Strong Lucid Awareness Experience – May 21, 2013

So, last night was pretty fruitful in the spontaneous projection department for me… finally. LoL

I haven\’t been actively practicing projection, so I\’ve been relying upon my spontaneous projections to have experiences. I have them semi-often, but I don\’t usually remember enough to write down later in the morning… and I\’m usually too tired to do it upon waking. So thankfully I retained a bit more of this experience than usual.

I had one REALLY LONG experience that felt like it lasted at least an hour. Unfortunately, I don\’t write this stuff down, so I\’ve forgotten most of it… however, what I do remember is pretty neat. I don\’t believe I had a full astral awareness throughout the experience, but it was a very strong lucid awareness almost on the cuspe of an astral awareness. What I mean by this is that I obviously knew I was non-physical, but I didn\’t have a full waking awareness of knowing where I was and how I got there… I was with my parents, so I had that bit of knowledge. I remember walking my parents around explaining to them the non-physical and all the things you can do while experiencing it. For example, I picked up a glass and asked if anyone was thirsty and proceeded to fill the glass just by my willpower. I held the glass in the palm of my hand and it filled with whatever I wanted. First it was apple juice, then orange juice. I also remember grabbing a candy off the shelf of the particular store we were in and tasting it. It was soooooo good… best orange flavour ever. LoL

At one point near the end, I took my leave from my parents as I just wanted to fly around a bit. I did so, and came across some kinds playing football. The ball bounced over to me, which I then picked it up and threw it back.

Sadly, this is where everything ended… although usually I\’m able to \’sense\’ when an experience is starting to end, yet this time it just faded to black before I even had a chance to notice. I tried in vain to retain the experience and strengthen it, but by then I was already feeling myself in bed… bleh. LoL

Anyway, as I said, the whole thing felt like an hour, at least… I even remember commenting about the duration of it to my parents at the time. Funny.

Projection Experience – Tuesday, July 24th

I woke up around 5am this morning,  I don\’t know why.   When I went back to sleep I found myself having a dream awareness experience, where I was trying to get ready for work.  I was \”somewhere\”  in my house coat when I remembered I still needed to shower!  So I raced off towards where I thought my house was (because for some strange reason I was nowhere near it lol).  It was around this point which I started to fly.  That was the tip off that I was in the non physical. 

Now that I was projecting, I believe with a strong lucid awareness, I landed in order to test my reality.  I felt the cement I was standing on… It felt so completely physical.   I looked up and around me to see that everything was just as it should be.   I flew over to a tree and grabbed a branch,  I began to feel myself wake up,  so I took the branch and crumpled it in my hands.   I put all my intent towards experiencing the feeling of it crumbling.  It was every bit as real as the physical.  The awareness it generated with that reality completely stopped me from waking up and strengthened my experience.

So this is definitely something that seems to work well.

I continued on with my experience by flying off.   I don\’t remember too much between then and a king up,  however I do remember that I had grabbed another branch,  but at some point when I began to wake up I couldn\’t get to the branch fast enough to save the experience.

My lesson?  Don\’t wait for the wakeup sensations to begin.  Do the awareness generating techniques throughout your experience so you don\’t have to worry about waking.

Morning Projection – Friday, June 29th, 2012

I had today off work, so after dropping my girlfriend off at the train station I came back home and began a Phasing session. I haven\’t had much chance to actually do much projecting lately, so I was really looking forward to this and suffice to say I wasn\’t disappointed.

The experience began with me in my old bedroom at my parents house. I tore open the blinds, opened the window and jumped out… unfortunately, at this point I began to lose the experience. Everything started to fade to black, as it did I focused upon a patch of grass in the distance and \”relaxed\” a bit, and the scene came back to me stronger than ever. I relaxed and brought all my attention and focus towards that patch of grass, trying to see as much detail of it as I could.

After that, I flew to the front of the house and had the urge to fly upwards as high as I could in order to get a better view and perhaps just to see how high I could get. Well, for one reason or another I couldn\’t get very high, nor could I even fly very fast. When I landed, there was a gentleman there who was going to \’help\’ me, and teach me to fly faster. He strapped these \”shocking\” wrist straps to me and took me around while slightly shocking me… at no point did it ever hurt, but I was getting slightly faster than I initially was, but still not where I wanted to be. Next he put this cloak around my shoulders which also did some shocking, this didn\’t work much better than the wrist cuffs though. LOL

Anyway, along with the man and his shocking stuff, there were random people walking by whom I was trying to engage in conversation. One lady seemed to be kind of Mexican in appearance and a tad stocky, I kept asking her name and all she kept repeating was \”C\” or \”Sea\”, I couldn\’t get much else out of her.

Another couple who walked by looked to be an old-style priest/nun combination… the old nun looked to be quite sick, she had brown lines all over her neck and face, and I remember hearing something about her being the cause of the priest dying. I shook the nuns hand and said hello, but I don\’t remember too much more about that part.

The entire experience felt like it lasted around 30 minutes. Thankfully I know approximately when I fell asleep… and 1 1/2 hours of physical time had actually passed.

Lucid Awareness to Dream Awareness Example

This morning I had a non-physical experience I wish to share which illustrates how ones awareness can easily shift between states very quickly.

I had woken up around 7am this morning, to which I immediately tried to initiate a Phasing attempt. I phased directly into a lucid awareness experience, where myself and a friend of mine were attempting to clean up a cluttered room. It was a lucid awareness experience, because all I really knew about it was that I was in the non-physical, I had no realization of who I physically was or where my physical body was actually located.

Anyway, during the experience I spilled a drink to which, because I knew I was non-physical at the time, I was going to try and \”lift\” the spill using my mind. I closed my eyes in order to focus better, but at that point I became afraid (not scared, mind you) that as my eyes were closed that I might \”shift\” back to my bed. The funny part was that I did kind of feel a slight shift happen and when I opened my eyes I actually found myself back in a bedroom. I THOUGHT I had woken up, but I really hadn\’t. Upon reflection later when I really did wake up, the room I found myself in wasn\’t my actual bedroom. I had lost the lucid awareness I had attained earlier and was, at that point, had a reduced dream awareness.

If I hadn\’t closed my eyes at the time, I probably could have kept the lucid experience going for a bit longer. But because I only had a lucid awareness, I didn\’t have the faculties to realize this. This is also why it is important to increase your awareness to an astral awareness whenever you get the chance to, as you\’ll have much longer experiences because you\’ll be in a better state of consciousness to do the things you need to do to extend the experience.

Morning Lucid Experience – Wednesday May 5th, 2012

I had a really fun, spontaneous experience this morning. It was a nice long one which gave me another chance to practice extending the experience.

The whole thing started off as a dream experience in the front hall of my parents house. Both my parents were there. I noticed \”something odd\” about the whole scenario, to which I thought about looking at my hands. I looked at them and they immediately began melting, \”I\’m dreaming!\” I remember exclaiming. I remember my mother asking how I knew I was dreaming, I told her to look at her hands, which she did and they too began melting. At this point, I knew I was asleep and dreaming, but I didn\’t quite have my full waking awareness, so it was a lucid awareness experience and not an astral awareness experience.

I\’m starting to notice that I\’m going the \”hand melting\” reality check more often these days. It seems to be a foolproof way to check, it hasn\’t failed me yet.

After I became lucidly aware, I instinctively try to stabilize the experience by bringing my awareness more into the reality (not increasing my awareness, but making it more \”there\”). This time, and this is also something I\’ve been doing more often, I started rubbing my hands together feeling the warmth generated.

Anyway, I remember going outside, but because I was only lucidly aware I didn\’t set out on any particular goal and instead just flew around my neighbourhood a bit. I don\’t remember any specific details after the first several minutes, only that the entire experience felt roughly 15 minutes in duration.

Throughout that time I remember extending the experience one other time with the rubbing hands technique. Then, I abruptly woke up, with very little warning.

Morning Projection – April 6th, 2012

I had a really awesome astral awareness experience this morning. First, I\’ll mention that it was \”astral\” and not \”lucid\” because I was firmly and fully consciously aware of who I was.

It started as a normal dream awareness experience where I was visiting my old place of employment. From there I quickly clued in that I was in the non-physical (which, ironically is VERY physical when you\’re experiencing it first hand LoL – this is why the labels physical and non-physical are really bad for this), at which point I flew up and away!

I wanted to test some things, like the properties of water… and I landed and found a muddy puddle of water. From there I begin just touching it and splashing it. Everything felt just as it should. At that point, I felt he usual \”waking up\” signs. My sight started to blur and darken a bit, so I took this opportunity to practice a method of remaining in the experience. On a curb of concrete next to me was what looked like a small metal plaque with the numbers \”2701\” on them. I focused really hard and really intently upon the plaque and its numbers. I even reached out and felt them in order to bring my awareness more into the reality I was experiencing.

Well, everything started to darken, but not completely! It took a few seconds and it was a bit iffy… but I eventually managed to refocus my efforts into the non-physical reality I was in, and cleared everything up. After that, I had what felt like another 10 – 15 minutes. I took the time to fly around and bust through some walls (yeah I dunno why I enjoy doing that LOL), and mostly just taking in the sights from where I was. I don\’t remember too much of the details except seeing some people who were working on a high rise as I was flying by.

Anyway, the amount of concentration and focus I had to put into retaining my experience was immense. I remember the sensation of opening my non-physical eyes as wide as I could in order to get the traction there I needed. I hope to get more chances like that to test and practice these kinds of things.

Lunchtime Meditation – September 13th, 2011 – Asking For Frank

I took a bit of my lunch hour today to meditate, because it was so peaceful and quiet here at work.

Anyway, this will be a very short report of this experience.  My goal during this meditation was to try and make some kind of contact with Frank Kepple.  It\’s a side project I\’ve been trying to find time to do lately.  Well, today I made contact with \”something/someone\”, but it was very brief.  I was asking mentally if Frank Kepple was around, focusing my Intent upon the picture we have of him on the Frank Kepple Phasing Resource page… and while I was doing this I heard a very distinct and very deep voice ask, \”Who is this?\”

Unfortunately, the phone rang here and I couldn\’t pursue the voice in any way.  But it was definitely a voice, and it was 100% crystal clear just as if someone was standing right in front of me talking.  I\’ll look into this further, hopefully I\’ve stumbled upon something interesting.  🙂

Morning Non-Physical Experience – September 8, 2011

This will be my first logged experience in a few months. I\’ve had some lucid/astral awareness experiences over that time, but they were either not meaningful or they were very short (1 – 5 seconds).

Last night, however, I had some meaningful experiences, a couple breakthroughs, and some frustrations.

First, the breakthroughs! Well, I started off before going to bed repeating an affirmation that I was going to become consciously aware during my dreams that night. Along with that, I firmly placed the Intent that it would happen. As it happened, I did have a really nice, long and clear lucid/astral awareness experience which I perceived happened for 15 – 20 minutes.

The second breakthrough was that during this experience I decided to run a simple test revolving around keeping myself in the non-physical. A point came where I began to sense that I was beginning to wake up. I was starting to feel my physical body lying in bed, so what I did was I consciously ignored those signals and focused my attention COMPLETELY within the non-physical environment I was experiencing. It worked perfectly. I was able to further extend my experience doing this.

I eventually did wake up though. I laid in my bed wondering if I should just close my eyes and go back into the experience, but I felt that I should jot down what notes I could quickly so that I could remember this stuff later in the morning. I found a piece of paper and a pen, both of which I normally keep on my bedside stand and wrote down a few keywords. Well, I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning. When I went to look for my notes I had made, and here\’s the frustrating part, I couldn\’t find them! Apparently the act of me \”waking up\” and \”writing down my notes\” was a FALSE AWAKENING. GAH! LoL

I\’ve forgotten a good chunk of my experience from last night. I think I retained the most important aspects of it though. Thankfully. hehe

Meditation – Monday, August 1st, 2011

So I figured I\’d take some time to meditate while my girlfriend prepared us dinner for the evening. I sat down on our couch in the living room, closed my eyes and began my meditation. I didn\’t have any real goal in mind other than attaining what I\’ve currently been working towards lately, the point consciousness state, so what ended up happening was quite pleasing and unexpected.

I began relaxing the muscles in my head, especially around my ears which I tend to hold more pressure. The best way I can describe what I\’ve been doing lately is that I \”push\” my consciousness out into the blackness while observing to see what \”patterns\” evolve out of it. About thirty minutes went by and the unexpected happen. I\’ll explain… in front of our couch we have a big TV stand which holds our TV and related electronics, well, what happened was that I began to see it crystal clear during my meditation, just as if I had my eyes open. It slowly formed in front of me, it stayed for a few seconds, then faded away again.

I\’ve had this sort of thing happen before, but never THAT clear. I count this as a big step in the right direction towards Phasing from anytime/anywhere.

Lucid Dream – Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I\’ve been in quite the non-physical slump as of late.  My last lucid awareness experience was back in mid-February!  So I\’ve been quite eager to continue my exploration.  Last weekend, I finally had one, it was relatively short, but I think I might have made a strange personal discovery.

I remember it started off on a beach, I was standing around with my father.  What triggered the initial lucidity was everything had a slight \”grey\” filter on it.  I noted this to my father, and I got to thinking that something was up.  Once that happened, I started a reality check.  I got stuck on the question \”How did I get here?\”.  I tried really hard to answer it, but seeing as I had no idea how I got to the beach in the first place, I couldn\’t answer it… so I must have been dreaming.  However, I went to attempt to fly (which is another reality check I usually do to solidly confirm if I\’m dreaming), yet failed twice in a row, but then a minute later, I tried once more and I got off the ground, I came to the conclusion that I was definitely dreaming.

The strange personal discovery was this \”grey filter\” on my vision.  I\’m wondering if it\’s always present and I just happened to notice it this time.  I think next time I need to really look around more and \”see\” what I\’m seeing.  I\’ve never noticed anything like it before.  Everything was perfectly clear and in full colour, there was just this greyness to everything that was glaringly obvious.  So obvious, in fact, that it triggered my awareness.

I guess I\’ll have to wait and see where this new information takes me.  It\’s been a few days since, and I haven\’t really experienced much else… nor have I noticed anything strange about the \”colours\” of my dreams lately either.

Morning Projection – Saturday, February 12th, 2011

I had another astral awareness experience that I want to write down and share.  I hadn\’t planned on trying for any conscious exits, so this is quite spontaneous.

I woke up around 7am this morning and went the bathroom, came back and just tried to get back to sleep as normal as I felt rather tired from a frustrating day prior.  Anyway, as soon as I dropped back to sleep I found myself in the non-physical with an astral awareness!  I was quite shocked really.

I believe what occurred was a Focus 2 oC experience.  Anyway, the environment was someone\’s house and there was a party of sorts going on.  I walked up to a random stranger and began talking to them, trying to see where abouts I was (F2 or F3)… the gentleman I spoke with didn\’t see \”all there\” and he had some trouble making words, so if it could have been something manifested by my own mind, or it could have been someone dreaming… this would throw some wrenches in my \”no sharing dreams\” thing.  LOL  Oh well, I remain skeptically open.  🙂

I asked him for any information, like his address or something… and I mentioned to him where I lived, and he agreed and said the same city.  To which he also replied \”54..\” then a pause like he was really trying to think hard about it \”54 Rustyax\”.  Now, I know no such road exists where I live… but I noted it down anyway.  I didn\’t get much more information out of him about that.

We began to walk elsewhere, to which I began to attempt to explain where exactly we were, I mentioned to him that we were in the non-physical and that he could possibly be dreaming.  I remember mentioning how physically real the non-physical felt, even though we \”call it\” the non-physical.  I picked up a dog which looked like one of the first dogs I owned, and began petting it, noting to myself how real and lively it seemed.  I noted that the gentleman had a crutch or limp of some kind with some kind of metal gadget hooked up to help him walk.

We proceeded into the basement where a few other people were there watching, what looked like Lord of the Rings on the TV.  A few seconds after that, I abruptly woke up.  It was a really quick wake up too, immediate shift to black and back in my bed.  I didn\’t even have time to realize I was coming to.  Total time projecting felt like 5 minutes.

Morning Projection – Friday, February 4th

I had, what I could consider my first successful fully conscious exit projections. They\’re not much, but I\’d like to share them! I haven\’t had the time until now to jot these down. 🙂

I took the day off work and slept in a bit… I woke up around 9am, and with a quiet house I decided to put in a bit more phasing practice. I got into my usual routine… 15 – 20 minutes go by, and I found myself staring out of the bay window at the front of my house, I knew right away that I was in the non-physical. I glanced outside to see an \”outside\” that wasn\’t like how it was supposed to be. I had a great idea the time… I wanted to see how fast I could fly. I\’m not sure if it began raining before or after this, but I took off in the rain and as I was seeing how fast I could fly (which seemed to be pretty fast, although because of the rain I couldn\’t see well) the rain was pelting me in the head… and I felt every drop.

Shortly after this, I lost the experience… I fell into a dream awareness experience where I was walking into an Aikido class, yet nobody was training, everyone was talking. I got changed and ready to go, but for some reason I had forgot to take off my jacket and my hat… meh. My sensei spoke to me personally about something, of which I don\’t remember, but then I woke up.

Lying in bed, I tried again… this time I appeared in my bedroom, everything looked perfectly normal… yet this time it took a second to realize I was in the non-physical, so you could actually call this a false awakening. I was holding onto something, a \”strip\” of something, leather maybe? It wasn\’t until I, somehow, turned it into a bracelet of sorts that I realized I was non-physical. Anyway, knowing where I was, I started to walk out of my bedroom towards the bathroom… yet, my feet felt strange, almost like I had something wrapped around them, kind of like when you have your pants down at your ankles and it makes it hard to walk. LOL I made it to the bathroom, yet I had trouble moving my head upwards to look in the mirror… I could only look upwards enough to see my legs and feet. This is the best part though… I felt myself beginning to wake up so I enacted upon an idea I had earlier this week regarding focusing upon something within the experience to keep myself in there. I focused upon the bracelet/leather thingie… I began studying it, looking it over, feeling it. This prolonged my experience for another minute or two.

The first experience I had was a usual flying run-of-the-mill projection for me… I didn\’t really discover anything good out of it. The second one, I found that the \”focusing\” upon an item thing really did help retain my consciousness within that reality frame. I highly suggest giving it a shot for experience-prolonging. 🙂

Morning Projection – Sunday January 23rd

Nothing special happened during this experience, I just wanted to get this one down as it\’s my first experience in a few weeks.

I woke up several times during the  morning… and this experience happened sometime between 10am and 11am, after my third waking up.

I found myself driving down what I thought was one of the main highways in my area… and I accidentally exited off the wrong exit!  I dodged a couple cars and a couple people (yes, people on the highway), then I found myself walking… it was at this point that I realized, \”Hey, where\’d my car go?  I was certain I was just in a car… \” and that\’s when the penny dropped, I was in the non-physical and I had a lucid awareness at the time.

At this point I decided to fly straight up, however, the \”highway\” was directly above me… I flew upwards really quickly and through the material of the highway, I could feel the concrete as I passed through it.  The problem at this point was that I felt like I was beginning to lose the non-physical moment… so I quickly went back down, and it stabilized.  I walked forward a bit… and then I remembered my LD -> AP conversion.  I knelt down, and focused on a piece of paper that was stuck to a wall… it had writing on it.  I remember glancing at my hand as well… that was apparently enough to bring my full waking consciousness into the mix, I didn\’t have to ask myself my questions!

Unfortunately… as soon as my Astral Awareness came around, I started to lose it once again and couldn\’t regain it.  And I woke up… ending my non-physical experience. The entire thing felt like it was around 2 – 3 minutes.


Lunchtime Meditation – December 15th, 2010

I had a bit of time again during my lunch hour, so I decided to relax a bit and practice my \”Noticing\” exercise.

So, my usual stuff… I put on my iPod, listening to one of my Hemi-sync CD\’s, and began my relaxation.  It took me slightly longer than usual to fully relax, mostly because of all the noise going on in the main office outside of mine.  I was able to hit Focus 10… I slid into Focus 12, but only for a minute or two.  However, that minute or two ended up being quite eventful.

My Focus 12 states, lately, have been about formless, colourless shapes moving around randomly… well this time, they weren\’t shapes as much as lines moving from the base of my field of vision, moving upwards.  About 30 – 40 seconds into Focus 12, I encountered an abrupt \”black tunnel\” that sped towards and around me.  It felt as if I was standing still, yet someone was moving a black tunnel towards and past me and I was moving through it.  It definitely felt like it was moving towards me though, not the other way around.  But anyway, it surprised me and snapped me back to Focus 10.

If was I able to hold on through it, I THINK it was an intermediate step that I usually skip past quickly on my way from Focus 12 to 21… just this time I was witnessing it live and in person.  I have experienced this particular thing a couple times before, but that\’s it really… and the last one was quite a bit ago.

In any case, it only lasted a half second or so… but it was a fun, and wild ride.  🙂

My Recent Phasing Practice Sessions

I guess there isn\’t too much to post about lately, so I\’ll just write about my two previous phasing practice sessions.

The recent one was last night an hour before I went to my Yoshinkan Aikido class.  I sat down on my recliner couch, put my iPod earbuds in and started listening to one of my hemi-sync songs.  I think I was listening to \”Touching Grace\”.  Anyway, I started to relax… I generally work on my face first, I find that I hold a lot of muscle tension around my ears and cheekbones.  My body tends to relax very quickly now-a-days, so I don\’t usually do a progressive relaxation method on that part of me.  It\’s just my face I find most difficult.

When my face was relaxed, this includes my eyes now (which is a change I started just recently as I never did the eye relaxation thing before), which I\’m finding to be a great thing to do in order to \”passively observe\”.  I started my \”Fixated Staring\” routine as noted in my previous post (Xanth\’s Phasing Method) and began slipping very quickly into Focus 3 (Monroe model)… and within 8 – 10 minutes Focus 10 followed.  When I felt the Focus 10 state sink in, I started my Noticing exercise.  So I was staring at the blackness behind my closed eyes, noticing what\’s going on… and then I feel what can really best be described as an \”expanded awareness/consciousness\”.  I really do feel EXPANDED… then the visuals kick on and I\’m now staring at floating formless colour clouds in front of me.  I never made it to Focus 21 this time, but I did come to the conclusion that Focus 12 is now always within my reach and truly is easy to get to once you\’ve done it once and realize it.

The practice session before that one also went just like that… except I think I was in my bedroom at the time sitting on my bed.  It took slightly longer to hit Focus 12, but I did get there.  It\’s really something you need to stumble into once, then it should be easy to get to from then on out… with just a bit less effort each time.

So that\’s really all I have to say right now… I just wanted to relay those experiences out there.  Hopefully reading it might give you some glimpse into a point you\’re at where you\’re stuck.

Lunchtime Meditation – November 18, 2010

It\’s been a few weeks since I\’ve meditated during my lunch hour… but today I figured I\’d give it a shot to see if I could find that elusive \”fall asleep\” point.

It\’s been a tough point to find… but I think I FINALLY nailed it, but only once.  So I\’m sitting here with my eyes closed, feet flat on the floor and my arms folded in front of me and I\’m doing a mostly \”noticing\”-type exercise, just watching the forms appear and wave around in front of my eyes, to which I now realize *IS* Robert Monroes Focus 12.  A post from Frank mentions this perfectly.

\”It used to happen to me all the time where I\’d just be settling into the Focus 12 state; where it is natural to perceive all manner of outline shapes and shadows, or whirls of colour, and so forth\”

Those forms started to come about after a period of relaxing… and obviously weren\’t there to begin with.

Then for a second, I felt the shift and I was engulfed in the blackness… which if I had to describe it, had depth to it, and it was VERY black.  I have lights on in my office right now and I can see a bit of the light bleed through my eye lids, but after I felt that shift, everything just went straight to black.  The Blackness seems to be Focus 21, which means I\’m shooting through a few other focus levels without even realizing it… that\’s probably what the sensation of movement or that shift is.  One day I\’ll have to try to slow it down and see.  For now, I\’ll just stick with this practice.

Now, I didn\’t notice it right away… but I did notice and felt the shift, which was my goal.  Now I need to try and pin point the exact moment it starts.  So I was in the blackness, then my physical eyes decided to kick in to get a look at it… and bam!  I find myself back in my office.

Another quote from Frank:

\”As you begin to perceive those impressions try and remain as mentally still and as neutral as possible. Simply be a passive observer and just let events unfold.\”

I found that prior to the shift happening, I was remaining fully relaxed and was just \”watching\” the shapes rolling around in front of me.  What is surprising to me right now is how easy it was to hit that Focus 12 state.  And now that I think about it, I\’ve had this experience before with the rolling and floating shapes, but I never made the connection to this before.  So I now know what to look for when I get there.

Definitely progress.  🙂

Reality Check Success – November 7, 2010

This will be short.  Off and on, over the past month or so, I\’ve been half-assedly trying reality checks in an attempt to increase the frequency of my Lucid Dreams.

Well, this morning it paid off with a very brief Lucid Dream.  I found myself walking down the side of an unfamiliar road… I looked around and nobody else was around and no cars were coming, so I decided to try to jump into the air and fly.  I jumped, flew a bit… realized, \”Hey, I\’m dreaming!\”… then almost immediately I fell back into a Dream Awareness but the environment and dream changed completely and it was World of Warcraft related. >_<

But, at least the reality check initially worked.  🙂

Lucid Awareness Experience – November 1st, 2010

So, I had a mega long lucid dream early last night. Unfortunately, I can\’t really remember too much of it… I have a bunch of jumbled, seemingly random scenes playing out in my head right now that I\’m having trouble reconciling them.

I do remember having what I call \”Lucid Awareness\” throughout it, meaning that I didn\’t know much else beyond the fact that I was in the non-physical. So, unlike my previous conscious experience, in which I had \”Astral Awareness\” (aka, I was FULLY awake in the non physical), this experience wasn\’t quite there. This tells me that this entire experience took place in Focus 2, mostly because of all the dream imagery involved.

I do remember flying around a lot… and strangely enough, I remember blowing up buildings. I was demonstrating to the person who was with me by pointing to a building in the distance and splitting it in two. I\’ve tried to do this kind of thing in the past, but had very little success… I think it was good this time because I wasn\’t fully aware at the moment, so my subconscious was still semi in control of things. If I had Astral Awareness it probably wouldn\’t have been so easy. With that said, I also wouldn\’t have had some very strong dream imagery either… as my subconscious mind was still in full swing fueling my scene.

This entire experience felt like it took place over a good hour or so. I do remember slipping back into the physical roughly 3 times throughout this non-physical adventure. Each time I felt it was happening so I managed to keep my eyes shut as I woke, so it was quite easy to stay still and shift back to the non-physical within 10 – 15 seconds. I can\’t tell you enough how good this particular technique is to remaining in a non-physical environment.

And now that I\’m thinking about it… I was reading some more of John Magnus\’ book \”Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality\” right before bed… and I remember reading something about that very thing. I remember a point where he was saying to use an affirmation of, something along the lines of, being able to wake up slowly so that I could keep my eyes closed. I guess my mind decided that the best way to do that was to become lucid in the non-physical so it could initiate that \”eyes closed\” thing. This would account for the rare \”early night\” lucid dream that I had.

Anyway, the last thing I really remember was shifting back into the Lucid state then immediately entering a false awakening where I was riding my bike by some reservoir thinking to myself, \”Wow, what a strange lucid dream I just had\”… at that point I had shifted back into a Dream Awareness so I didn\’t realize I was STILL in the non physical. I find it funny that I didn\’t make the connection that I was JUST having a Lucid Dream, and now I was outside riding my bike… LoL

This was, quite possibly, the longest non-physical experience I\’ve ever had and considering that the longest up until this point was only about a month ago… I\’m left wondering what this means. We\’ll see what the future has in store. 🙂

False Awakening – October 24, 2010

I really haven\’t found much to post lately… I have been trying though!   🙂
So I figured I\’d just post a really quick False Awakening I had this morning.

I initially woke up this morning at 7am… I thought I had to get up for work, but then I remembered that it was Sunday! That\’s probably one of the best feelings in the world… realizing that you don\’t really have to get up yet and can go back to sleep.

Anyway, I fell back asleep and woke up again… I looked at the clock and it said 11:30am. I thought, \”Wow, that\’s kinda late, I should probably get up…\”
I didn\’t get up and drifted back to sleep, which I woke up AGAIN and it was 9:30am. O_o That\’s when it hit me that the 2nd time I woke up, I really didn\’t wake up at all. I was in the non-physical with \”Dream Awareness\”.

For a quick description for those who might not have read my new designations, when you\’re \”dreaming\” (aka in the nonphysical) and you\’re simply going along with it, believing that you\’re fully awake, I call that having a \”Dream Awareness\”.

This is what a \’false awakening\’ is… you being in the nonphysical, but still going along with it as if you were fully awake.

Anyways, just thought I\’d relay this experience… it\’s not much, but it\’s something for now. 🙂

Morning Projection – October 11, 2010

I wanted to journal my experience I had this morning.

So, the first thing I remember was finding myself standing in a very beautiful grassy scene.  I had completely bypassed Lucid Awareness and apparently went straight to Astral Awareness.  I could see rolling, green hills for as far as the eye could see.  I remember looking up at the blue sky, and it was so very beautiful.  I just remember standing there for a few short seconds taking it all in.  The colours were absolutely brilliant.  I believe this was a Focus 3 oC area.

Standing around in this field were MANY people.  I didn\’t notice anyone wearing any strange clothing… they all seemed to be rather modern.  Some of them were standing off by themselves, others were standing in groups having conversations.

What I believe was a teenage girl came up to me and started talking.  I don\’t remember what the original conversation was, but I do remember asking her name in the hopes of getting some information about her that I could try to confirm when I returned to the physical.  Her name was Cardiff.  Unfortunately, I didn\’t get a last name or any other information regarding her…  I do remember \’chatting it up\’ with a few of the other people there, but I don\’t remember the details of them.  I remember one big burly fellow giving me a big hug… he seemed to know me, I dunno from where though.  All throughout these chats with people, I remember jumping up and flying around a bit.  I absolutely LOVE flying.  🙂

So anyways, around this time, I began to feel that I was dropping back into Lucid Awareness… because I was starting to see some Focus 2 oC environments overlay into my experiences.  I then began to feel myself wake up… the good thing here was that I woke up slow enough that I was able to keep myself still and my eyes closed, HOWEVER, I also had to go to the bathroom, which was probably the initial reason why I woke in the first place.  LoL

My initial goal this morning was to try Personalreality\’s new LD inducing sound file… but, since I didn\’t need it this morning, I skipped that.  I\’ll try it sometime this week or probably next weekend. 🙂