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Quote from: Xanth on February 27, 2017, 21:36:21

Relaxation actually has very little to do with projection.

Think about *HOW* you're relaxing.  What do you do to focus yourself into relaxing?

Think about it. 
My breathing helps me to relax.   My mind has to be relaxed as well.   I cannot think of lots of thoughts otherwise my mind will not relax.   That is mostly it.  I have to have a good frame of mind.  I have to be in a good mood.   I have to want to succeed.  I have to know I can do it.   
I think I know why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work.   When it works I must be more relaxed.
I am not trying to be confusing or misleading.   That is the last thing I want to do.   The only thing I do is breath in and out.   There is nothing else that I know of.   I do not know why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work.   
Quote from: Xanth on February 15, 2017, 11:51:16
First, you can lie down as still as you want for a million years and you'll never project... that's because you're not actually doing anything.
It's more than just "lying down and staying still"... you have to actually actively find a focus for your awareness and focus on it.  There is an actual act of doing something if you want to project.

Read this:
I do not agree with this.   Sometimes all I have to do is lie still, relax and wait.   What happens is I feel myself moving out of my body.   I then feel like I am travelling to some place.   It can take a little while.   I admit it does not always happen.   Last night I lied down for a long time and nothing happened.   When that happens I should do an ap technique.    I know that is no guarantee I will get out of my body.    Sometimes ap happens and other times it does not happen.   Other times I hear myself snore.   I have to be prepared for it because I ap instantly.   If I am not prepared I fall asleep. 
When you try to sway do you get excited.   If so that will end it or any other emotion.   If you sway too late that can end it as well.   It needs to be done quickly and get away from your body.    When I relax for an hour and try to get out of my body I often do not succeed.    I find I have to allow at least two hours.
Quote from: Formless on February 07, 2017, 22:11:53
Yea its been a challenge though I haven't been trying much since I have decided to deal with the matters that were constantly on my mind that I ought to have done a long time ago.. Its helped me to relax easier.. I tried to phase a few times but snapped back to physical consciousness very quickly.

If I do manage to AP what is recommended to have a pleasant experience? Do I consciously try to think my way through or out or do I go with the flow?
I admit I have negative things going in my mind.   When it happens I say to myself stop it.   If it keeps happening I keep saying stop it.   It eventually stops.   It does not take long for the negative thoughts to stop.   When I am in the astral I do not think about negative things.   I have no interest in thinking about negative things which is a good thing.   I guess I am busy exploring the environment.   When you are in the astral just go with the flow.   Let whatever happens happen.   Do not think about negative things.   It is easy to create things with our thoughts.
What is the point.    When it feels good you zap back into your body.   It is a waste.
I do not understand why anyone would be interested in astral sex.   Astral sex is a waste of time.   Oops I should not say that.   I could upset people.   It is my opinion.   There are so many wonderful things to do in the astral.   The books do not tell you that if have those feelings where it feels good you go back into your body.   I have been told, do not know if it is true, that you could have sex with a demon or some creature.    They disguise themselves. 
When your eyes are closed and you see things you can get out of your body if you do it right.   I have seen a number of things but they were fantasy things and I got out of my body.    Something different happened many years ago.   It only happened once.   I was in bed and my eyes was closed.   I could see everything in my bedroom.    It was very clear.   I was amazed.   I did not know what to do.   I thought get of my body so I did.   I got out but unfortunately I zapped back into myself again probably because I was aware of my body.
Perhaps I am the odd one.   I always try to focus on my body.   That is the cue to know that I am close to leaving my body or about to leave my body at any moment.   When I am out of my body I try to forget about myself otherwise I will snap back into myself.   The only thing you can do is keep practicing until you get it right.   It looks like I am in a similar position to you.    My problem is I often hear myself snore.   When I hear myself snore I am aware of it and it brings me out of that relaxed state.    Then I have to start all over again.   I know I am close when I hear myself snore.   I have ap a few times when I have heard myself snore.   It can take a lot of time but it is worth the effort.   
It sounds like an OBE and lucid dreaming.
I learnt something.   I never thought of it before.   Xanth is correct in what he is saying.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Automatic thoughts
January 16, 2017, 20:19:55
Quote from: Shane150495 on January 12, 2017, 23:49:29
I seem to be having a problem with some negative entities that constantly surround me whilst I'm awake always communicating to me and I heard from another source the way to stop these entities from getting a stronger connection to me is to ignore them all the time, the problem I'm having is that they seem to be able to create a response in my mind telepathically so basically I don't get to decide if I respond or not, it just won't stop it's been years and it's starting to really get to me, has anyone got any suggestions on what I should do about it??
If you are hearing these thoughts when you are very relaxed that is normal.   It happens to me early in the mornings when I am deeply relaxed.   It does not happen all the time.   If you are hearing these thoughts throughout your normal life then you may need to seek professional help.   If you are having negative thoughts that can be normal.    I admit I have negative thoughts just to myself.    I have to stop it and I am the only person who can do it.   Habits are hard to break but can be done.   
Quote from: aeterne sour on January 11, 2017, 17:27:41
Also ap in the morning does not help at all I just cant concentrate. The only way for me to attempt such things is late at night after 12 for some reason.
Thank you guys in advance
. :evil:
Trying to ap late at night you are likely to fall asleep as you are tired.    It is best to try to ap at other times when you are not as tired.   
Practicing concentration is a good idea as it will help you ap in the mornings.   
When you are feeling like this, it is best to give ap a break until you are feeling better.   Negative emotions could cause negative experiences.   
When you are in sp you are close to ap.   From my experiences you have to get out of your body reasonably quickly otherwise the ap will end.   You could practice getting out of your body.   You might mess it up at first but with practice you can do it.    People on this forum may not believe me when I say I get out of my body.    I would not say it if it was not true.   This is how I do things.   
From my experiences my mind has to be relaxed.   If you have problems or anxiety on your mind ap usually does not work.   Try to relax your mind and forget your problems.    I know it can be hard to do.   If you do manage to get out you may find your ap experience may not be pleasant.
It seems that you are loosing awareness and falling asleep.   It happens to me.   I am not alert enough.   I drift off.    Keep trying and try different things.
I think it is good if you believe crystals work.   If you believe it will work then ap will more likely happen.   Unfortunately I do not believe in crystals so they do not work for me.   
Quote from: Fresco on December 19, 2016, 02:18:47
Why wouldnt it be possible??  People can sometimes go without food and water for a week or more.
They found some kid in that Haiti earthquake who had gone without water for 8 days
It is possible people can survive but most people do not.   This is extreme circumstances of people trying to survive.   I doubt these people are trying to survive.   If you are healthy and active it is extremely unlikely that you will be sleeping for up to three days.   I would think you would wake up to go to the toilet or some other need.  Just my opinion.   
It is not possible to stay in the astral for up to three days unless you are in a coma or something else similar.    They were probably exaggerating.
Thank you for your replies.   I tend to agree with Xanth.   
Hi all, this has been on my mind for a while.   Energy work might be fun and interesting but apart from that what use is doing energy work?   You might say it heals your body.   I have cured illnesses by good thoughts so I do not have to do energy work.   I read on a forum that Robert Bruce says it is good to do energy work to evolve.   It sounds vague to me.
Quote from: LightBeam on November 17, 2016, 01:29:46
Not many people can fully AP and detach from this reality if their brain waves are active. That means your physical senses are active and you perceive this reality even if the perception is minimal.
I am aware of myself and my surroundings.
Quote from: Xanth on November 17, 2016, 00:50:05
So what you're saying is that you do absolutely NOTHING.  You just lie there, close your eyes and do nothing.

Doing nothing has never projected anyone anywhere.  If doing nothing was all anyone had to do, this forum wouldn't exist... because everyone would be projecting already. 
If there's one thing humans are REALLY GOOD AT, it's doing nothing.  :)
I can guarantee you that you do not do nothing... you just don't realize or know what you're doing.

As for "relaxing"... relaxing actually has very little to do with the process.  It just makes it slightly easier to "focus".
I've projected on a moving train, bouncing around, very UN-relaxed. 
It's like meditating in a noisey environment versus a quiet one.  Obviously it's easier to project in the quiet environment, because it's easier to focus... but that doesn't mean you can't do it in the noisey environment.

Am I making any sense?  :)
I agree that you do not have to be relaxed to ap but it mostly does not happen.   I have ap when I was not relaxed.   I think this forum would exist if people relaxed and ap.   We will have to agree to disagree.  Perhaps other people cannot ap the way I ap.   I would not say what I said if it was not true.   There would be no point in it.   I am just saying what I do.