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y dont u try to sleep on the bed? maybe something different will happen? also, has anything bad happend to ur grandfather? or was it on that bed?

Every man has their fear of dieing, whether it be of pain or not knowing where you are going, however, mine is the family, memories, and good times i leave behind.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Death
June 04, 2002, 04:51:13

It is understandable that people think of their physical selves as being "themselves". In the sense that, when the physical body dies, then that is that; which is basically what I used to think for the first 20-odd years of my life. But no, visiting the Astral teaches you many things.

Virtually all these mystical books you see, talk about a process of "enlightenment" of one form or another. I firmly believe, even though these books can sometimes differ widely in their teachings, they are all basically writing about the same thing, i.e. Astral travel of one form or another.

There are two primary aspects that you discover from visiting the Astral... 1) As incredible and as unbelievable as it may seem, the physical body is merely a carcass that you can slip out of... and, 2) what people call "themselves" is merely a collective sense of consciousness that exists entirely independently of the physical; and is merely "plugged into" the physical body, as opposed to being a permanent feature.  

The process of Enlightenment, as taught in all the various mystical books, I believe is merely the process of becoming "enlightened" to the above two primary aspects of human existence. Okay, the books tend to add a various slant on things, depending on the views and experiences of the writer, but such is only human. :)

But the mere act of being able to travel to the Astral, is not the be-all and end-all of enlightenment. You need to visit the Astral and guide yourself along a certain path. Which is very tricky to do!

From my interaction with this BBS, I feel many would-be projectors think learning how to project with a degree of expertise is the hard part: following which it's all downhill from then on. Nothing could be further from the truth, I'm afraid. Learning how to project is difficult, no mistake about it. But the challenges you face - following projection - are maybe a hundred times more difficult to overcome.

Also, depending on the beliefs you have formed in your physical life, some of those challenges may even be next to impossible to overcome without a major change in character and/or beliefs. Problem is, on the Astral, as you think so it becomes. And as I've said before in previous posts, whatever you expect to see or feel, on the Astral, so your Astral reality will be.

But there is a fine line which you can tread, which takes you through "belief system" areas into the Astral proper. And within these regions it is possible to summon "guides" who will help you understand all manner of things: both about Astral life and Physical life.

On the subject of physical death, if you simply live and die without having had any knowledge of Astral matters, and you didn't subscribe to any kind of religious belief system while on Earth, then you will basically take up some kind of lower-region activity.

The kind of activity you will gravitate towards will depend on your past physical life to a high degree. Opera singers will continue singing opera; carpenters will continue practising carpentry; avid stamp-collectors will continue avidly collecting stamps, mathematics teachers will continue teaching mathematics: all completely oblivious to the fact they have undergone physical-body death.

If, while on the physical, you subscribed to some kind of religious belief-system then, upon physical-body death, you should gravitate to the corresponding belief-system area within the Astral. Within these areas the inhabitants generally are aware that they have died, but are not all that worried as they believe they have moved to being in heaven with their God.

However, if while living on the physical, you can learn to tread that fine Astral line that "enlightens" you as to the reality of the whole thing: after a time, being on the Astral will become as familiar to you as being on the physical (in fact, it can become even more so as it has always been your "true home").

With myself, for example, more and more times it is happening to me where I sort of begrudgingly come back to the physical due to some physical body demand. I'm even getting to the stage where I'm beginning to think that having a physical body is a bit of a burden.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm suicidal or anything. No, far from it. I'm still very positive and upbeat about things. It's just that the more familiar I become with the Astral, the duller physical life becomes: you can't really travel anywhere of any real interest; you can't fly; you have to eat and breath; work long hours every week just to keep a reasonably-sized roof over your head, etc., etc.

By comparison, the Astral is a far more exciting and rewarding place.  

The primary purpose of treading this fine line to enlightenment, is so you can learn how to prepare for the time when you discard your physical carcass. If you fail to do this, then the chances are you will end-up stuck in a lower-region activity area. But if you prepare beforehand, you will have the path to follow, and all the assistance you need to instantly travel to the higher regions.


Yup, whenever I try my stomach and neck tense. It gives you a real appreciation to what RB means when he calls it a "mental balancing act" - that you have to think about relaxing (concentrate on your body, making sure no tension creeps in) while also going on with the projection technique. Too much of the first you won't put enough pressure on, too much the second and you tense. All I can recommend is you do a lot of relaxation exercises beforehand, and maybe go deeper into trance. Experiment! I think the more you do it the easier it becomes (tho I have not projected, have other problems)