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Hey, if you are reading this, stop what you're doing and reply down below the weirdest and/or most profound and/or most mystical and/or just flat out a somewhat interesting experience you've personally had in these strange Alternate Realities we call the Astral Realm or the Dreamworld. What experience piqued your interest to be on this forum scrolling around?

If you haven't posted on this forum ever, or in a long while, this post is especially for you!! I (and probably many other members) want to read your crazy experience(s)! Regardless of how messed up they might seem. Please share!

I'll add some of mine in future posts. Who's gonna be the first to share their experience??
Hi, it's me again!

I saw some old posts about this deep in the archives, but have any of you more modern members previously practiced or are currently practicing Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics, or one of the other more advanced books of his?

If you have been doing the practices, how do you like them? And how long have you been doing them? Have you gotten any personal results or achieved anything substantial in your point of view?

A couple years ago I got as far as the second trainings, but I've started again. My focus has gotten much better and more coincidences have started happening in my life. I feel like my intuition is getting stronger as well.

I've learned about many different teachings and find that this book has some very advanced techniques in comparison. But that's just what I've been exposed to. Aleister Crowley probably has a lot of good teachings too, I just don't like how dark and reckless his stuff is. Bardon's character seems to be very moral and cautious.
Hey guys and gals,

I had an extremely weird experience a few nights ago. (I like weird experiences!)

I was dreaming a dream and became lucid. I've only been lucid about 3 or 4 times now so I'm not quite good at it yet, but I remembered to look for my spirit guide as I've been wanting to do that for awhile now. I couldn't find him/her though. I called out to the dream and nothing happened, and I search the other building next to the one I was in and long story short I drifted back into the dream state.

After the dream ended I was awake (but I didn't open my eyes) and then imagined the same dream again as I wanted to re-enter it to become lucid again.

Here's the trippy part.

I felt like my body was sagging down to the floor through my bed and as this was happening I could hear and sort of feel my body making noises/moving. It was super weird because I realized that this was my body even though I was half feeling my body. Hard to explain. Then I realized I was feeling the laminate floor with my hands.  This was a very scary experience as I was crawling on the floor because it was so damn dark and blurry I could barely see. I got up and took my glasses off and it was even blurrier. I looked back at my wife and only made out a lump in the bed and I was going to look at myself, but I could see some type of weird electrostatic or something in my visual field when I was close to looking there so I stopped because I thought that I might snap back into the physical. I didn't look around too much because I feel like I would crap my pants if I saw something in the super dark blurry room so I thought of flying to the roof as I could explore there without so much fear. I closed my eyes and jumped and felt like I got stuck in a bunch of material and then I awoke again.

This felt significantly different from the lucid dream I've had. Maybe because I was more aware? I felt like more of my rational thinking was activated. But it was creepy as hell. It was like a horror movie to be honest.

During this experience I also had a different concept of what this house looked like and that seemed to be consistent in the "OBE". The house in the OBE felt like it had another floor above me, but the actual house here is the roof above where I sleep. I always thought OBE experiences would be pretty consistent with the surroundings, but it was so blurry, maybe it was.

After that my instant reaction was not to do that again, but now I want to do it again lol!! But this is the first experience I've had in awhile. And the interesting part about this is that I got into this experience the same night that I made a small wooden pyramid and put it next to my bed in the room. I just finished reading about pyramid power lol! Coincidence? I'm not sure. Its been about a week and I haven't had another lucid dream since. I need to become more dedicated to this art/science!
Hey, I thought you guys would like to take a look at this video.

It's a new social system philosophy that removes the need for money (as people are the real changers anyways, not money), and reduces the need for a political structure. These are 2 things that probably cause the majority of problems in the world in my opinion anyway haha!

Michael Tellinger is an interesting guy. He's deep into the non-mainstream subjects about philosophy, where we came from, and spiritual metaphysics. He came up with a fascinating philosophy that is a hybrid between our monetary system and a non-monetary system that I personally think will grow like wildfire once started.

The video is here:

Let me know what you guys think.

Here's my story of how I came across this which I think is really interesting. I watched a video a few days ago (one of those doom and gloom videos) about "THEM" controlling the world and everyone by manipulating basically everything we see and do. Basically that we are living in the Matrix. And of course, there was no solution suggested in the video, just a presentation of depressing facts.

After watching that I was subconsciously digesting it and over the night an epiphany popped into my head. It was a very large decently constructed thought chunk. And the more I thought about the thought chunk, the more it unravelled itself. It was a thought of a social system without the need of money!

Man, I thought I had it all figured out, and then I start scouring the internet to see if anyone has come across this, and Michael Tellinger conveniently comes into my awareness with the exact plan I had thought of the night before! Except his is more in-depth as he's been perfecting the idea for over a decade. This was the greatest example for me personally of tapping into a frequency. Really cool!!
Hello everyone!

I've never really thought about this before until this morning... it was a dreamless night (can't remember a thing these past couple nights), but as I was waking up this morning I noticed a type of melody or song playing in my mind over and over and over again. Just before my alarm went off the melody completely changed.

I notice that I'll have these mental melodies or unconscious songs in my head during many sleeps sometimes without me even realizing it. It's like a song that gets stuck in your head and plays over and over. Sometimes the songs are actually real songs that I listened to the day(s) before or sometimes it's completely made up.

Do you guys and gals have any experience with this? Is there any way to use this to induce lucidity or increase memory?

Another question I wanted to ask was about relaxation/focus.

My work is entering its extremely busy season and I'm starting to notice my mental state after work going nuts. It takes me awhile to realize I'm even meditating. Last night it took me over half an hour of meditation until I started to get into deeper focus. Usually it takes me 5 minutes to achieve this state. And I haven't been able to remember my dreams most likely from the added mental stress. My work is very fast paced and multitasking oriented so my mind goes everywhere while Im there and continues bouncing off of ideas and thoughts by the time I get home.

Cutting to the chase here...

Do you guys know of any focussing techniques or practices that have helped you taper off the scatter brain mind jumping effects? I'm actually thinking now that physical exercise might help after work or something before starting meditation.

Hey, I'm Levi!

New here! Thank you for accepting me on this fascinating forum! I've been reading this forum for the past 6 months or so after being introduced to it off of a Telegram AP group. Reading Frank Kepple's stuff, Xanth's book and a bunch of other priceless material on here. Finally pulled the trigger and joined about a week ago or so.

I'm 32 years old living way the heck up here in Ontario Canada.

Growing up in a Christian upbringing I was constantly asking hard questions to contradicting information that my peers didn't know how to answer and didn't like me asking. So I gradually started looking into other religions and philosophies for answers. Read many psychology and self-help books (my favourite book section).

I also grew up with weird paranormal things that have happened that are a reminder to me that there is higher powers that exist.

Now I have a mixed belief system and consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I never knew about being able to be conscious in your dreams until this past year, and this REALLY got my attention. My upbringing made me assume AP was evil or bad for you, so I never looked into the subject in my early years.

Thankfully that's over...

I'm looking forwards to learning and sharing experiences with all of you great souls! This forum has already given me so much more knowledge than the many books I've read on the subject.

So far I've had only one lucid dream with semi-conscious awareness (I looked at the front and back of my hand attempting to do a reality check, but it didn't work until I looked closely at the pores and creases in my hand and then saw ripples down my vision and felt my awareness enter the dream body. Felt pretty amazing!) and a couple dreams of OOBEs (I dreamt that I came out of my body and another where I got stuck half way out of my body, but wasn't lucid.) The hypnogogic state fascinates me too and I'm looking forwards to more lucid experiences.

Thank you for the vast information and help!! And I'll see you in there!!