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Hi  folx

If someone knows Spanish, here there is a link to an article by the historian Cesar Vidal, that treats of the origins of the belief in reincarnation in the ancient India:

I'll summarize it a bit. On the year 1000 bc the original indian people, the dravidians, had been invaded by the arians, who imposed a system of beliefs according to which, if you behaved well, you could get a better reincarnation in the next life. With it the conquerors got to submit the dravids, those who at the same time felt comforted with that belief.

About the same theme, this article by Ray Harris deals with the two paradoxical trends on the indian mentality: arian patriarchy versus dravidian matriarchy.

I want to read your opinions  :-D
I thank your replies, but I'd like a 'busy' chat. It seems pointless to me to waste my time on empty channels. thanx for the info, 3588897, anyway
hi folx

I remember that about 5 years ago there was a cool chat in this website. I'd like to know if there is some astral chat alive currently. I still have good memories of those times. may be you can recommend me another nice irc chat or whatever, related to this stuff..

regards from Spain  :-D
i can send you too the ebook "journey of souls" by michael newton
if somebody wants i can send you "destiny of souls" by michael newton. but the archive only contains half of the book. my email
it doesnt belong to this forum, but i strongly recommend this topic about the most spectacular case of psychic detective
the most spectacular and historically documented case of bilocation was that of sor maria de agreda. she was the abess of a convent of agreda, spain, century XVII. the spanish jesuits (1620) received the visit of thousands of indians jubaru in new mexico who asked for baptism. they had been hostil and this fact greatly surprised the priests. they said that a lady un blue had preached them about christianism. she was sor maria de agreda.
she wrote that she travelled out of her body, she saw the earth like an astronaut and she arrived in america and bilocated.
her life is carefully documented and she never moved from her convent of spain. she was counsellor of the king phillip IV and their mail is conserved. her body remains uncorrupted.
the blue bonnet, symbol of texas, is a memory of the flowers she left as a stele.
do you know michael newton books on regressions to the life between lives? theyre amazing
Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Astral Pulse Chat Room
September 13, 2005, 13:28:46
in in the irc chats  the ancient chat of this website was server:  webnet, chat: astralchat . but we are very few people.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Life between lives
September 25, 2004, 14:11:56
hi im josemi from spain. do you know the page ?its of michael newton, a psychologist who has been doing regressions to the life between lives (the spiritual world) for many years. there are enough therapists who do them currently.  in my opinion these regressions are breathtaking, take a look and give your opinion.
there is a new astrological system that shows a map of your personality , its called human design. look at its a channeled by a spiritual guide system, and it includes chakras,  sefirotic tree and i ching. take a look at the website.
look at  its amazing, a website about regressions to the life between lives by michael newton and other therapists
Welcome to Astral Chat! / regressions
January 14, 2004, 10:45:28
hi im josemi from spain. in my opinion the best books to understand the spiritual world and the role of the spirit guides are those of michael newton about regressions to the life between lives. here an excerpt of one of those books tell how the soul learns and interacts with other souls and their guides. its gorgeous. give me your opinion.
hi im josemi from spain. i have a friend who has a doubt. this has happened to her: she was after the nap, she got up and laid down again. she got very relaxed, she had a hand over the solar plexus (the stomach) she felt as though the hand wanted to penetrate in it, at the same time the solar plexus atracted itself, like a magnet compressing itself. she wants to know if this has something to do with the chakras or whatever. she travels astral sometimes. thanks.
im andronico from spain.a friend of mine tells me she has woken up on the astral, she was very depressed, and then she saw black sheets taking out from her and going towards the walls of the room,and all  very murky. she doesnt know why this happened, if it was because of her state of depression or why. can somebody give us an explanation? thanx
i have a friend here in spain who doesnt know english and  who projects some times. she asks me about the dark plane, because some times when she has projected she couldnt see and she believes that in the astral you always can see. therefore she would like to know what can occur to her, if shes in the dark plane, and what is it. can you give me some explanation please?
the books of michael newton about regressions to the life between lives are the best to understand the spiritual world . my page with a summary of destiny of souls
you can look at them in
what do you think about ?

there is a spanish association dedicated to the investigation of paranormal phenomenon ive been asked to give a conference on line to explain the work of robert bruce and the contents of the forum of astral dynamics. really im an ignorant one about astral travelling because i never have projected, but here nobody knows astral dynamics because the book is not published in spanish, and im the only one who has read it.
somebody knows where is the treatise on obe in spanish? ive missed it.
wed like having somebody who is used to project and familiarized with AD techniques to answer some questions of the public present in the conference. it would be just some minutes, and the date fixed at convenience of the volunteer, some weekend night.
is there some volunteer please?

in a spanish forum a guy from orense, a town of the north of spain told me this incredible case:
he was doing a course of astral travel and he saw himself floating, with a strange sensation, seeing the things distorted and fat
suddenly he saw to his girlfriend kissing and petting another guy...
when he turned to his normal state he told it to his girlfriend, and she got white like the wax.......she recognized that it was true.
the couple splitted up in that moment  : ))))))
the guy is absolutely convinced that the it was a real astral travel.
there is no intimacy on these days  : )))))

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / destiny of souls
September 15, 2002, 04:49:12
the books of michael newton about regressions to the life between lives are breath taking   here an excerpt

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / destiny of souls
September 15, 2002, 04:41:31
the books of michael newton about regressions to the life between lives are breath taking

// with an excerpt of the book