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Quote from: Szaxx on February 23, 2015, 23:53:41
At times a difficult challenge presented itself, this I later found to be a test and a lesson.

It's been the same for me too.  After the fact I've always been grateful for the experience.  It's a great feeling to be able to conquer situations with your mind.  You're all the wiser in the end.
No.  Consider St. Paul's trip to the 3rd heaven in Acts - He said "Whether in the body or out of the body, I don't know."  -- Revelation by St. John -- All the prophetic dreams in the bible -- that's all projection.

The verses in the OT where it says -Don't conjure spirits (talk to the dead) may leave you wondering if you are going against the bible if you meet your dead grandmother in an AP or talk to any other spirits you may meet.

Looking into the history of what was going on with these spirit conjurers in the bible, it would seem that what they were doing bore no resemblance to what modern mediums/ AP practitioners do.  The former were trying to contact "the dead" which to them actually meant demons, not good human spirits.  They were doing this to get information for personal gain and were engaging in depraved rituals.  The latter want to contact their loved ones to say - Hey, are you there?  I love you.  How are you?  You OK?   --So one gives you a completely different vibe than the other.

Many modern Christian churches just take these talking to the dead scriptures at face value and don't look into the history.  The sources I looked at for the above were actually from modern Jewish scholars.  I figured they ought to know a thing or two about their own writings/heritage. (O.T.)  These faithful practicing Jewish people had no problem with modern mediumship which would include AP.  I found that interesting.

I'm a Christian (non-fundamentalist) and although I don't believe in the whole bible as you do, I love and respect the teaching of Jesus and many other passages as well.  I AP on a regular basis and have had beautiful connections to God through it that enrich my life so much.   :-)
Here are the conceptual things I have asked to experience and got an answer

The sacredness of life

love/ become love

What is hell?

What is God?

see an atom

What does the color blue represent?  ( that answer was a little weird and not exactly clear!)

What is a human being?

I'll have to check my journal and see if I can remember others.  Some really amazing results with these - way outside of the comprehension of my 'waking self.'   :-)
I've had similar.  Lots of colors, geometric shapes, symbols, math problems, beautiful eyes ... 

What I haven't had is the visuals lasting several minutes after I woke up, but that phenomenon is typical and nothing to be afraid of.  I have had the same thing with sounds from my trance coming right into the physical -so basically at that point you could all them auditory hallucinations.  They last about a minute or two and then are gone. 

I know the experiences can seem overwhelming.  All you can do is try to relax into it and not be afraid.  As always, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

There is a way to turn down the visuals or sounds through intent if they are just too overwhelming.  I had to do that at one point because for awhile, the intensity was too high and I just couldn't seem to make it all the way through the trance and into the NP.  So if needed, that's always an option.  I'd just roll with it if you can, though... seems like pretty cool stuff!  :-)
You just have to do it enough that whatever you see has no effect on you any more.

Just like getting desensitized to violence on TV by watching it over and over. (except hypnogogics aren't usually violent  :-))

Quote from: soki on February 13, 2015, 15:50:13
when I'm having those mini-dreams, I'm not even conscious of being trying to AP. I let go so much of my consciousness and keep just a little to stay awake. I'll try putting a little more focus on the scenes to see if I can phase there
You did great to be able to stay awake through the mini dreams.  Don't change much.  Just believe from before you even start that you will enter the scene through them, and allow it to happen. 

Sometimes when we tell people to 'intend to enter the scene'  they get the mistaken notion that they have to force or control things, and that kills it.  Just continue to watch the scene play out and gently feel a part of it.  The shift will happen when it happens and your only job is to *allow* it to happen. 
Quote from: Jesse Smith on February 13, 2015, 06:32:41
**n00bie alert.**

Visualization question, are we supposed to not move our eyes at all while doing visualization? That can be a challenge.

How do you then get your body asleep while keeping the mind awake? I figured you were supposed to try to get tired enough that your body then goes to sleep, while you some how get your mind to stay awake. I either eventually fall asleep, or stay awake for an hour or more and finally just give up!!

I've never really thought about whether I move my eye balls when I visualize, but I don't think I do.  I just imagine I'm floating around my childhood home and I see whatever is straight in front of me. No looking from side to side - up or down.  I usually keep moving forward (floating) so the scenery is changing slowly -that way I don't get bored.  I find it easier to visualize things that are relatively close up so I try to stay about 2 ft. away from objects.  That's what works best for me.  You'll want to experiment and find your own routine.

I'm tired enough for my body to fall asleep because I don't get my full amount of sleep for the night before I project. (I do it after 6 hrs. sleep)  My body is still very relaxed and 'knows' bed time isn't over yet.  So even though I shake off the sleepiness in my mind, my body is still in sleep mode.  Don't get me wrong, after I've woken myself up for the beginning of the trance, I let myself get a little sleepy again -just not too much.  You've got to stay aware enough to catch yourself form passing the point of no return. 

I need that minute or two of being awake without drowsiness before I start the process (or else I'll fall asleep) but some people may not.  If you can handle being drowsy in the beginning, go ahead.  There's no problem there unless your're like me and it causes you to fall asleep.  It's a delicate state -hovering around the sleep thresh hold, and you just have to play with it.  Hr. 6 is magic hr. for me because I've slept long enough to be well rested and when I feel tired during the trance, it's not a real 'quick', heavy kind of tired that drags me to sleep.  If I projected later - like after 8 hrs. of sleep I'd have the opposite problem.  I'd run the risk of just being too awake -opportunity lost.  So the right timing can really help you with the issue of being either too awake or falling asleep.
Yeah this works. In certain things, mostly in the area of physical healing, I have this working and I know when manifestation will occur because of the way I feel -the way I've chosen to feel.  It's a confident, happy, loving, knowing...  Sometimes it happens quick and sometimes you have to contend for it.  Like you said, it's a knowing from the heart level not just head.
For me personally, if I suddenly just turned into a bird or alien, I'd suspect something else at work besides my mind.  I'd think someone (or my higher awareness) was trying to tell me something.  My normal dreams are always me - human- sifting through the thoughts of the day type things.  I'm just not that imaginative to be turning to things lol.

There was one time many years ago, when I did have a dream -actually it was a vision - that I turned into a bird.  I was skimming low over the water and then soared high into the sky.  At that point I saw myself in the third person -I was a large eagle type bird soaring with wings out stretched.  The experience had a certain feel to it, like I was to pay attention - like a premonition.  Maybe it was a premonition of my future OBEs.  Ha!  I even named myself Soarin - I didn't make that connection until now.  Anyway, I'd say pay attention to the feel of the experience.  If there's something more going on than your mind sifting through it's every day junk, your inner self tells you so. 

Nice article, Xanth.   :-)    The individual zone of consciousness theory never made much sense to me.  Never felt right according to my experiences, either.

Oh, and above, when I said -shake away excessive sleepiness - I actually mean shake off ALL sleepiness.  I can't begin the process tired or I'll fall asleep.  As I'm lying there for awhile, however, I may start to feel a little sleepy again and this is not a bad thing because it signals that I'm getting into the right state.  When the sleepiness hits, it's very easy (because I already have 6 hrs. sleep behind me) to get rid of it again by just willing it away. 
Guys, if you have gotten to the mini-dream stage, there is no need to try to induce vibes and go through some kind of separation process.  You are there!  You're watching the mini-dream play out, right?  Now just intuitively place yourself into the scene.  Pop!  your're there!  There's no real good way to describe how to do this except have the mental intention to be in the scene.  It'll happen instantly. 

And when I say mini-dream stage, I mean the scene is playing out for more than a few seconds.  If you see a visual, it lasts of a second or two, then fades to blackness, then it happens again, etc.  you're not there yet.  -Gotta go deeper til you get to the real mini-dreams that last longer, but Soki, the way you described how you got to the mini-dream stage, excellent!  That's how the pro's do it lol!  Once you've succeeded with a visualization method, you realize you just hit a gold mine.  Many people project every morning this way. 

This is what I do.  Sound familiar?  Wake up after 6 or 7 hrs. sleep. (the number of hrs. isn't as important as getting the amount of sleep that will leave you refreshed but still being able / wanting to sleep some more) Mentally shake away excessive sleepiness.  Lie still, totally relax.  When I start to feel numb, I start visualizing something -anything for maybe 10 sec. or so.  Then I offer it up to my brain to take over with it's own visuals.  If it doesn't take over, I'll go again with my own for a little bit, and then offer up the scene to take up a life of it's own again.

Sometimes I don't have to start with my own visualization - often the scene starts up with it's own material with out my help.  You just have to play around with this part.  As I said above, at this point you are watching like a movie, and all you have to do is intend to be there.  Pop!  That's it.  Trying to go back to vibes and a separation technique is going backwards.  Now if you still want to do it your way, of course you can, I'm not saying it won't work.  I'm just saying -not necessary!  You are on the cusp!   :-)
I've also moved from 1st person to 3rd person perspective a few times during projections.  I don't make a conscious choice to do it, it just happens.  Once, I remember I switched to 3rd person because my 1st person energy body was experiencing pain.  At the time I didn't know or think about the fact that I could turn off the pain with my mind, so a quick logical answer was to distance my self from 'myself' (move to 3rd person) to stop the pain.  It was just an intuitive move on my part.  When the switch happens it seems very natural and I almost don't even recognize it as  something different and interesting until I write the experience in my journal, really thinking about and analyzing everything.
Quote from: Bluefirephoenix on February 09, 2015, 09:13:06
For AP to mean anything you need control. The random bedtime ones are just like vivid dreams. It's best learned sitting in a chair and during hours when your wide awake.

For AP to mean anything you need control. -- A strong statement!  I agree 'control' would be the best case scenario.  But what about someone who holds intention for something (say to reunite with a friend at a distance, or see a deceased loved one ) and then experiences it several days or a week later when they least expect it through suddenly popping lucid from the dream state, or even having a non-lucid, very clear dream where information and meaningful content is given?  So not a controlled experience per se, but one where prayer/ intent was generated at some prior date and the 'answer' came at a seeming random date sometime after that.

Do you agree that this kind of experience is meaningful as well?
Quote from: dpk38 on February 09, 2015, 10:55:02
But his friend quotes the same experience..!

Sounds like it was dream sharing, or in this case hallucination sharing (because they were awake) 

Fear produces these hallucinations - so yes it's from the mind, but another person close to you can pick up on your dream and see same thing or close to the same thing.

I once shared my husbands scary dream so I know from experience it's possible.
Two precognitive projections.  One, I saw and heard a huge army plane fly over my house so low I thought it would crash in my yard.  A week later, the same thing happened in the physical, just as I had experienced.

Two, I saw a scene of a town in a projection.  Nothing special, I thought, until one week later I visited a town I had never been to before and was shocked to recognize very specific scenery from the town in the projection.  This one was not as exact a match as the above one, but still very close.
From the wording in your post, I'm having trouble deciphering whether or not this entity was a positive or negative experience for you.  You said he inspires you every day and gives you knowledge spontaneously... If this was a deeply inspiring positive experience, then it could be that the image you saw was your mind giving a form to fundamental God/ Source/Divine energy.  (Label how ever you like.)  If so, embrace it and continue to get in touch with it.  It's within you, but there is most likely lots of sadness, dullness, hopelessness etc. trying to eclipse the beauty that's there. You don't have to let it.

Here's what I did when I was 24 yrs. old, and I had basically hit 'rock bottom' in my soul at this point.  I decided I wanted to meet God.  I said "god, if you exist, show yourself!"  I really didn't know if anything 'higher'  existed, but I held onto hope.  A few days later I was doing some laundry, not thinking about anything, really, when I had a transcendent experience.  I call it my infinity experience because I literally felt 'infinite.'  I became pure unconditional love, peace, wisdom -perfect and limitless. When I snapped back, there was an afterglow of total connection and love for the world that persisted.  I've had many more of these (all slightly different, yet similar)   

What I'd like people that have not yet had this kind of experience to understand, is that you have it by getting in touch with that place in yourself that is love and limitless. Even though when I was 24, my soul was 'damaged goods'  and I didn't know if I believed in God, I still had a concept of what I thought God should be, and that concept was perfect unconditional love, all knowledge, peace - limitlessness.  I reached into my heart and 'thought and felt' that God -MY concept of God.  I then placed my intention "God if you exist, show yourself!"  Notice in my experience, I got exactly what my concept of God was?  -Magnified by about a million plus 1.  lol!

So ask your self -  What do YOU want God to be?  Reach deep down into your heart and soul and figure it out.  Think and feel - now place your intent, and wait with patient expectation. What ever you are will be reflected back at you so make sure to get in touch with the part of yourself that is genuine or else you'll probably end up getting some surfacy thought forms.  God consciousness is limitless, so the more limits you peel away from your thinking and heart, the more of God you will be able to experience.  Getting rid of limits doesn't mean you have to get 'bigger' or more infinite either.  Sometimes you may want to go smaller -more human -more personal.  Once I was going through a really bad time and all I wanted from God was a 'hug' and to know that everything would be OK.  I got what I asked for in a projection.  The biggest 'bear hug' ever -it lasted about 20 minutes and I was enveloped in the most beautiful compassionate love.  Literally pouring into me was the knowledge that my situation was known about and I was very personally cared about, loved more than I could ever imagine, and that everything was going to be OK.  That experience was every bit as life changing as my 'infinite' experience.  Don't let anyone tell you that God consciousness is not personal.  That's just another limitation.

Doubts, skepticism and limited thinking will kill your experience so nurture your spirit to get beyond this.  Everything is available to you through getting in touch with what's already inside you. Place your intent and expect to experience the fullness of it.

Sorry this was long winded.  Hope it is helpful.  :-)
For the mantra, any word that you feel comfortable with will do.  The effectiveness has nothing to do with the words themselves -it's just a focus point.  Some people even make up nonsense words.
Quote from: Jeronimmo on February 07, 2015, 13:34:49

I thought "i want to proyect in my room" but the sensations were very strong and i woke up  :x

Did you think the above ^ while in trance?  If so, don't do that because it will usually knock you right out of it.  State your intention (to project in your room) before you begin the process.  You can also state any intention you want after you are already 'out of body' and have spent some time grounding yourself in the NP reality.

Remember, while in trance you must maintain a soft meditative focus.  'Thinking' speeds your mind up and ruins it.  Use a mantra if you're having trouble slowing down your mind.  Keep practicing and you'll train yourself to ignore the strong sensations as well.  Fear or agitation due to them causes you to loose your focus, too, as I'm sure you well know.  :-)
For me, inner work means connecting in my spirit to God which is perfect love.  All fears and doubts fall away when I do this and I am left experiencing my true self which is peace, love and joyful confidence.

I also affirm to myself beliefs I hold, such as - All good things (things that help us to grow) are meant to be experienced and our only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.

Any affirmations or truths you hold that help bring you to that unshakable place of inner peace should be repeated.  I use bible scriptures such as - "All things are possible for those who believe."  and "Perfect love casts out all fear."  The important thing is that they should be very meaningful to you personally - impact you at that your deepest level - the level where you know that this is your truth and no one can take it away from you.

Little doubts and fears try to chip away at our 'truth' every day but a little daily inner work will bring us back to that place of confidence.

I've been pulled back too.  A few times, very mysteriously.  I'm on my way somewhere and then suddenly an unseen force will tow me backwards until I pop back into the physical.  I can't say I've completely figured it out, but I have noticed some patterns.

Do you have a slight (maybe subconscious) doubt or fear that your intention is too 'big'  or unattainable for you?  If so, do some inner work on that before you project in order to gain confidence.  The slightest doubt that I can achieve something will kill my experience every time.

Also, my projections sometimes end quickly if I rush off too quickly or excitedly (which causes me to be a little unfocused) so I need to proceed calmly and methodically with focus for about 20 seconds to really ground myself in the scene.  After that I can be a little more emotional and 'quick' about things if I want, without negative effects.

As for not being able to 'get out' - several failures in a row can cause a viscous 'doubt' cycle.  The more you fail the more you doubt yourself, and the more you doubt yourself the more you fail. If that's the problem, just recognizing it is enough to break it's hold over you.

It could be that your mind is getting bored with your exit routine (or your guides want your knowledge to evolve.)  Be very intuitive and let your inner self guide you to new creative visuals and sensations.  I've experienced dry spells before where this was the problem. 

Underlying fears can keep you from exiting too.  Our subconscious is very creative at blocking our efforts to project.  Especially when we've had one negative experience - our subconscious does not want a repeat performance.

These are all the things I can think of that have affected me at one point or another.  Hopefully something is helpful.   :-)
Quote from: LightBeam on February 05, 2015, 03:59:45
Hey soarin,

My comment was in general. However, as I said above "There are many other factors about the degree of energy manipulation of course" meaning that there are factors that could prevent you from manipulating energy besides your beliefs. But this is such an extensive topic, that I did not want to side track and load the thread with other info. So, I have experienced several times inability to change the environment, and my explanation (I am not sure if it's correct) is because I was exploring worlds established by a mass consciousness (many spirits ), thus individual spirits can't alter energy formations held by the mass agreements on how and what things should look like and be. I was at a world with many people going about their business and I was conversing with one of them. The world was very beautiful and everything looked very harmonious. Then I tried to change the look of a tall clock tower, and at that moment I was kicked out of that reality. I ended up in some fields outside of the town. I was actually surprised that happened, so it could not have been my thoughts or beliefs. That's my best explanation so far. If any one has an input, please share. There are many curious things happening during non physical experiences. I think none of us will be able to know for sure what the truth is, until we are connected to this physical reality through physical vehicles, because many limitations come from that connection. So, lets just continue to explore and not worry too much about small differences between various experiences. If I go to France and Italy on a vacation trip, it will still be called a vacation trip, no mater where I was. Same thing with non physical trips. Whether you are inside your room our outside your room, if you are non physical and are aware of this very fact, then whether you call it an AP or OBE, or a lucid dream, there is no difference. You are non physical.
Dreams on the other hand are too non physical experiences of your spirit, but the difference is that you are not aware and the experiences are spontaneous temporary matter manipulations lead by your sub consciousness. 

Thanks, Lightbeam.  Yes, I agree about not giving separate labels to experiences.  The differences/nuances are just to small and subjective to warrant it -stability of an environment included.  My comment was basically off topic.  I just think it's neat that you are able to alter things in your room.  So much info says you can't and I don't think I've ever heard anyone besides you say specifically that they do.  Not that others aren't doing it, I've just never heard them say so.  Anyway... a subject for another thread!  :-)
Quote from: LightBeam on February 01, 2015, 21:22:59
Why not? If you believe you can't, then your own thoughts will be the blocking element. This is what many people don't understand. I have never had problems altering the environment and teleporting myself whether I am in my room, or a higher frequency reality. That is because I believe I can. There are many other factors about the degree of energy manipulation of course, but in general your beliefs and intent are the driving forces. There is no such a law if you will that will prevent you from going anywhere or doing anything, but your beliefs.

This interests me.  In some realities I am easily able to change and manifest things and in some I'm not. In the bedroom/house/backyard area, I have not been able to change anything.  I haven't experimented with this a ton, though, in those particular areas.  I've only tried maybe 5 times and when I got no results I assumed it was not a thought responsive environment.  It's always been in the back of my mind, though, that I failed due to 'doubt' because of books I read that take the position that some realms will not respond to thought.  Maybe I'll start a new thread and take a poll -who can change and manifest things everywhere (including their bedroom after a classic OBE  exit) and who can't...?
Quote from: Xanth on February 03, 2015, 13:08:20
Oh Soarin!!  That's actually a great idea!

We need a thread where we put all of these "thoughts" together!
A thread where we list everything everyone thinks is related to, say, a "lucid dream".
You've already got a good list to start with.  :)

I'll get to this later if someone else doesn't first.  :)

Love it!  :-)
Here is an example of why I stay away from the labels.  The word "lucid dream" has all these different definitions to different people.

A lucid projection that is induced from a dream state

A lucid projection in which the content is "imaginary"

A projection in which you are aware you are dreaming but do not have "full" lucidity

A lucid projection that is induced from either a dream state or a conscious state but is "imaginary" - as opposed to the coveted OBE which is "real"  (not true, BTW.  If you look at your lucid dreams as being

imaginary you will be equally disappointed with your OBEs.  Maybe not at first - It takes several OBEs  for people to realize this, but you are not seeing the physical world, you are seeing a copy.  And this copy very rarely shows you what is actually going on in the physical world.  My proof? - Hundreds of my own OBEs plus book after book and thousands of forum members who can't give me any better odds of physical world validations than my own.)  Also, in an OBE you are not "out of body" any more than you are in a lucid dream.  The exit absolutely makes you FEEL like you are, but once "out" you will realize one state feels just as  "out of your body" or "real" as the other.

So with all the different definitions people use plus very little practical reason to distinguish between OBE and lucid dream, I just call them all projections and leave it at that.  When people use the different labels, you usually have to guess at their personal meaning for said label and it gets to be sooo tiring.  :|
The level of paralysis you feel is very individual. Sometimes it may be more, sometimes less, sometimes not at all.  I project from a conscious state in the mornings, and I feel just a tiny hint of a heavy feeling which could be interpreted (I guess) as a slightly paralyzed feeling.  I get this sensation a couple of seconds before I project and that's it- that's the only exit symptom I feel.  if I happen to project at night, I tend to feel stronger sensations.  That's just the way it is for me for whatever reason.  Everyones's different, and one individual may notice many differences in their individual projections.  There's no "supposed to's."   :-)