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Hey fam! lol  :-D

I'm interested in having a rich inner world... great imagination skills and being able to picture/visualize anything... mental imagery, that kind of stuff.
Can someone please tell me a technique or a book or something?

Thanks a lot.

Blessings :D
I didn't remember any of my dream in few weeks and yesterday I found this:

I had a projection and very weird dreams :D
Sorry if I ask the question but I dont read that often of phasing... people still do it in a constant way? I mean as a main technique?
I ask that because I never really had succes with it.

I just came from my best friend's house. Just impressed! We had weird and profound conversations as always lol... He told me something he never said to anyone. He thinks its weird and not normal. He said that since his early childhood he imagines a whole imaginary world with great details. Cities, villages, places, castles, streets... He knows all the people who are in that world (in fact its 2 planets) So its seems huge. He knows peoples names, looks, their desires, fears, everything. Of course because he creates them. He says that that world grows and evolves and that he can create anything he desires in that world. He told me about those imagnary people's stories. He talked about the world's politics, philosophy, religions.... The list goes on. I asked him to tell me about one person in that world and he did it was a huge story from birth to death lol. He says that he thinks of that world every time he walks in nature, or just before sleep or when he does nothing special. No matter what I asked about that world or the people who are in he could talk about it for hours. Its seems quite detailled. He is not in that world nor anyone he knows in real life but he admits that he is sometimes inspired by real life people to create people in that world. He says that everything stays there as he created it and sometimes when he wants to undo something its not easy if he created it long time ago or thought a lot abot it. He says that it takes him really big space in his memory and sometimes feel bad because of that... but he just can't leave that world, even if he tries he comes back soon or late.

So whats your opinion on this? Does anyone here has similar experiences? What can I give him as advice? It must be so cool to have such a huge imagination...

Welcome to Astral Chat! / ONLINE VOICE CHAT?
January 03, 2018, 09:42:15
To mobs and admin; why dont you create a DISCORD server (its a voice chat software... very popular lately...)

So here is a french post about a guy who says that he projects only by relaxing his body and focus on breathing (and making it slower and slower), he even says that he focuses on the sound on the heart beat. At some point he just gets paralysed and he projects...

How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?

Seth channelled by Jane Roberts is, I think, my greatest teacher along with Buddha and Jesus. When I started to read Seth 10 years ago, I felt like I was reborn and almost all of my goals and dreams became true. I just understood the nature of my mind and the reality. It is what made me aware in my dreams too.

Note: I know others channelled entities such as Bashar, Elias, Abraham Hicks... But to me (my personal opinion) they are just a low copy of what Seth already said. Even if all of them have their own "qualities". All of them talked about Seth and all of them agree that Seth is great :D

From The Early Sessions, Book 1 Astral Projection, Technique 1

These are my instructions. You may consider this your first lesson. We will go by easy stages, for we do not want you betwixt and between. You may induce a medium trance in whatever way you choose. On occasion this will be spontaneous, as you know. For best results in the beginning it is good to make a projection attempt when you already feel physically drowsy, but pleasantly so. When you have induced the trance state, then begin to examine your own subjective feelings until you find recognition of the inner self.   
This involves a recognition of yourself as distinct from the fleshy fibers in which you reside. Then begin to imagine this inner self rising upward. You should experience even at this point an internal sense of motion. This motion may be from side to side, as you gently shake yourself loose, so to speak.  It may be a rushing upward. Whichever motion you experience there will be a moment where you feel yourself, your identity and consciousness, definitely withdrawing from the physical organism. Before you attempt the projection, however, the suggestion should be given that the physical organism will be well protected and comfortable. Now when you feel the consciousness withdrawing, there are two things you may do. I suggest the first step I shall give you in preference to the second. The first step is this. Forget the physical body, or what you are to do with it. Will yourself out in a quick motion. There is no need to experience the voice hallucinations mentioned by the author, Fox. If the projection is a success you'll instantly lose contact consciously with the physical body. You simply will not be in it.  Now your consciousness will not be in it, but it is hardly lifeless. Its maintenance is being controlled by the consciousness of the individual cells and organs of which we have spoken. I will give you alternate methods of projecting, but I will be concerned now with what you can expect the few moments after you have left the physical body.  Session 265, Page 210   

Astral Projection, Technique 2

Your waking consciousness only participates in projections as a rule when you are in a period of high vitality, and exceptional health.   
On occasion the waking consciousness does participate during other usually very depressed periods. But generally speaking high energy is needed in order to maintain overall stability, and in order that the ego is not overstrained. Such conscious projections are automatically spaced out. In this way there is little danger that problems will arise.   
It is the same with the conscious retention of dreams in general. You are indeed exercising what amounts to an added ability. You are learning to manipulate within other dimensions of consciousness. Automatic controls are therefore used. You proceed as your abilities and control develop.  Suggestion given before sleep will greatly add to your chances of conscious projections from the dream state. It is not necessary, basically speaking, that you notice some small incongruous detail in order to realize while dreaming that you are dreaming. There is however one good method to use. The suggestion 'I will realize while dreaming that I am dreaming' can also be used, as another method, or both of these may be utilized together. At your stage it is of course easier if the actual separation of consciousness from the physical body occurs without your awareness. However the experience itself is excellent training. I have told you that these projections may carry you to different systems. In the beginning you are safer perhaps in those projections that involve your own reality.   There is not any great matter of danger, only that you could fall into blunders. The north-south position is most beneficial. It might be of benefit if you concentrate before sleep upon a simple projection that involves leaving the body, walking out into this room, for example, (the living room) or perhaps strolling around the block.  When falling off to sleep for example, imagine that you are in your yard, in another room of your apartment, or in front of the house. When this method is effective you will not be consciously aware of the actual separation however. I do not suggest at this point that you or Ruburt attempt to contact me during any projection. Later, when you have more training. If by chance you blunder (smile, eyes open) into my territory, then I will know it, and seek you out. Whenever you find yourself in any potentially dangerous dream situation during a projection, immediately terminate the dream. You will then return to an ordinary state of consciousness. Now. Mr. Fox is quite correct. When you know you are in a projection do not be tempted to tamper. There are forces that you do not yet understand. You will find that these projections become more vivid. I must repeat that these are quite valid. They are not hallucinations. Conscious projections do not occur with any frequency as far as a large percentage of humanity is concerned. Note that I speak only now of projections in which you are self-consciously aware.  The reasons are somewhat obvious. Conscious projections are dependent upon abilities and control. Also this ability and control presupposes a fairly disciplined personality. Otherwise we would have explosive outbursts of suddenly released aggressions in systems where they do not belong.  It is quite possible to meet survival personalities, incidentally, during such projections. This does not happen often, because so many other issues are necessary. It is also possible of course to move into your own future. - This occurs regularly, though not always with awareness. Projections into the past are also frequent. Because of some matters we have not yet discussed, at any rate deeply, it is possible to meet your own projection. You are accountable for acts committed during projections, of course, and these alter the personality as any acts do. If you have your wits about you, you can gain information concerning the future by studying your projection environment, if for any reason you suppose it to be ahead of you in time. Some of this is extremely complicated. You may for example request before sleep that you project into your own future, to see what occurs there. This is legitimate enough, if you are willing to accept the results of your projections. For what you see will influence what you do in the present. You will be projecting of course into the probable future as it exists for you at this point. The very act of projecting will alter these probabilities. I am not saying that this future environment is not real, however. It is as real as your present.   
Session 277, Page 305

Astral Projection, Technique 3

...he did so, and I highly recommend this method to you both. When you awaken, or seem to in the middle of the night, try simply to get out of the physical body. Simply try to get out of bed, you see, and to walk into another room white the physical body stays where it is.   
If you keep this in mind, generally speaking, then you will find yourself able to do so within a brief time. It is a pleasant and easy way to achieve a projection, and with some experience you will discover that you can maintain good control, walk out of your apartment, and outside. You may then attempt normal locomotion, or levitation.   
There is little strain with this method, and it has benefits from several viewpoints. Simply keep the method in mind so that you are alert to the initial favorable circumstances. You may be half awake. You may be in a false awakening. The method will work in either case. It offers good possibilities in another direction: you can, if you want to do so, look back at your own body. You must want to do this however. Often you do not want to see the body by itself, so to speak, and so you choose methods that make this more difficult. Just this one exercise will sharpen your control greatly. It is an ABC you see.  The experience will be must less startling to the ego than an abrupt projection, and the ordinary nature of the activities, walking into the next room for example, Will be reassuring. You are more calm, and in your own surroundings. Of course Ruburt was out of his body when he saw Miss Callahan, who was in the same condition.   
Session 298, Page 143

Hope this can help someone =)
He seems to be great on AP subject... your opinion?

Normaly you should use this technique only in the morning as said in the post but I wanted to try at night because it was very late and I was very tired and by doing it I had vibrations (body floating and felt as if my body was deformed or some parts were missing), all this happenned in few minutes (5-10). Very good technique try it :D

Please post your favorite music that is good for meditation/projection/phasing...
It could be good/helpful for all of us :p

Thanks  :-D
Can someone help me?

I always get to the point where i'm like floating/slipping but I don't know what to do next? Is that a state you call "vibrations"?
It feels very peaceful and I don't feel the body in that state but I'm not "out". lol

So what can I do? I feel that if I go beyond that step it will be easy to me to project/phase consciously.

Thanks  :-D
What did you learn from your non physical experiences? In what way it affected you and your physical life?
What's YOUR message? :p  :-D 8-)
It would be great if everyone share his/her wisdom from the "astral". :roll:
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / back on track...
November 26, 2015, 03:49:47
hey people!  :roll:  :-D

I'm here because I need your light :p

Few years ago I had astral projections naturally without special effort. Once I was "out" I felt like a pro, it was all natural to me, as if I did it all my life, I had no problem. I needed no help from outside, I knew it all by intuition... It was a great platform for my widsom and growth. It gave me great insight about life and the nature of reality and humanity.

Now this seems to be the past, maybe because of some problems in my life, I just ... But now that my life is great again, Now that I have a very clear mind I feel very motivated to get back on track :D
So I started to practice the hemi-sync focus 10 practice (mind awake body asleep) everyday. (Im on my day 3 lol)
And I practice some focus meditation. For about 10 minutes I just focus on my closed eyes "screen" or a light ball. Just like a phasing thing but I don't try to phase, it's just a practice for train my focus.

Do you think that this is "enough" to build a solid basis for astral projections?
If you have some advice it would be great.

Thank you!  :-D