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Give it 4 out of 5 stars

This book is a series of essays by recognized authors in the field. It is well-written and expresses several (I would say) slightly cutting-edge viewpoints. Like LightBeam mentioned a few posts ago, over the last fifty years, there has been a significant disconnect between ET encounter/experiences and Non-Physical/OB/Spiritual experiences...those studying either phenomenon apparently refuse to admit to even consider, much less discuss the other side's perspective.

You watch a dozen Ancient Alien episodes and you get almost nothing of the spiritual quality or possibility of the spiritual experiences...they are always an afterthought, whereas most discussions I have listened to from the spiritual perspective readily admit the likelihood of the ET involvement and a dovetail coming together of the perspectives at some point.

This book actually crosses that divide. The Grant Cameron piece is great! The Linda Moulten Howe is pretty good. John Mack, Whitley Strieber, Henriette Weeks, Dr.s Hurtak, Darryl Anka, Caroline Cory...all very good with subtle insights to share. I especially enjoyed Grant Cameron's 'Theory of Wow' which describes how, over the last hundred years UFO/ET encounters have progressed in both numbers of individuals contacted but also an unquestionable and increasing number of 'public' displays such as the mass sightings in Hudson Valley, NY in the 1980's, the Phoenix Lights of 1997, and the appearance of crop circles for the entire world to witness. Other topics delve into multi-dimensionality, telepathy, hybridization, etcetera.

First published in 2021, this book makes new tracks into the little explored territory of reconciling experiences within both the ET and Spiritual worlds; a fine effort and worth reading...not much else is out there that attempts the discussion.
In one sense, AP has been the single, defining aspect of my life. I didn't start out thinking that way, but it still played out in that sense.

My early OB experiences were around the ages of 5 and 6, and they took on a sense of primacy for me; they were so striking and immediate upon my awareness. I tried explaining this difficulty in young consciousness to my parents but was met with indifference and disregard.

Honestly, it was my very strict Christian grandmother, who used to supply my brother and me with the monthly candy bars and comic books when we would brother always got the latest and coolest Marvel comix...Iron Man, Avengers and X-Men...I always got the lesser grade Donald Duck and Archie & Jughead comix...I was SO finally asked her for a better choice of comix...she responded in a totally unexpected way, by delivering to me a candy bar and a Dr. Strange comic...which introduced to me the idea, and visual of Dr. Strange sitting in meditation and leaving his body in ectoplasmic form...keeping in mind, I am about 10 at this time...that was SO fascinating to me!

Since then, AP has been a constant concept, an idea worthy of is now an idea fifty years on that I have been has confirmed for me ideas that are beyond the realization of my parents, grandparents, my siblings...these are subjects I cannot even talk about with them...they nearly almost have no is sad; but it is what it is...we keep on searching
I think you misunderstand the relationship. The misbalance of the chakras is an energetic reflection of the thoughts/emotions/beliefs of the individual. You are 'putting the cart before the horse' in other words...

Chakras do not control; they are just one reflection of the overall condition of the being.
Good advice from all around; I would say you have all the teachers you need right here, at least for now. After a year's efforts you are doing fine!

To reinforce the ideas-

-Learn patience (we never stop learning)
-Passively observe (like watching birds around your feet, don't interfere, just watch; keep your emotions in check)
-Relax and let go, even if you fall asleep
-Go With The Flow (of whatever transpires; it may not be what you expected, but just GO with it)

Regarding the books mentioned-

I haven't read Raduga, but William Buhlman's books should give a good, balanced perspective on the territory, and at the present time you won't need much more than that. Monroe's three books are excellent, entertaining and inspiring BUT, they can be very misleading and frustrating for these reasons: Monroe was a one-of-a-kind, truly gifted individual and served as a modern-day pathfinder into the Non-Physical Realities; he was a natural at his various exit techniques and as such, his books are very limited in offering techniques for the beginner; also, his many varied experiences are mostly his alone and unreproduced by many others...and with that caution in mind, I still recommend them as great reads.

The Gateway Tapes/CDs-

They can work wonderfully for some people and prove frustrating for others. They were difficult for me until I learned a few ideas. First, relax into them and actually let yourself fall asleep 6 or 7 times. Even asleep, the Hemi-Sync tracks will deliver the learning into your subconscious and more importantly, by allowing yourself to fall asleep you will discover just how much deeper you can be relaxed. In my own case, I realized that I was not letting go and relaxing...nowhere near it. By allowing yourself to fall asleep on occasion, you will have a better chance to discover your own personal 'sweet spot' of relaxation.

Focus 10- Mind Awake/Body Asleep-

Just like finding that relaxation 'sweet spot', I could never feel that I was at Focus 10. I never felt the full MABA state except only after returning from several spontaneous OBEs. Then a Monroe Trainer explained to me that Focus 10 is not a specific point of consciousness, but rather a range or spectrum within sometimes I may achieve a shallow or low F10 and other times I may achieve a deep or high F10; either way, the work can still be done. That was a very helpful concept for me and it only cost $2,300 bucks to go there and hear that, lol! With that knowledge, it has made the Gateway and other Hemi-Sync materials much more workable for me...still not 100%...but then what is?!
Thanks for the links Volgerle. The DeMarco link has some especially insightful comments on Robert's life and work. Having read several of DeMarco's books, I can also recommend him; as well, his work as a publisher at Hampton Roads Publishing.

Sad news. I have three RB books in my collection- Astral Dynamics, New Energy Ways and Psychic Self Defense. AD was the most current publication when I found time back in 2006 to reignite my exploration of consciousness and reality. Initially, I rejected the 'negative entity' perspective since it did not fit within my own personal experience, but much of his other writings both rang true and were beneficial to me; so, I thank him for that. Even now, nearly twenty years later, I have moved to a more centrist and accommodating stance on his 'negs' commentary; it is not my perspective, but I can understand it for others, in a more holistic sense of just what can be experienced.

I can wholeheartedly agree with Lumaza on the practical and wonderful simplicity of Robert's New Energy Ways methods. If someone like me, who feels utterly incapable of doing energy work initially, can experience tangible results within a few days like I did with NEW, then there must be something to it!

And thanks also for his work with Adrian in the Astral Pulse!

Farewell to a fellow traveler of the Path, of whom we shall, no doubt, encounter again.

Regarding energy work, I am not an expert, maybe a little more than novice-level...I do manage to recognize when some technique works for me. The sheer simplicity of the Robert Bruce NEW (New Energy Way) methods resulted in quick and immediate results for me. With that said, this is my comment-

Only you can really sense for yourself the true quality of work/healing the Reiki practitioner performed for you. I wonder that if your energy field can be sensed at 12", then that is a great indicator of overall energy may NOT NEED to do any energy work right don't need to create more energy; you need to learn to direct/manage it...

The fact that she says there is lots of energy around your Crown chakra may also indicate that you have lots of energy, but that it is concentrated around your Crown chakra or it is stuck there and not circulating...this is a question that needs to be it a question of Crown chakra development or is the energy somehow 'stagnated' there? A simple pendulum might help here.

When I was at The Monroe Institute one week, a few women whom befriended me, suggested the first night we check each other's chakras with a pendulum. I knew of this technique but had never tried it. When it was my turn, I laid prone and one of the women centered the pendulum, one at a time, over each of my seven chakras to check the level of activity. I was naturally reassured as the pendulum described five inch diameter circles around each of my chakras, from Root to Crown... my Fifth chakra was strong, my Sixth (Third Eye) was cranking away, my Crown chakra was swinging along...all except for one. That was my Heart chakra and the pendulum hung almost lifeless, moving slowly back and forth, left to right...hmmm...inactivity.

So, I made an appointment with a wonderful lady who comes to The Monroe Institute the first three days of every weeklong Course and offers massage and energy healing. I didn't mention the pendulum/chakra work; I just asked her for a short massage and a once-over energy read. She gave me that unfocused stare and declared that my energy was blocked by a "protector" that was placed over my heart and Heart chakra. Why was it there, I asked? Because of some great emotional pain, inflicted in the past, she said. Many of us create them as a survival mechanism...we don't even realize they are there; but they inhibit the flow of energy through our chakra system. I immediately knew the truth of her words; my brother's traumatic injury, my parent's failing age 8, I saw my world collapsing around me and I knew when that 'protector' had been put in me...So, with my agreement and thanks to it for its' service and her effort, my 'protector' was released back in 2019...and I felt a certain light-heartedness afterward...but her admonition was that I could easily and subconsciously call it back in at any time...and that might have happened at some I need to contemplate releasing it again, on my own...

That is my current experience Frosty, hope it provides some context...our searches well


Good points, Frostytraveler!

The unconfused, open and awakened mind...that perspective was somehow clear to me, even at a very early age, but the fact of my youth compared to everyone in my family around me being older, and therefore, arguably more experienced and knowledgeable, led me into doubts which only slowly resolved over many years, even decades. Eventually, I learned to trust my instinct and intuition. I was right from the start.

Age 4 and 5, I had numerous OBEs and then the one ET abduction. The OBEs I kept to myself, only asking limited, probing questions of my parents and older brother...with zero feedback from them, I kept the OBE experiences to myself from then on. The UFO abduction at 5 was so terrifying that upon my being returned, I stood at the top of the stairs in the middle of the night and screamed until the whole family was standing there staring at me. Bad dream, they concluded, went back to bed wondering about my sanity and left me to my predicament. Over the next several years, I began to realize just how different I was from each of my immediate family members- at the newsstand, my dad was checking out Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, gun magazines and Playboy; my mom was looking at Home Journal and Vogue; my brother was finding the best of Marvel comics...and me...I was looking at magazines featuring UFO and Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster, I was interested in all those other magazines, but these were my real family looked at me like I was the odd child out...

'Winning people over'...I tried that for a decade or so, but finally realized that we are all here on Earth learning different lessons and at differing rates of understanding/evolution. Even the people I speak with who have some grasp of these spiritual concepts, I realize that most of us are still on sufficiently different wavelengths that we manage to miscommunicate...I feel that frustration with them and I suspect they feel that frustration with is a strange fact. Honestly, I have no one in my local sphere to talk with about these experiences- it is either online with the Pulse members, or a few I have established telephonic relationships with, or a few Monroe Institute members I stay in touch with. I shouldn't complain...this skeleton-network is now a bit more than ten years old, lol! I am truly thankful for it!

Throughout an individual life like each of us 'experiencers' is having, the accumulation of personal events finally adds up to a 'flashover' point, where our personal understanding of reality breaks with what the society around us is trying to dictate or insist 'must be the truth' this point, we have a bit of ego breakdown and re-definement...and we are faced with the choice to either remain in the conscripted world of society or break away and remain open to defining our own reality.
Nameless, Lumaza and I have discussed the Old Mansion for a few years now; your recent mention of it was enough to start a new conversation of the concept last week; and then you added to the discussion with even further excellent insights...thank you for that! The discussion is ongoing and we are not necessarily ready to fix a name to it; we have all experienced it from slightly different angles or perspectives.

Kurt Leland doesn't address the Old Mansion concept directly, but I think his ideas should resonate with you and may, over time, offer deeper insights into all these experiences.

Personally, the events that led me to Old Mansion understanding, were late teenage semi-lucid and lucid dreams that involved a recurring house environment. In my case, the house was always run down, in disrepair, ready to be torn down with holes in the roof and rain coming in, broken windows, dirt, dust, rotted wood my late teens and early twenties, I realized this house was a Non-Physical, psychological and energetic representation of how I subconsciously considered my Life. It was a difficult and disturbing and depressing recurring semi-lucid dream, but the metaphor was fairly obvious to me. This was how I viewed my life in NP terms.

In the following decades, I returned to that dream house or similar versions of it many, many times; and over time, I realized repairs had been made- no broken windows, no rain coming some point activity and 'life' was observed returning to this house...however, the house was still just a house- two levels, maybe three or four bedrooms, two baths...nothing 'mansion-like'...during that same time, my own personal life came into a more clear vision for me as my personal issues slowly resolved and conditions improved.

In my late thirties something changed about the 'house', and the change hasn't really coalesced in my mind until more recently, with further discussions among my friends on the Pulse, and now your comments Tak, have opened the matter once again for discussion.
I did not realize it at the time, but my experiences had shifted Non-Physically, from my personal 'house' to a still-energetic, but much larger structure- I still considered it my 'big house'...the experiences within this structure had transformed rather dramatically- I was encountering people and animals and situations that I had not experienced before...many were strange, frustrating and mystifying...I thought originally that this was a natural evolution of my original 'personal house'...but now I realize this perception was possibly wrong; this was something similar, but entirely new. This new house, like you wrote so insightfully Tak, has new qualities- It appears to us as different, depending on our particular needs...the rooms can be full of people or furniture or they can be empty...the number of rooms seems nearly endless, in the hundreds...and the entire complex seems at times, to be much like a personal home or as a fairly vast hotel or resort. It changes...which my intuition tells me now that it is NOT my creation, but a NP energetic construct with a design and purpose and we utilize it as we imprint our energies and intent into it.

I have been lost, exploring countless rooms...many empty, many with people, often what I realize now were other 'Sleepers'. The empty rooms, I realize are just empty 'projection' rooms waiting for a guest to impart sufficient intent in order for the room to manifest in response...maybe, maybe not...otherwise that is A LOT of unused rooms, lol! Many times, I am looking for something in particular, some ridiculous little item, and I can retrace my path through multiple rooms and secret corridors and stairways, only to get frustratingly lost or distracted after multiple attempts.

Then there is the 'hotel' quality to the place- Sometimes, I can distinctly remember walking past the reception desk. It is only after years that I begin to realize this is possibly the same place, with only minor but NP variations; but still, importantly, the same place in the NP (Non-Physical).

Here is an experience that I think, showcases the 'Old Mansion/Hotel/Resort' where I experienced maybe not a 'simulation', but rather a complete lesson at the Learning center, itself...for me, it notably involved another likely sentient being, probably a 'sleeper'...poor guy, lol.!/clue-less/
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Sort of lucid
March 26, 2024, 01:40:21
You are welcome fowlskins. That was an insightful experience that deserved and opened a significant commentary into a multitude of ideas. Hope it is helpful to everyone.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Sort of lucid
March 24, 2024, 23:20:11
This is where our Non-Physical experiences begin to change in more significant ways. We expect, at this point, to just fly around when we want to, walk through walls, explore our local neighborhood or go zipping about the Cosmos as we see fit. Well, there is a certain amount of that freedom, but to an increasing degree our NP experiences now become somewhat more down to earth and more narrowly-focused on events and thoughts right in front of us- take for example your experience fowlskins.

Like Tak mentioned, this definitely does read like a 'simulation'- a Non-Physical learning environment designed just for the one person. Call it what you will: an AP, an OBE, a Phasing, a dream or lucid dream, whatever; the key is, it is a personal learning energetic environment designed to teach you something. The trick to realizing this is when you attempt to apply your Intent/Will to change something and the environment resists. You try to levitate, fly, change the surroundings and you can't. That is the subtle warning to NOT disrupt the teaching environment and to relax and just go with the flow- which means just go with the presented storyline.

(I know that both fowlskins and Tak know this to varying degrees; I am just edifying this for others)

But...being stubborn humans and having recently realized the use of Intent/Will, at this stage we often pound our heads against the wall repeatedly demanding our Intent be fulfilled and experienced...this most often results in repeated, frustrating failures up to the point the simulation is terminated. And we return to physical focus wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. In my own case, after a hundred or so failures, I slowly learned to back off and acquiesce to the plotline or storyline and not try to force my will upon it. And this led to longer, deeper experiences, but the understanding was not necessarily always there; a broader context was needed. That was where the Pulse came in, and older, more experienced and wider opinions could be offered and considered. As it turned out, many others had already experienced the nearly exact situations I had been dealing with, and could offer intriguing insights; some insights, I took on immediately, others needed time to consider.

Back to fowlskins experience- Notice that the dream storyline/plot was already running as you became aware. (that is often a sign that a simulation is already running-not always, but something to keep in mind) Your friend vanishing/reappearing as a recent Physical-Reality customer was likely designed to boost your lucid awareness, which it seemed to do, as you pointed out to him 'this is just a dream'. Then you pointed out other dream signs until you saw the realization in his face (which also likely bumped up your awareness another notch). Then, despite your seeming low lucidity, you suggested your friend study the plants and notice the vivid colors. That is you coaxing your NP friend to take his awareness up still another notch! Nice!

fowlskins- you should meditate on this experience, ask one simple question at a time (silently/internally) and wait a minute for an answer, before moving on to the next. Ask what this experience was supposed to teach you and 'feel' how your intuition responds. Despite feeling only partially lucid, notice just how well and cognitive your non-lucid Self operated...we recognize this as the development of the Second or Non-Physical Personality. It is a very interesting phenomenon to
start becoming aware of. Was your friend in the experience possibly an Instructor/Teacher? Something to consider...

As I found out years ago, in many simulations, it will feel as if you are only semi-lucid. And this will be true in many cases. It will be a condition of the simulation. You may be challenged to increase your lucidity or your awareness may be subdued, reduced or limited as part of the conditions of the challenge. You simply feel dumbed-down, as if your natural IQ has been reduced by some 50%. Part of the learning process is to recognize it and learn when and when not to struggle; the other part may be for NP Instructors to observe how we operate at this level, possibly our more instinctive level. This form of learning becomes very intriguing, but is also quite challenging! There definitely seems to be both a short form to it, like the one described by fowlskins, but also long form versions that can play out either through a simulation storyline or through what are possibly composite experiences of both personal astral experiences intermixed with testing/instruction/learning. And from my perspective, even if the longer, deeper experiences happen...the shorter and often confusing daily quiz/pop quiz kinds of reduced awareness dream simulations have still not ended; in fact, for me over the last couple years, new elements have been introduced which confound me to no end...except to realize that this...these short-form, reduced-awareness, semi-lucid dreams are an excellent instructional a daily NP crossword puzzle Haiku download...go think about that for the next day (Wow! that was a little bit of a channel, lol)...the short form, I don't even probably need to mention an example; we all have them almost nightly- if we engage our thinking at the right level, we get them...they are short, initially-confusing, semi-lucid dreaming conversations...I don't think they are mental pollution or happen by accident...we are expected to consider them. I would expect that everyone here knows this short-form of internal communication or has had some kind of recognizable encounter with it.

Here is a longer form that spoke directly to me on this issue of reduced awareness, the most significant at the time.!/grass-gravel-and-an-old-friend/

That was 2014. I learned a few years later that my friend JS passed in 2017 at age 55. I suspected his ongoing depression, among other issues, so the timing and circumstance of the visitation still make me wonder. Beyond even that is the way, in this experience, knowledge may have found a path to be imparted...this adds yet to my own personal mystery of all this sheer wonder we encounter.

My point in all this, other than imparting (my) general knowledge and perspective on these matters is to notice and reflect on how your awareness, thinking, and cognition are changing on multiple levels...including while you are SUPPOSEDLY asleep! And the fact that it is changing, developing, increasing! And it will continue, so encourage it! Good luck and have fun!

Good experience!


I need to download this and try it on an individual level, at my own convenience.

Back during Starlines 2 at Monroe, a few years ago, a friend had this program and the several of us worked with it on the rooftop of the Monroe facility during a cold November night...we didn't get anything that we were aware personal request was just for a flyby of my 1995 blue/green sphere encounter...sadly, nothing...

My personal encounters appear to depend on their schedule and not my own...I don't call the shots here...
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello
March 05, 2024, 20:46:51
Welcome to the Pulse, Suziefish!

We are glad you have discovered our wonderful group and can find answers and share your experiences. Please have a look around and ask and share!

I took the liberty of moving your post into our introduction page.


1- It depends, but mostly on my back. I alternate left and right throughout the night, stretching to find a
   more comfortable position.

2- Up until about age 30, without question, the fastest and preferred position was on my belly; but breathing
   difficulties eventually precluded that option.

3- OBE success is most often on my back, both for phasing and SP induction. Left/right side offer less
   success, but often with intriguing differences in awareness and challenges. IIRC, Castaneda's Don Juan
   books encouraged left side sleeping for Dreamers.
Besides the good advice already given, I will add this:

Do Gateway or do Frank's method. Or combine both. But do not use one method to question another- this only leads to needless confusion and endless debate.

Both methods can work; what works for YOU, you will have to discover for yourself. That is the only way.

Regarding the Gateway tapes- Like you have been told, practice regularly and take notes in detail. Understand that each Focus level is just a target, but describes a spectrum of you find yourself in a high Focus 10 or a low Focus 10, a high Focus 12 or a low Focus 12...or anywhere in between within each Focus. So, the notes you are looking to record can be very subtle indicators of where in each Focus spectrum you are. Are you relaxed in F10, but your body not feeling fully asleep? Okay, that's maybe a low F10. Does F12 feel like F10, but somehow different? What is that difference? Maybe a little deeper awareness? Maybe your arms or legs tingle or grow warm in one Focus but not the other, fine write it down. Maybe you hear buzzing or dim voices, or see flashes of color in one Focus exercise, write it down. Do not disregard any of it. Like mentioned, you are building a sensory vocabulary of the energetic information you are encountering, your own personal energy language which will grow and become more useful over time.

Another aspect of the Gateway tapes is the amount of time you can expose yourself to the Hemi-Sync, the more the better. One session every day is probably better than three sessions in one day and nothing more for a week. Ideally, if you can do a session a day and then on a weekend or day off, do three sessions back to back to back- like the FreeFlow F10 followed by a scripted F10 followed by a scripted F12.

When you have worked into F15, a really cool 3 in a row is to do back to back to back-

FreeFlow F10
FreeFlow F12
FreeFlow F15

And pay close attention to the subtle differences between these Focus levels. The more regular and extended exposure to the Hemi-Sync will build your flexibility and  intuitive understanding of your awareness within these deeper spectrums of consciousness.

This is what makes a weeklong trip to a Monroe retreat so powerful- for 5 days and 6 nights you are immersed in Hemi-Sync for three sessions every morning and three or four sessions every afternoon. Even with this maximum exposure, it can still take one, two or three days for participants to "get up to speed" and begin experiencing what the Focus levels can offer, myself included. So, consistent exposure is very beneficial.

We don't all have the time or money to spend a week at Monroe, so we have to work effectively with what we do have.
Tak, your descriptions of your experiences are beautifully written and contain excellent insights pointing to both the depth and genuine quality of your adventures.

The realization and confirmation of 'shared experiences' was, for me, a truly phenomenal moment. I had read about it, thought about it, suspected it...but the realization takes our personal experiences to a whole new level! For me, it came about in two parts and across nearly 40 years. And I find you are quite correct in that our personal filters can significantly modify our experiences and descriptions of these 'energetic interchanges'...his memory of his encounter with you differs in certain energetic aspects as does your encounter with him. I have experienced the same thing: the similarities/contrasts/differences are very intriguing within these experiences.

I haven't posted this experience, but the short version is this- Back in 1982, I was 21 and reading a lot of the few available books on OBE. I informed a girl at work of this interest and she agreed to try a simple lift-out OBE procedure. Much to my amazement (and original disbelief), she could easily manifest an RTZ/etheric OBE on her first try! With her third try, I suggested she come and visit me. Now, at the time, I was suffering from fairly deep depression, and my sleep routine was usually dark and dreamless. The next day at work, she described an experience which she did not even believe! She had found my house, found me floating next to my sleeping body, in a stuporous kind of funk (which matched my depression, I must admit) ...and encountered a young woman who was haunting the house and sent her screaming back to her body. I had no memory of this interaction.

The next day, I said, Yeah...I didn't tell you that part, but we have a ghost. She protects the house.
Talk about a confirmation.

The rest of that is another story.

The next confirmation of a shared experience came nearly forty years later at a Monroe Institute course-Starlines 2. During S2, we are supposed to visualize...and realize...that we were aboard a starship that takes us out to Focus 34, 35 and beyond. It can become a difficult visualization and doesn't always work for everyone, a bit of an imperfect process. In my case, it was never 100%...but it was enough that one significant interaction did occur between me and two other participants, such that it served as a confirmation that we were all three energetically "there".

Tak, not 'seeing' or having the visual function engaged at the RTZ level may be a chakra issue. This possibility still seems strange to me, because you obviously are already having experiences within the higher energy bodies...astral, mental, could be a situation that Kurt Leland describes that not all of your lower chakras have become activated, therefore the lack of certain senses...his point is that, the activation of all of our Non-Physical NP senses do not necessarily activate in a linear, sequential timeline...something to maybe consider. And not a problem to be worried about. Everything happens in its' own time...or so the saying goes.

Some people see auras very clearly and distinctly; I do not. People who can read auras often see very certain distinctions/demarcations between the colors. My understanding of blue in a person's aura describes the quality of not just knowledge, but intelligence...and the spiritual quality...a subtle, but distinct difference.

How do you distinguish between an astral trip, an OBE or a lucid dream? These are the qualities of the various experiences that you are learning to distinguish between. The fact that you are asking the question means that you have reached the point where your NP senses are developing so that you can question, realize and understand the differences. This also involves your new sense of "feeling". Your sense of feeling will be one guide as you develop these new energetic senses; it is an indication of your unfolding intuitional Non-Physical sense.
The two invisible instructors, one on either side of your head (consciousness, lol)...the whole nature of soul and life, the ego of 'you and I'...the line between ego is blurred...that was a powerful lesson and it is understandable that it was received and then forgotten on a surface level; you have the satisfaction that the knowledge is deep within you...this is powerful learning.

Yeah, that sounds like a truly great lesson. I hope I received it at some point or will...but don't get me wrong...I joke and make fun, because humor and irony seem to be some of the great qualities of the Universe- and maybe they are Mankind's singular contribution to the whole endeavor...because some of what I have read and encountered personally, makes me think parts of the Universe are quite humorless, maybe, Mankind's contribution is somewhere along those lines...

Let me stress this point again, for many of us- Our Intuition is possibly our most important Non-Physical sense to develop at this point. The Intuition sense spans not only the physical body, but likely many of the other energetic bodies; so, it is something to be aware of, to develop and observe as it evolves in these higher bodies, maybe like a sense of guide or personal GPS. No matter what new energetic sense we are developing, our Intuition gives us an indication of whether this is the right direction or the wrong. It is our 'go to' sense and it is experienced as the "feel" in so many situations in increasing quantity and depth of quality.




Along with Lumaza's very pertinent question on what a dream is?, I will add a suggestion or two...

You are asking how to move beyond your Void experience and directly enter Frank's Focus 3. My answer to that is not in absolute terms (saying that it cannot ever happen), but rather in more general terms, that it usually does not happen that way. It is a more gradual, step-by-step Frank's Focus terminology, you do not go from F1 to F4 or even F3. You have much to learn within F2 before you begin working in F3 or F4. You may get short glimpses of those other levels and if so, great...but realize that much learning has first to occur in F2.

I have participated in 5 week-long Monroe Institute courses and we do not begin at Focus 35...we start at Focus 10 and then 12 and then 15 and 21. In other courses, we work within Focus 27 and back through 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. Later courses take us to F35 and is all just labels of convenience for just where in the consciousness spectrum we are, but my point is that experience with each level is required to build understanding (especially in an energetic sense) that helps us move upward/outward within the spectrum.

In reading your responses here, I realize that you already are using very workable and reliable techniques. You don't need any new techniques; what you need is an understanding of the experiences you are already getting.

When you sleep for 4 hours, then awaken and observe yourself as your physical body returns to sleep...that is the Wake, Back To Bed technique or WBTB. I used that tech very often, even now. The various mantras and meditation techs you describe, they involve a fair amount of time, but they seem to get results for you.

But each time, you are rejecting the results! When you are in the Void and you begin to feel that floating "pull" upward, that is the next stage in consciousness not resist it!  Go with it! Follow it! Yes, it is exciting and quite scary, at first! Do not be afraid and go with it; it is part of the transition process. And don't necessarily expect to know where it is going to take you- Go with the Flow! And just accept whatever environment you find yourself in- there is something to be learned there.

Same thing with the Vibrations. Any time you get vibrations, it is an energetic signal that something is shifting...go with it! I know the vibes can get a bit terrifying early on, but after a hundred or so experiences, you learn to trust the vibrations, lol.

These two sensations can be thought of as "exit" sensations; I would also call them "transition" sensations. Like a rollercoaster, just trust and enjoy the ride! This also involves controlling your emotions such as excitement and fear...part of the test, you might say.

Welcome to the Pulse!

The 3 Dimensional Darkness/Void has been widely discussed. There seems to be fairly common agreement about the experience, but with some qualifications by notable people with experience in the matter. Our friend and esteemed contributor Volgerle put together a very extensive summary of examples, perspectives and insights into the matter...a long read but very should serve to answer some of your questions. It is found in the first Board, at the top in the blue highlighted "stickies" section, which within each Board, can provide valuable insights into some of the more pertinent questions.!/the-void/
Tak, I have to ask- Why do you have this strong desire to visit the RTZ?

I do not want to preclude your answer, but I will say this-

Many of the more experienced projectors find it difficult, if not impossible, to find their way back to the RTZ. So you, Tak, are one of the more experienced projectors!

Given that observation- what is going on? Well, it is speculation. Which supposed expert do you want to listen to? At this point, Tak; your opinion is about as 'expert' as any other so-called expert!

My supposed 'expert' opinion is this (having been doing this since age 5...and I still don't pretend to know, lol)- We want to re-experience the RTZ because it was the first environment we remember when first going out-of-body. It seems SO close to the Physical Reality (PR) that we think that must be what it is...but we know it has variations and misinterpretations...these are commonly called 'reality fluctuations'...

I am not sure, but I think this thinking is a significant distortion. The term RTZ or Reality Time Zone became popular some time after 2000 and is an easy description but is clearly not accurate.

A more accurate description necessarily pulls us into one spiritual tradition which is the Theosophical view which draws from Hinduism. I do not promote either tradition except to admit that the energy body concept, chakra system of the Hindus appears to fairly describe what we are experiencing. The Theosophical description is just the modernized, Westernized this system, the Etheric body is the first subtle energy body to be mastered, the consciousness learning to enter and inhabit it...learning to exit and maneuver away from the physical body...beyond that, the astral, mental, causal bodies and beyond...

So, to circle back and answer your question Tak, 'Why can't I explore my etheric/RTZ body further?'...the answer is that you have already left the experiences of that body far behind you. You have already moved on.

That is not to say that you cannot have those experiences; but they may prove surprisingly difficult to access. Szaxx, Lumaza, myself and others have mentioned the lack of RTZ experiences and actually, the difficulty in accessing them; I can't remember LightBeam or Nameless even mentioning them. Personally, I think it is an aspect of our moving our consciousness into higher bodies of may mean that we have access later in our life, but not right now...

I had not had an RTZ experience since maybe 2013...thought I had lost them for all these reasons...last week I was dozing early morning, not even partly asleep...BANG! the vibrations hit, the noise hit! I floated straight out and got swept through my bedroom, noting all the details along the way, lol...downstairs, partly through the wall, lol...into my family room, then pulled backward out the back of the house...'RTZ fluctuations' set in, I realized dream imagery was intruding...and I went out the back wall of my grandparents' house realizing the incongruity and lost awareness...

Tak, in closing, I will say that many of us feel like we have unfinished business in the RTZ...let that feeling go, release it...move on to the next in this process

By the way, I love the blue/green river scene...that imagery is so strong for me, thank you! Very healing for me!

Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Jumping Dimensions
January 17, 2024, 23:19:14
I agree with you LB, that this simultaneous viewing of two perspectives is likely a quality and attribute of observing from the perspective of the Oversoul or Higher Self. I have had glimpses of it in various lucid dreams, but always from a 'safe psychological distance' as you describe. It is like 'dipping a toe in the water to check the temperature' kind of thing, but from a consciousness perspective.

I think this is an indication of our evolution; that these experiences will both increase and expand. More in depth of participation and in an increase of perspectives...maybe like being an orchestra conductor, directing and knowing the purpose of 72 players, 5 different sections (I'm guessing)- the strings, the woodwinds, the brass, etc...knowing what each section should be doing, and being able to enter each player on an individual level, to experience right then and right there...

Kurt Leland describes this as part of his NP education, interestingly not the simultaneous aspects but the entering into the personality of the person himself or herself. And Leland describes it as a progression, a safe kind of progression, with built-in safeguards as it were, first enter the mind of an alien being, then a figure from Earth history, then any number of great writers, composers, world figures...

The challenge is not to just experience and learn from their individual perspectives, but to also maintain the integrity of your own personality/identity...success in this allows you to experience the life perspectives of even larger and stronger personalities. In my case, it seems my first challenge at this was my Field Trip experience back in 2011, and not understanding what was expected of me, I think I eventually lost control of my identity and was being swept under by the experience to the point I was pulled out.

Nowhere in my reading of Leland does he describe the challenge of multiple or simultaneous lives/perspectives. But, many of his experiences remain unpublished, so maybe he has purposely left this part out of his writings. I don't know but I think the two concepts generally seem to complement one another. So, I think these two concepts point the way forward for our consciousness development. Look for them in your own life or at a theater near you!

My 2 cents (oh, there's that money thing, lol)

"The current situation", as LB describes it is correct- It is the Earth Learning System. And it is fraught with all the negative human conditions which she describes- greed, selfishness, violence, etc. All these are sub-conditions of FEAR, which when played out in the theater of Earth, provide us challenges and opportunities to overcome with a positive evolution of Love, Compassion, Understanding, etc.

It can be a very subtle, gentle form of learning; all too often, it is a particularly harsh form of learning.

Corruption at all levels within these aspects is what makes life difficult and unfortunately, corruption is what humanity needs to learn to overcome.


For the larger countries, governments have become much too powerful, with bureaucratic elites imposing ever stricter conditions and taxes on the people. Again corruption. Larger countries, or groups of medium size countries can have a balancing and moderating effect on larger scale economies. But once corruption overtakes, the balance is lost and chaos ensues, usually through currency, trade then war.


It is in its simplest form just a common, efficient form of exchange between one form of service with another. One person grows an abundant crop of potatoes; this is of value to the hungry person, but not to someone who requires an electrician. If I don't have plumbing problems, then a plumber, despite his skill, is of no immediate value to me; same with a brain surgeon. So, it becomes a question of more immediate values of services. An economy that evolves based around relatively fair valuation of services, converting these values to an agreed upon currency is what makes a broader social economy practicable and workable. Money is not the problem, IMO, it is the exploitation and corruption of money. Basing the value of a country's money on an accepted common value such as silver or gold was an agreeable and reasonable exchange condition for two thousand years and more. The creation of "fiat" money or paper money destroyed that necessary connection and allowed independent economies to overinflate their national wealth. This made certain elites hyper wealthy at the expense of the economy of the broader population...again, not a fault of the "idea" of money, but the corruption of the application of the idea.

Like him or not, Churchill was right about some possibly paraphrase slightly-

Capitalism is the worst of all possible systems- Until you consider all the others.

The Western Democracies are gradually falling to Socialist ideas. Soon, the worry will not be about money, it will be just about freedom and then, starvation; but by then, it will be too late.

Again, just my 2 cents, for what it is now worth,


I am in agreement with LB and energy adjustments. Tak, I think your experiences have evolved into an area where some aspects of the experience are still in highly metaphorical or symbolic terms, while other aspects can be considered much more literally. The imagery of doctors and assistants working with you can be considered as indicative of healing processes so you should likely trust in the process as it occurs. This can be difficult and requires learning new levels of trust. I certainly had and still do have, trust issues with some of these experiences.

LB's points on your current world view are valid and I will suggest taking the thinking on this a bit further, given my own personal experience in a similar situation. The two doctors very explicitly expressed to you their concerns about your current negative view of the world. I am not disagreeing with your world view; I actually agree with much of it. The doctors' point is that your world view is a negative factor in limiting how far your Non-Physical experiences can now proceed. Specifically, in Theosophical terms, they are saying that the Upper Astral and Lower Mental Planes will not open to you until you address the negative world view. This is not to argue about the right or wrong of your world view, but rather the degree of it and how your perspective affects and limits YOU and your own personal learning.

This is again where Kurt Leland's writings are so very beneficial to people like you and me, who seem to resonate pretty closely with his writings, style and perspective; and he speaks directly to this issue of the requirement to change our world view in order to progress in our NP development.

I don't believe I have written of this on the Pulse; I kept this experience as a private matter, only sharing it with Szaxx at the time, who gave me valuable advice on how to deal with it. In 2015, I was on a personal trip and had not slept for two days. The morning of the third day, I had what was arguably the worst nightmare of my life...a semi-lucid dream that put me in the fourth row of a theater, surrounded by the world's political leaders, all watching a horrid movie of the current state of the world: War, murder, rape and pillaging and endless human suffering...and all of them were enjoying the show...I was profoundly disgusted by everyone around me and felt totally helpless...I awoke in a stark panic and could not explain to myself any reason for having such a ghastly dream.

With Szaxx' advice, a re-read of Leland's book, The Multidimensional Human and the Projection Log reference I will later provide, I realized that I had reached a significant decision-point where my negative world view (although somewhat reasonably founded) was now hindering my progress. In his book, Leland actually provides a simple technique for making this adjustment, called Cleaning the Astral Closet. It involves dispensing with negative emotions through a personal visualization process. I did that for several months and eventually my experiences were restarted (I should probably go back and repeat the process from time to time, Lol).

I saw this pattern play out within my own experience, and I see it now within yours Tak, so I would advise to give it strong consideration...this is another indication of how your experiences have advanced.

Tak, like me you seem to resonate with Kurt's writings. Here is one from his website and Personal Projection Log that offers excellent perspective on many levels, but also specifically to your world view issue about two-thirds of the way through. Maybe you have already read it; if not, it deserves a special reference for now  I have read it several times and always find something new and valuable. It is a long piece, but even includes reference to a famous Argentine writer, which may be an interesting coincidence for you, Tak! I recommend the article for everyone. If not relevant now, it will be in the future...


Absolutely, events like this can "lift the veil" and open the person to more psychic experiences and unfolding abilities.
A Merry Interstellar Christmas to our constellation of Pulsers!
Good experience, Tak!

Both the content and quality of your experiences are changing for the better and your awareness is increasing. I think your analysis is likely correct- You should have let the storyline play out as it was designed for you. Rather than flying to the ceiling to avoid the person initially, you could have simply greeted her in a friendly manner and considered what she might do or say.

Your reaction seems to indicate a certain hesitation or trepidation, both minor aspects of Fear, which is entirely reasonable in the 'gloomy' place you were put. Always know that in the Non-Physical that you are safe in 99% of situations; a personal Guide is always watching should you require help. So go forth boldly, confidently, and with respect! Just don't get cocky or foolhardy...

The 'gloomy' feel to the place was likely part of testing you by 'clouding' you slightly with some doubt to observe how you reacted. Conditions like this can be imposed on us to test how we function with added fear, decreased cognitive ability, passion, compassion, confusion, etcetera...but it is never more than we can handle. This was likely a small taste of that.

The 'exit' you performed was what you know we refer to as Phasing and using hypnopomps/hypnogogics in the way you did is one of many techniques which you will learn; remember the 'feel' of diving into the water and you can use it virtually in any situation. For me, Phasing is fundamentally different compared to the traditional OBE exit in that, in the first method we work to move directly outward- with Phasing, we turn inward to move outward, if that makes any sense.

I also think naturally of windows as portals, but anything can be used. But, along with the portal we need a strongly-expressed Intent...of a destination or person. Without a proper Intent, we go nowhere or often end up in the Void. If your expressed Intent is not working after one or two attempts, then that may mean that there is an Instructor nearby who wishes for you to take up a lesson or challenge like this one. If that occurs to you, then the best default Intent is to mentally declare-'Show Me the Next Best Lesson For Me!' You actually did this when you correctly recognized that it was not your apartment, but without a proper Intent, you re-entered the Void and then asked for help, which appeared nearly instantly! From there, you were placed into what was likely a 'simulation' designed for your instruction.

I don't know all of your experience with the Void, but you seemed confused by the lattice of polygonal triangles and spheres. If this was a new aspect of the Void for you, then I suspect this is part of your recent increase in awareness and perceptive abilities, gathering small glimpses of the deeper nature of the energetic structures behind the scenes of places like the Void and our Multiverse. Personally, I don't often see the geometric structures as you describe them; I see the environment and people as mostly multi-colored strings of energy, like long, thick and complicated bundles of wiring harnesses.

The iron door is symbolic for you; the darkened hallway, red lights and huge number signs were designed to focus your attention on the rooms. There are at least two likely reasons the numbers caught your attention- you should reflect on what their significance may have been. The transparent triangles you saw within the rooms were also likely symbolic of the underlying energetic structure to the whole place. I suspect that had you met with the woman, she would likely have led you to enter a room where a further adventure awaited.

And if it hasn't been mentioned before, the Void can provide similar adventures- Just passively gaze at the starfield before you in the Void and after a minute or so, one star or area of the starfield will catch your attention by growing brighter or shimmering somehow. Let your gaze draw you into that area or light until you Phase directly into trusting in the process and you can really go places!

Good Job!