doesn’t set off triggers.  I don’t know WHY I “all of a sudden” became lucid.

Anyways, I was now lucid, so I focused on a spot on the ground below me and went into my usual questioning mode to bring forth my full conscious awareness.  Easy enough.  I remember having a bit of fun with the people staring up at me and I decided to dive bomb them a bit, because, well… it’s fun to fly!

Very shortly after that, I wanted to see if I could shift into Focus 1 oC… and I always wanted to visit England, so I visualized a friend of mine who lives there whom I wanted to see.  I began visualizing… then my vision went black… I remember feeling a “shift”… but then I found myself waking up in my bed.

The important part here was that I DEFINITELY felt the shift.  I was well on my way to where ever it was my subconscious intentions were taking me, but I ended up losing it and having my Protective Self wake me up due to, what I believe, was an unknown in regards to how the “shift” felt to me.

So anyways, that was my last projection… a short while ago.  I’m still trying and waiting patiently for another Lucid Dream.