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I have been attempting this method lately although it does take some dicapline but does it generally work if you do it properly? the basic premise is to lay still on your back until your body goes numb enough to the point you simply do not feel it any longer. Maybe at this point vibrations kick in or something or other then you find yourself in the astral somehow.

I am eager to hear from anyone who uses this method and has had success and get some encouragement but does it really work that well generally? how do you generally know when to project?
For those who are pretty experienced in projection. Have you ever been able to get information or input or answers from questions from your spiritual guides or higher self in the astral? tell of your experiences here please. What did you ask them? what did they reply? do you think it was real? pls tell.
Just wanted to know this. Do you have to sleep on your back to experience the vibrations or can it happen if you sleep on your side? does anyone who sleeps on their side ever experience the vibrations? is it basically the same?
Like whatever your ultimate fantasy is can you have it played out in the astral realms? have any of you pro's here tried it? does it really work?
I was thinking maybe if you laid on your back and kept still long enough and were able to relax enough you could have some audio maybe binaural beats or isochonic tones or something that can play sounds that would help the body enter the vibrational stage to project from after a time say 45 minutes or so.

Could they aid in this? seems most do not focus on this part. 

So can anyone give advice here on recommended sounds that could help here?
what is the general basis of this technique and how it works? you just wake up and not move? what do you do just think about projecting and it will happen? do you have to wake up on your back? do you have to wait for vibrations or not?

Anyone here good at it? how does it normally work for you and what are your experiences with it and how it works?
I read it many places that you can in fact eliminate or reduce the fear of death if you are an astral projector.

Are there any experienced projectors that find this is true? how has your outlook on death changed since you have been doing this? are you totally confident that death is just another type of OBE experience?
Was just wondering what you people consider the best technique to use for separation is when you get hit with the vibrations during paralysis (or not?!) what do you usually do to get yourself to separate? what is your technique? a lot of projections I have read about that begin with the vibrations before the separation usually happen because the person simply wills themselves out of their body. Does it commonly work this way? is there a better more gaurenteed method?
Is it possible to get future glimpses when in the RTZ of things that are yet to happen? has anyone had these? what are your experiences with these? do you think its possible?

I only want to hear from experienced projectors also thanks.
Many people say the astral is wayyyyyyyy clearer and realer feeling than any lucid dream is this true? is that the best way of telling? is there any other way to tell the difference?

How can you distinguish usually between the 2?

This is only for experienced projectors please.

I had a real long night sat night and I slept for a full 11 hours today (Sunday) which is very unusual for me as I usually just am done with  8 or 9 hours sleep but I was feeling extra lazy. What I found interesting when I woke up was my dreams were more conscious/lucid than normal during my sleep and I think they seemed to happen at the later part of my sleeping and not the start or middle of my 11 hours. Does anyone know why this might be? is it common for people to have more lucid dreams the longer they sleep? if so then why?

I figured this could be useful if it happens again as I could use the low levels of consciousness to ask for "increased clarity" if I can and then if it works the consciousness can be heightened enough for a full blown OBE! what you guys think? but I mainly just wondered why this happens.
Has anyone ever thought to do this or even tried this? there are many things that I and I think anyone would love to know in terms of some of the big scientific questions. I have often pondered what the secret of time travel is and perhaps what the secret is to cure cancer. Maybe if guides or spirit entities/beings are real then they could offer some very valuable info or even the straight up secret to how to achieve time travel or info on how to cure some serious diseases/sicknesses (in the physical world). Has anyone tried to get info such at this? these are examples of course.

If the astral is real and if anything out there is possible like so many say it is then finding info on how to crack big scientific questions should not be too hard at least theroretically.
I not been able to find out too much about this but it goes something like this: you go to bed for the night and sleep 4/5 hours then wake up and spend 10 to 20 minutes doing something whilst still tired then go back to sleep for another 4 or so hours to complete your nightly rest. This is supposed to somehow help aid bringing on AP during sleep. Possibly from a lucid dream.

Is this how it works? I want to do this technique but I don't really understand it. Do I have it right? why would waking up from sleep then going back to sleep help initiate a projection? I am confused also.
I wanted anyone experienced in AP to answer this please.

Is there anything you have learned about in regards to what time (on the earth plane) actually is? perhaps you have asked astral entities or your spiritual guide for more info about what time is here. If so then what feedback did you get? what is your understanding of what time is? do tell all.
Is it a good opportunity to project when you are very exhausted and tired to the point where you just know if you lay on a bed you would be asleep within seconds?

Many tell me that actually when one wakes up is a good opportunity to project but I can never seem to do this as I always wake up and forget to keep still and naturally move which ruins the opportunity each time.

So what about when going to sleep? while it would probably be pretty easy for anyone to lay down when very tired and simply fall asleep with no projection, what about if you were disaplined enough to try mind exercises to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep? someone recently talked about their technique of listening to their breathing as they drift off and had some degree of success with that.

I just wanted to know your guys ideas on projecting this way from going to sleep. Any success stories?
I need info on this phenomenon. Please ONLY reply if you are experienced in OBE's and time travelling in them.

I am doing a lot of research on the phenomena lately and want some experiences.
Right so many of you are aware of the way you can attempt to validate something when in astral form. These validations more often than not do not amount to much success but I believe still can be done but are just not as easy as most are led to believe.

What about experimenting with time when in the etheral plane? what I mean by this is instead of attempting to validate something such as a preplaced card on top of a cupboard, how about the idea of attempting to see into the future an hour or so from the current earth time? you could look outside before the projection and take note of what cars are outside your home (if you live in an urban area) then project into the etheral. Whilst there you could demand to see what your street will look like in an hours time. Of course the reality is there would be few to no changes but people do drive away or move there cars so that would be a good marker.

Anyone think this is worth a try? anyone tried it? I think it should work in theroy.
Is there a good or best way to program the subconscious to project? you see a problem I have is that I often unintentionally disrupt my progress by wondering during times of trance or relaxation if I am "in the right state to project" by doing this it disrupts it so I feel if I really was to somehow powerfully drum into my mind subconsciously to project then I would already be "programmed" to project.

Does anyone think there is a good best way to subconsciously program ones self to project?

I guess this Q would apply from any AP technique from an awake state as apposed to sleeping.

Please only answer this if your experienced in projection.

When I try and project I always have a nagging question in the back of my mind: "when will I know its time?" what I mean by this is when will I know its the right time to attempt to seperate. It nags me and disrupts my efforts and I am really not sure what to do about it.

I think a lot about "missing my que" and just don't know if I have to come to a point where I have to think myself "ok this is the time to project" I keep it in my mind otherwise I feel I may become too out of it in some sort of trance or medative state to think clearly and remember why I am doing this. It would be better if I will just do it on my own accord without even thinking but I feel that way is less likely.

For anyone who does answer can you please also state clearly what you usually feel when the time is right to seperate?

thx guys.
This true or not please. do they always have to be closed?
I heard lots about this simple method of staring at a candle and the world around it fading away. Have many here tried this at all to help with AP? your experiences please.

Also I am thinking would it be harder to project when using a technique with your eyes open like this one?
Does anyone have any progress with feeling a seperation if you just lay on your back and try and imagine yourself floating above yourself? what is the best effects you've felt with this please.
This is more of a neurological type question aimed at those who know about the psychological aspects of how OBE's are caused.

So with experiments in the past there has been parts of the brain stimulated on subjects that has caused OBE's. What I am trying to discover is what part of the brain exactly is most prone to giving an OBE and why. It seems 2 parts of the brain primarily are known for giving via some mild electrical stimulation. The 2 parts are the temporal lobes and the parietal lobes or the area just behind the parietal lobes. Does anyone know what part would be considered the best of these to stimulate to try an OBE? has there been any scientific conclusions what area to stimulate is the most effective? If anyone knows anything about this please tell me your input.

p.s. please don't give replies like: "it doesn't matter you have to try it for yourself and relax" I am trying to find out about this more from a scientific stance

Thx all.

So this technique pops up a lot while many claim success with it, others like me struggle with it.

I go to bed very tired usually and try saying to myself "mind awake body asleep" as I drift off but
Is this really something that can be improved with practice or is it something that you can either do it or you can't? I have trouble doing it without drifting off after a few minutes. Its a real dicapline.

Does anyone try this technique? tell of your progress and experiences please and what happens when it goes right.
Yes I have looked on wikipedia. I have also looked at the IAC (international academy of consciousness) although they seem good they don't ever seem to actually show any sorts of results or feedback of their progress on the subject.

Is anyone perhaps familiar of any current studies or any specific OBE type schools or colleges perhaps that has any updates on OBE's? I seem to hear of people doing them but getting any actual information on what they are trying to do or have accomplished is hard work.

Anyone recommend anything pls.
Has anyone had an experience of being in a place which was a replication or maybe even an actual real place? say you perhaps attempted to OBE then found yourself exiting then found yourself somewhere as physical as now.

Tell of experiences here pls and I am talking about experiences of being somewhere where it was identical or almost identical to the real place.
If you are to "get up" in a false awakening can it be changed into a full blown OBE?

Anyone done this? can it be done?
Something happened to me last night when I was sleeping something very strange. During the day for some reason I had something on my mind which was thinking about an old friend whom I missed from well over 20 years ago. I don't know why I had him on my mind but it was I am thinking it was subconsciously started by something but I have no clue what.

So I go to bed. I find myself semi conscious in a darkness around 60% in sleep mode and 40% conscious thing I know I find myself in a huge area like a park and its raining heavily. By this time my consciousness raised a little like it was now around 55% conscious. I looked around and saw my friend who was also there after 20 years but he was as I remembered him when I last saw him....around 11 years old. The clarity faded out and I found myself waking up.

This felt more conscious than any regular dream or lucid dream does anyone think it was an OBE? I did not experience any other common feelings such as the vibrations or buzzing noises like so many report before projecting. I realized also when I was awake where I actually was which was the old park around where I used to live over 20 years ago. The specific night was also Halloween night
1988. My recollection was accurate as I do recall that night now when me and my friend were playing pranks on his sister and were going to dress up outside first to scare her later in my friends house. I did not seem to realize this during the recollection/OBE but I do now. It could not be time travel but it sure felt real so I am thinking I tapped deep into my minds memory banks or something or maybe observed back in time?

What you guys think about this experience? I can't be the only one with this kind of weird thing happening ....anybody else got something like this to share?
I talked with some guy online today in a spiritual room who told me he frequently used to use the path of a lucid dream to enter into the astral realms. I thought for a while before I really knew about AP that they were infact lucid dreams but many accounts I have come across seem to state for the most part that clarity and consciousness is significantly higher when you are in an OBE/AP rather than a LD.

What are you experiences with the transaction from a LD to an OBE? does your clarity and consciousness suddenly go off the meter? I am wanting to see how it changed once your in the astral or RTZ from a LD.

I am looking at this angle now to OBE as I have not tried this yet.
When you are asleep and enter REM is this a good time to try and raise consciousness from a dream or what not to project?
I don't get it. So many talk on here about sleep paralysis and how they are always trying to get it maybe after sleeping to try to awake from it to somehow AP from there but what I don't understand is why does it work from sleep paralysis? all sleep paralysis is seems to be an automatic precaution the body takes when your asleep that you cannot move so you don't end up acting out your dreams. How can this be of use for AP attempts?

Pls someone tell me why this state is considered very good for AP attempts.
So I talked about this on a previous thread a little so I thought it was worth making a thread now as my curiosity is perked with this.

Does anyone think this could be worth pursuing as some sort of way to move oneself away from your physical body by the isolation of your consciousness into nothingness? (the white noise and white screen). The idea I have with this is moving from your physical feeling of your body then at the right time, using an exit technique. Someone also before raised a good point of how it may be difficult to project with your eyes open but I thought if you could perhaps close them right at the point you feel most dissociated from your physical self then try an exit technique.

How do you guys feel about this ganzfeld thing as some sort of method? I would like to hear from anyone in particular who has tried it and maybe had success with it.
Do you guys think there is anyway to mimick even slightly the way the IAC projectarium works for OBE progress? (in case you don't know about it)
If you are trying to gain some sort of moment to project during sleep maybe through a lucid dream or whatever, what is the best time to attempt to project? is it better the deeper the sleep the better for OBE chances or the lighter your sleeping the better?
When you phase do you just start by staring into the darkness or do you actually try and imagine and try focus on something to emerge in the darkness? what I mean by this is do you stare at something for 10 minutes or something beforehand then after that try and have it come into a slight or even clear image in the darkness of your closed eyes?

Would it work like that?
I am intruiged by this phasing method but one Q about it for those familiar with phasing...

Is it best to attempt to phase when going to sleep or when you are awake but in relaxation?
A lot of scientists stand by their idea's that an OBE is in the mind like some sort of hallucination but something has occured to me.
In many reports of OBE's some people have talked about extreme bouts of pain when exiting out of their physical body or coming back in although its not common it does seem to get reported sometimes.

How can this be explained from a scientific standpoint? possible visible and audible hallucinations are certainly not ruled out in OBE's sometimes but physical feelings of pain when a possible seperation is taking place is confusing and not possible in my book.

Is there any plausible reason for why this may occur? scientific or otherwise.
Hi guys! 1st time here. Right so I am wanting to perhaps see how OBE's work as I want one. My college buddy who also has this deep interest says he has accomplished one before and says its well worth trying to do. I have looked on numerous sites for info on techniques and such and came across one called "phasing". To me this seems like a technique that speaks out to me to try which I will but I want to be able to know exactly what I am doing. While I have read about Frank Kepple and other stuff on it I want to know what people who are currently applying the technique are doing and how. I do have some straight questions which I hoped someone could answer so things could be more cleared up in my mind about the technique before I really go to town attempting it.
K so here they are:

Is it better to try phasing when very tired or fully awake?
Do you need to specifically be in meditation state like Alpha or Theta brainmode before phasing progress?
Are you meant to actually try invisage things to try "phase" into or just stare at the darkness until you see something?
How long (very roughly) until the average person trying this technique see's things in the darkness to phase into?
Is it true that phasing is not different from havin a OBE or AP other than the method to get there?
Pls tell of your first successful phasing experience.

Thanks for readin! :)