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Hi all,

I've got a problem with a ghost... I'm living alone in my flat, but lately I decided to rent one room so my friend moved in...
And I brought a bed for him... but on this bed my grandfather has died a few years ago.. so I guess this is his ghost....
Anyway - my friend had a typical night paralysis the first night at my place... he couldn't move and he saw a shadow sitting on him...
Also, he could not sleep, because he felt somebody touching him all the time...
but today (3rd day) this ghost got a bit more aggressive.. and atmosphere got a bit too tense for my friend....

I don't know what to do... (exept for trying to talk.. but I'm too scared for that)...

Can anyone help me...? please...?


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Death
June 04, 2002, 00:03:54
Hi everybody,

Lately I was wondering upon the matter of death...
I'm young, healthy and my thinking of it has nothing to do with the fear of death...

But I don't understand one thing and I hope someone here will be able to enlighten me in this matter.

Robert describes death as the final OBE. But when you OBE (eg. everynight's OBEs) you have problems with remembering it. Everyone knws that they take place, but still the _mind_ when OBEing is on a different level of existing during this phenomena. And that causes problems when reintegrating - physical level of mind has a lot of problems with the mind-split and it appears (at least most of the time with average person) that we cannot recall the memory from the OBE.

So my question is - what level is the consciousness and mind at when we encounter death?
Because if it won't be the "normal", physical level (that we are used to), than our physical consciousness will not be existing. So we'll be trapped in a 'dream'. Our physical mind will be no more. So maybe we won't be existing there as ourselves, but as the other (a bit more divine) part of ourselves? If it's true, than it is true also, that we just cease to exist after death (in a way that we used to).

And there's yet anoter question. I quess that when we die because of an accident, etc., we have the feeling that we're dead and we will be able to go further. But what happens when we die at sleep...? It will be just a never-ending dream for us. Or maybe even we will consider our new environment as our new reality. I hope some of you watched the movie 'What dreams may come'. If yes, you'll know what I mean ;-)

hope someone wil help me in this matter, 'cause it's troubling me all the time. Again, it's not my fear of death that causes that thinking - it's just my curiosity. I've got my own theory at this, but I just want to know what is the others' opinion on it.

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hi all,

I've been trying to project for quite a long time (but not trying too often nor too hard - just a few attempts per month)..
Lately, when I had a LD (or was it OBE - I'm not sure - it lasted only for less than a minute), and I just thought that it's propably my time to finally get myself out of me :-D

Now I'm practicing everyday and I've got one problem constantly reoccuring...
My leg muscles (in both legs) start to get tense the moment I start climbing...
At first I thought it had something to do with the relaxation, but I tried several times in the morning (just after getting out of the bed and taking shower) - and it was just the same...

And I can't controll it...
When I feel the tension in the legs, all I can do is to relax them, but then the trance state is gone :(

Oh, and they are tensing to the point that I even feel I'm picking them up in the air and they are even shaking from the tension...

For me it's like my astral legs can't separate from my physical ones..

I hope someone here (RB?) can help me out or at least tell me why it is like that...?


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.

Edited by - Alex on 16 February 2002  22:05:32
Thank you all for your help.
I think I've got rid of it last night... I'm not sure though because I didn't take any chances - I left the light on in the whole flat ;-)
So tonight I'll discover if it's gone or not...

And the method - since I'm practicing Hermetics I used some room impregnation, some visualisation, some talk to the ghost, and of course I burned some Sage... all of this was recommended by someone more advanced on the path of Hermetics

but I still consider getting rid of the bed ;-)

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Winged_Wolf - I'm not afraid of my grandfather...I'm just afraid of a ghost..
Ane still it's just my guess that it's my grandfather - I'm not sure about that...

and aobut talking - it helped a bit.. but it was helpful for me, I don't know about the ghost ;-)
and I don't know if it really heard me... and I don't think it would be ok with me if get a CONVERSATION with him/it...

but what about other ghosts (if his not my relative)? does the prayer and these herbs really can get rid of a ghost just like that...?

i've just found out, that my grandfather didn't die on this bed, but still it's originally from his house.... so my theory about the grandfather becomes a bit more blurred........

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
geez.. I'll never sleep on that bed...I'll be very glad to see it being burnt... ;-)
and abobutmy grandfather - no, he died because of his age - he was 82...
and I think he's looking for his wife (who lives at the place the bed was standing before)....

and about the fear - I do not fear dying... I am just scared because of the possibility of confrontation with this ghost....

oh, and my grandfather dies 5 years ago - so something is wrong here i suppose.......

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
The new look is just beautiful... :-D
The colors are great, the design is good, but it could be better :-DD
My propositions are:
1. reduction of the size of the 'Astral Pulse' logo - I think it's a bit too big
2. I would break the Articles | Poetry, Forums | Books,Magick | Links | Help into separate lines
3. I would also change the font of 'Welcome to Astral Pulse', 'What's New', etc signs...

Just my 2 cents...
But these things are minor - the site is generally very good ;-)

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hi Blue Light Mystic :-D

>> huh, that sure is strange! at least you were able to know who your attacker was! most of mine were non-physical for all i knew! i'm sure, though, that a lot of the times i had had some of the attacks, they were from people who were looking at me especially who i knew at work, school or college who were purposely directing negative energy and thoughts my way! i guess that thinking about someone in a harmful or negative way really can effect that person in a bad way! negative thoughts and energy has it's own power as positive thoughts and energy does too! <<

I personally have the ability to make things happen by just thinking of them, so I know for sure that one is able to influence his and/or others' life(s) with his thoughts in almost any way...
Sometimes it scares me a bit, that I can do something 'bad' without intent...
Yet I'm trying to do only good things with this, but on the other hand - who know what I've done in my life and I'm not even aware of it....?

>> as i believe, giving someone the evil eye is whenever a person who doesn't quite like you looks at you with a nasty expression in their eyes and directs negative thoughts towards you. that's just my guess, and, if they do this with great intensity, this could cause one to get sick or ill soon afterwards! well, that's what my grandmother believes anyway, it may or may not really be true though, but who knows? <<

This can surely happen !
The power of human's mind is limitless, though I think people should have more control over it... I hope there will be more 'calm' times, when it would be something that happens occasionally and not all the time (like it is nowadays :(

>> hey, sorry to hear about that, including your luck! why can't we just all get along? why do we have to have to date and be with so many others before we can just be with the right person? wouldn't this just eliminate heartbreaks? no, this world has to be quite harsh i guess. no offense man! i've broken a few hearts too, because the guys i was with didn't love me, even though i might've loved them! -smile- such as how this life is anyway, ho hum. <<

This is a nice topic, but I guess it's not the place to elaborate on that :-D
But just explaining my "brutal tactics" in this matter - it was her who was draining my of my sanity and after my harsh approach I finally felt free ;-P

>> and, maybe she wasn't necessarily directing bad thoughts towards you and your luck for some reason just decided to stop itself. ah, but you never really know, maybe it was her bad feelings about the break up that were coming your way. break ups can really have quite strong emotions and feelings that are attached to them though, believe me, i know! -smile- <<

My luck was never gone :-D
I don't know how I earned this - maybe I've got great spiritual protection from the above, maybe I was/am doing great things in another incarnations..? I don't know...
But that time I really think it was her, because she hates me now....:(

>> good going Alex! i think that if one tries to give out an attack, mentally toward a person, it's only right that we use a counterattack and let them get their bad vibes right on back to them! how dare people try to do such a thing, whether they know they are or not! i'm glad to hear that you knew about this and were prepared! i'm glad for you indeed! -smile- <<

I'm glad you share my thinking... :-D
It was nothing big, but a guy just did it for fun I guess...
But still I do not think I've stopped him from doing such things in the future... :(
I don't know if I can do this, but I know that I didn't want to do any harm - just to stop it for some time... ;-))

May the Blue Light always shine upon you ;-)

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hello Blue Light Mystic,

(The variety of posts here is pretty confusing, so I'll just answer the one directed to me :-D

How did I know I was under attack..?
I felt strange, unexplanaible, unpleasant coldness, I had a headache, I felt significant energy draining and I somehow just knew I'm under attack...
And yes - I know who he was, because actually I've started it...
I wanted to help someone who was under his attack all the time, so I send him a 'message'...  He attacked me the very same day...
Oh, and I remember that the next day I spend the night with my friends at their place, and everybody (except me) had the same dream - we were tied and someone was killing us in a brutal way...
And I think this attack was mild because it was sent from across the ocean (US to Europe)...

I've never heard the term 'evil eye', but english is not my native language :-D
But I know that there is something like that...
Lately I've broke up with my girlfriend and I did it in a rather brutal way - she sure didn't like it...
For a few weeks my luck was gone - I realy think that was caused only by her bad thoughts about me...
Now she propably does't think about it, so my luck is back to normal :-D

And no, I didn't use counterattack shielding...
I just shielded myself and when I felt an attack, I just counterattacked... it was a separate matter ;-)
But that time I knew I'll be under attack, so I was really prepared :-D

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hello David,

Yes, it is quite normal (tho not everyone has these feelings)...
In my opinion it just means that you will need really little effort in doing the NEW all the time...
I had the same so I know what I'm saying :-D
lol :-))

You're just natural - enjoy it ;-)


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.

I was personally attacked by a person at least two times in my life...
It was an energetical/magical/psychic attack of course - not a physical one :-D

When it happened for the first time, I knew nothing about methods of self defence...
Yet I had to do something so I just 'made up' a shielding technique based on the NEW system (generally it was just wrapping your whole body with energy)...
The attack was rather mild so it stopped :-D
The second time when it happened to me, I did some magical shielding...(Robert was describing some basic methods for that in a post on AstralResearch Forum some time ago)
It also helped much - I even counterattacked then :-D

So I guess the first rule is to know many various methods of self defence, and to just do what suits best (whatever works works :-DDD
And generally it is important to follow your intuition when under attack - it usually tells you the best possible option...

Just my 2 cents :)


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hi there,

I thought I could post the NEW healing technique you were asking about, because it is hidden deep in the archives of AstralResearch Forum (I'm doing it the second time :-D


(and now the post)

NEW Healing Technique -- RB
On: Sun Jan 7 13:04:06 WST 2001
Posted by: Robert The Bruce []
G'day Julia!

Thank you for your progress report. You seem to be getting on really well with the NEW system. To answer your question concerning how NEW can be used to heal others...

Healing was my first love. It is a subject close to my heart.

What you have been doing will work well. Simply draw energy up your legs and 'feel' it moving down your arm(s) and into your patient.

A higher level of healing can be achieved if you have a little practice working with the primary centres.

For this method (which is the one I have used all my life for contact healing) prestimulate feet and legs, then use the full body circuit a few times. When you are ready to begin, sit your patient down and ask them to close their eyes (if this is appropriate, depending on the circumstances).

Close your eyes and relax for a few moments. Say a simple prayer for healing for the patient, i.e., "Beloved Father, please give healing to this person." but keep it simple. Place your hands on the patient and draw energy up through your legs and torso to your heart centre, and feel the energy overflowing in a Y shape and pouring down both your arms, and into your patient.

The breathing below is comprised of full inhales and exhales.

During each IN breath, draw energy to your heart centre and feel it accumulating therein until your lungs are full.

During each OUT breath, push the energy from your heart, down your arms and into your patient.

Continue the above process until the heart centre strobes several times. When this happens, you will feel a whole body orgasmic sensation. Energy will pulse powerfully into your patient. The heart centre strobe is a very noticeable, pleasurable sensation for the healer. When the strobe happens, the intensity of your breathing may increase quite a bit; this is normal. It can be quite a breathtaking sensation.

The strobe will pulse several times, with its intensity being affected by the energy deficit in the patient. If, after the first strobing pulses, the healer continues pumping energy into the patient, the heart centre can be made to strobe again, sometimes with several 'episodes' groups of pulsing. But one or two sets of strobing are generally enough for a single healing session.

The heart centre accumulates secondary energy, as energy is passed through it. But while this is happening, healing is still taking place through the secondary level. Whether or not the heart centre can be made to strobe will depend on development. But this will happen if you keep practicing. The best way to practice is to give healing to those whom need it.

The above can also be applied to distance healing.

A letter, photograph or email letter (onscreen or printed) can be used to make the connection. If you personally know the patient, this in itself is enough, and you can then just 'imagine' them being in front of you.

For distance healing, what I call 'computer healing' do the following.

Sit in front of your pc, with the letter onscreen.

Close eyes, relax, trance if possible, and say a healing prayer for the patient.

Raise energy as per the contact healing method given above.

Imagine the patient's head is directly in front of you, within easy reach. Perfection is not required, just imagine generally.

Reach out and place your hands (your real hands) onto the imagined head.

Pulse the healing energy through the heart centre, as per normal contact healing.

You'll find the results are the same. If your patient is also relaxing, they will often feel your hands and the healing energy flowing into them.

This works well on a chat or talk program, where the patient relaxes, closes eyes and receives the healing as the healing is being given.

The above method, when used a lot, programs your energy body to respond to sick people, or people low on energy. You will find, in time, the healing will begin accumulating in your heart centre, and flowing into a patient in need, whenever you are close to one in person, or connected to one, i.e., email, chat, etc.

With more practice, the healing act, with full heart centre strobing, can be accomplished in under thirty seconds. This makes it possible to treat a great many patients, if one has a healing centre.

This level of healing is invigorating for the healer and does not take energy from them. It can, however, make one hungry; especially if many patients are treated in a row.

The amount of energy that can be produced, especially for those new to healing, is increased by the trance state. This is part of the reason why I always recommend people develop a robust trance state, so they can operate from within it, i.e., be able to move their arms and talk, etc.

This is the simplest and most powerful healing technique I know of.

Just for interest......

25 years ago, when I opened my first healing centre, my first patient was an 11 year old boy with a serious eye disorder. He wore thick, shot-glass glasses, and was steadily going blind. During three subsequent weekly visits, his eyes improved to the point where he threw away his glasses. Worried, his mother took him to the eye doctor where he was tested for new glasses. His doctor was amazed as the boy now had 20/20 vision. I met this boy, now a man of 36, a few weeks ago. He still has perfect eyesight, and still gave me a hug, just like he used to after healing.

Anyway, back to work for me. I hope this helps....

Take care, Robert.

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Thank you Robert, I will surely try it...
(yet it will take at least a few days of experimentation to find the right position :)

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
lol :-D
I've got the same CDs for a few onths now...
But I generally tried to project wih the 'vibrations' CD and not with the 'Astral Trance'..
But I just put the CD and listened to it...
A few days of being tired brought me the sleep during the play of it...:-D
Yet I am relaxed now (and a bit sleepy :-))

No, with me it's not about "exerting a lot of mental stress", because there is not much of it really...
Climbing the rope (or ladder) goes quite easily from the very beginning without too much effort...

Mental balancing act... hmm.... maybe I should just go back to bacics...?

Oh, and your posts gave me some ideas to experiment - thanks for that :)

Got to go now - I've got an exam tomorrow :-DD

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
The only problem is that the tension starts the very moment I do the first pull up with my hands (sometimes the second) - it is really frustrating...

It's even more frustrating 'cause I guess it is the only thing that stops me from projecting...
I've got a working projection technique, good motivation, deep concentration with a blank mind (you can sound a horn next to my ear and I won't even blink an eye ;-P

Yet I'm not discouraged by this fact and I keep trying everyday

But do you (or anyone else) know good relaxation techniques other than from AD (since they don't work good for me)..?

Take care,

Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.
Hi Malcolm,

I may be no profesional here, but in my opinion spiritual development is getting closer to the God-Force (as you put it)...
The final stage is being ONE with the WHOLE...
But at the beginning you just have to be less human (in a positive way)... so yes - you are to become better person...

And I think meditation is one of the ways to achieve it...
Another way that I know is the practice of Hermetism - it is also headed towards spiritual growth, development and merging with the ONE...
Maybe energetical work with the Kundalini also will give you major spiritual development...
Or you propably can just get enlightened just like that :-D

And you're right - psychic/occult abilities are not a measure for spiritual development...

As RB put it - these are things that can be done the same way by the saint or black mage...
And it has almost nothing to do with the spiritual growth ('cause you can have this abilities if you practice for some time - it's really nothing special)

I hope my post is not too messy ;-P


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.

If you back out during an obe exit, you can cause a psychological flinch reflect to be created.  

And what if I had very strong exit sensations a few times and every time stopped it because of that..?
Does it always bring the risk of causing a psychological flinch reflect..?

Because I'm doing OBE attmepts quite often now, and I don't feel anything like it...(but I'm not even close to these sensations - yet I'm _fully_ prepared for them)

And what about an 'I know I can do it' thinking during an attempt..?
'cause this is what I'm doing now...:)


Human life is full of magic, one only needs to spot it.