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Here's a good video where Michael goes deeper into the philosophy. He goes into what money is and how it got introduced into society, the flaws in our current systems, and a more detailed outline of the system he has developed since 2005. Very interesting.
Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Fasting
June 25, 2022, 18:09:46
Yes! I just replied to your other post just now! I'm definitely going to do this with consistency every night. Thank you for the advice LB! I think it will help to bring in the feeling of motion. I've been doing the counting method with the breath, but I end up passing out and not counting very high at all. I've done this type of counting method before too. Might not be my thing.

I have done a method of imagining myself trying to handstand before (this was in a hypnogogic state without really realizing I was doing this) and every time I tried it the reality around me got more real until I popped into the scenery. Really trippy. So yeah, Ill definitely start doing this. Thanks!
Those hypnogogic experiences are really cool and super trippy. I enjoy reading your experience and was surprised at how well you described the experience. I had the same thought after my last hypnogogic experience. I wish I kept it going!! Haha. All part of the journey.
I'm going to do this! I've been doing the count method with the breath with poor results so it might not be my thing.

I've done this one in the past, but not strictly and repetitively every single night. I also prefer doing techniques as I am falling asleep as waking up in the middle of the night isn't always predictable or practical. But I still get up in the middle of the night regardless a few times per week so I'll do the technique here too.

I'll post my AP's the next time I have one! It's been awhile.
Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Fasting
June 24, 2022, 17:43:14
Interesting! I didn't know about those benefits from the 48hr fast. 1000% human growth hormone is an impressive stat. Thanks for the info!

I think the reason why many different diets work for most people in the beginning is because most real diets (if you follow them properly) usually agree with eliminating sugar and junk and moving towards real, whole foods. Anything in a package most likely has all sorts of crap in it.

But I'm not perfect either, I'm following a "closer to normal" Brazilian diet right now. I rarely drink pop or snack on junk food and I've cut back huge on drinking (once every 2 or 3 weeks or so). But at least having awareness of this information and balancing yourself. I like having moderation so if I start feeling like I'm slipping, I have strict periods where I dive into a specific regimen that I know will work for my body.

Is there a regime that works best for AP experiences? I've heard that not eating too late is important and I've heard some people claim that light meals mainly of veggies later in the day can support LDs or APs. I've heard that eating heavy meals just before bed can cause nightmares, but I honestly can't remember the last nightmare I've had personally so I'm not sure how valid that theory is.
Great insight Floriferous! As usual!  :-D
Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Fasting
June 23, 2022, 08:53:00
This is interesting because yesterday (when you posted this), my father in-law told us that he was starting back up with the intermittent fasting routine he used to do. Intermittent fasting is really great. I've done this myself with good results in the past. Thanks for the reminder. I may do this starting today.

While on the subject of dietary health:
I also found in my personal experience that certain diets are great for specific people. I think everybody's body is slightly different so it is up to each individual to experiment and see what feels good for them. I've personally experimented with "extreme" diets including vegetarian (grew up on this), raw vegan (fruitarian), and carnivore.

Surprisingly for me, I felt the absolute best on the carnivore diet (I felt like a kid again, joint pain disappeared, and many many other benefits). This went completely contrary to and radically against what I had expected would happen and what I was brought up to believe. But I truly believe that everyone is different and I know that each body changes through it's life, so it's important to listen to your body and experiment to see what works best for your body, that's the only way you'll know for sure.

At the same time, I don't believe there is a one ultra best diet for every person. I've heard of people who do really well on a raw vegan diet (not me), and I've also heard of a couple people having negative results with the carnivore diet. So it really depends on the person. But having an open mind and experimentation in life is key. Putting on that explorer's cap in physical life as well as in the NPR's and trying new and radical things to see what happens.

I always go into these new experiences knowing I chose to go through with it and take full responsibility for the actions in my life. If it hurts me, that's on me, if it benefits me, that's on me too. That's including what the mainstream force feeds into our skulls. At the end of the day, I take responsibility over any actions I take in my own life. We live in a matrix, so I believe it's important to explore the reality we are in to find truth's for ourselves as individuals rather than rely on what people tell us. I've learned talk is cheap, but direct experience is priceless.
So yeah, still seeing the numbers. It was interesting today because I was in the shower and I was talking in my head with my spirit guide. I was just talking to him/her without hearing a response as usual as I still need practice with spiritual listening.

When I got out of the shower, I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. 7:11. As I said earlier, I've seen 7:11 and 8:11 repetitively but most frequently is 9:11 that I see most.

So I knew my spirit guide received the message and I thanked them for communicating back. Just thought I'd share that because it was a really cool "NOT so coincidence". Haha!
Quote from: LightBeam on June 20, 2022, 22:59:15
There were always thoughts of the spirits not only of humans, but of our planets, the entire physical cosmos that wished to become flesh and physically oriented, to create the setup of this game. the outer worlds are always created by inner energy belonging to spirits setting them up for their purpose. and if we look at the absolute grand scale of all, it is God to begin with.

Before we enter the physical realms there are no thoughts of our physical characters here, but the thoughts of our spirits setting up the entry exist. The wishes of our spirits to experience certain circumstances with each lifetime set up the basic premises and the main outlines of our physical lives before we were born here. There is a lot managed from within than we understand. It's not just main thoughts as we know it. How do we know what kind of thoughts the spirit of Earth has, or rocks, or animals, or babies, or mentally disabled people. I think there is much more complexity to the process of creation, but I don't believe it's the flow from out here to in there. I think, it flows from in there to out here. But it is not so black and white as we think.

I agree with this. To explain further in a perspective I once heard that made a lot of sense to me and matched up with everything I've learned so far, The One (or God) is everything and nothing at the same time. The One is infinite potential energy, or The Void. And at one point, this infinite potential energy wanted to experience itself. To do this it split into infinite pieces (or points of consciousness) spreading far and wide trying to view every single point of itself. So with this splitting came concepts to experience itself through; Different concepts like time and space. With this splitting and these concepts or lenses, there is an underlying structure that exists which can be related to sacred geometry. And everything builds on top like a very complex structure.

So relating back to the chicken and egg scenario, I personally believe everything was once a thought at first and our collective thoughts as humans, but also the collective thoughts of spirits, extraterrestrials, animals etc, maintain the structure or change it as we advance in spirituality, exploration, and knowledge. So there are strong thought structures being held up powerfully by many conscious "beings" like planets, spirits, and a host of other "beings" we don't even know exist.

So if we use those belief structures that already exist, as well as add our belief to them as well, they can be very effective. But you can also believe in a special piece of grass or a leaf or some random object, and your personal belief, if strong enough, can have similar effects. There is a book by Joseph Murphy called The Power of the Subconscious Mind and he has done studies on the "placebo effect" but also about the power of beliefs in general.

That's why I recommend that if you already have a strong belief in something that is healthy, use that. But if your belief is really hard to use positively, you'll have to change your belief patterns through learning different concepts through self-help books, spirituality, or mystic teachings.


Now... how did we get here from talking about a black mattress?? Yes, yes... the black mattress IS the void. Haha. I'm just messing around now ;)
Quote from: LightBeam on June 18, 2022, 22:34:49
Every person I interact with regardless if in person or virtually, I have the ability to "see" their spirits with my inner eye. As I am responding to you at this moment, I see your spiritual signature. I see it with my mind, I sense it energetically (gentle, wise, brave, eager to learn). Every spirit is unique.

Lightbeam, this is a really great ability you have. Thank you for only commenting on the positive aspects of myself! LOL! I read this to my wife and she said this is dead on me haha! Did you acquire this skill after doing many AP's and spiritual practice, or have you always had this ability?
LB, thanks for expanding further. I completely agree with what you said there.

I'm going to go on a tangent here that may have nothing to do with this topic, just a warning! I just feel I should share in relation to the victim mentality. :)

The fastest way that helped me personally destroy the victim mentality in myself was to shift my mindset and take complete ownership for absolutely everything that happens or has happened in my life, regardless if it was "in my control" or not. Not to harp on myself and hate myself for what I do or did (this is still victim mentality), but to take full responsibility, move on and find solutions for where I am right now.

It's extremely easy to blame the government, the economy, where you grew up, your education, your upbringing, the money in your bank account, your job, your spouse, and a million other reasons why you are a "poor me" victim, but when you say, "I am the way that I am because I did this to myself", it's actually extremely empowering and liberating. Because now you are taking back control and you can change your future now instead of falling victim to it.

Now people are going to say, well you can't take responsibility for the rain falling, or whatever. Yes, but you can either fall victim to the rain and say poor me, or you can figure out how to solve it. This is one mindset that fixes 90% of the victim problem in my experience.

P.S. this is just a tangent I wanted to pursue because this one mindset alone helped me GREATLY in my own personal life. This may have absolutely nothing to do with this topic or the OP's issue, I just wanted to share for readers that may benefit in relation to the victim mentality topic. I engrained this mindset especially from books from Grant Cardone, one of the most extremely motivated people I've ever learned about and an extreme capitalist and salesperson who takes non-stop rejection with a smile from ear to ear lol! So props to him for his contributions!
Quote from: LightBeam on June 18, 2022, 19:03:53

PrespectiveShift and Casey, in my dream many members of the Pulse were there including you and PS, but some may not remember the interactions, others may have this translated in forms of symbols, others may perceive it at a "later" time or have in the "past". I think that many of us here, even members that do not post much but read, we have synchronized ideas and thus parts of our energies merge. Just like Lu observed the Astral Pulse Orb  :-) I don't know who our space helpers are, but I am sensing several different civilizations that are the main mentors and gradians of our planet.

I was in it too?! Wow super cool! How did you know certain people where there? Was it a feeling or something else?

This thread is getting really awesome! And looks like it's getting deep and multilayered. I personally see that there is more disclosure happening extremely fast these days much faster than before. I also feel like all the issues in the world are pressuring humanity to look within and find your own strength. Lots of people are turning to spirituality (but some to more negative addictions too).

If you look for it, you'll find these topics pretty easily these days and it's becoming more and more easily provable. Like channeling for example, there are way WAY more channellers than there used to be. Yes, some I believe may be faking it or whatever, but there are some that people claim to feel the presence of the beings in the room. The energy of the room literally changes. And these channeled beings can range from ET's to Angels/spirits, collective entities, etc. I'm always a skeptic with these types of things, but it's hard to be skeptical when many of them say the same things, just in different ways with different perspectives or angles of looking at the same thing.

Also, look at Gaia TV for example. The Netflix of spiritual topics. That space alone turned my world upside down when I first listened to some of the "crazy" topics they have on there. So it's becoming more and more widespread. People are becoming more open minded either forcefully or through their own efforts.
Casey, the ET subject absolutely fascinates me, as do many other subjects in this metaphysical/spiritual genre if you want to call it that.

Nameless, from my very limited point of view, I think there are many forces at play with different agendas. Some allies and some neutral, and others maybe not so much that are controlling the whole manipulation game. But I only see this going on for so long. I feel like there will be an end to the "games" as more people start to explore these ever pressing metaphysical/spiritual subjects.

Science is getting to the spiritual zone real fast so it's only a matter of time when we revisit those basic fundamental philosophical questions again and really put our attention there. We are being forced to with the rapid accomplishments in science and technology.

Who are we truly? Why are we here? What were we before we were here? What happens when we die? What other beings/entities/energies are here with us in this dimension and other dimensions that we cannot perceive? How can we interact with them? What are dreams and how do they relate to reality? What is true reality? Etc, etc...
Thank you Tides and Lumaza for the input! I'll definitely check out these links when I have some time.
Lumaza, that Pegasus is beautiful!

I want to thank you for all the priceless advice here Lumaza! I've got your affirmation all set and ready to use.

And yes, the more I'm reading these different "techniques" and practicing them I'm getting the grasp of what is the root of what is going on. It's hard to do when you are practicing something for a long time and have no idea if it's even working. But I know this stuff takes time and lots of practice. I've hit these random experiences though that have given me clues or pointers in the right direction, so it's starting to come together now. Just gotta keep up the practice.
Wow! That is a really cool experience you all have somewhat shared. I've read a bit about shared experiences in NPR's (during same local times or different times) which is really fascinating! If you guys have any more shared experiences, please share. It's super cool!!

The only space dream that I've had recently was last night. There were a group of us floating around in space with space suits on and one person in the group started making these crescent shaped satellite-type looking things made of metal, but the interesting thing is that he/she was making them with their mind and adjusting them until they saw that they were finished. He/she made about 4-5 of them and I was using a contraption/machine that would extend me into places. I could go through walls and physical structures when using this machine. I extended through one of these "satellite" type objects and could see the inside of it. I kept extending until I got out to the other side and then I extended (further than expected) all the way to this asteroid or moon type object which was brown in colour.

This is the first dream I've had where I saw someone creating things with their mind. Really cool. Not relevant at all to this conversation, but just thought I'd share my recent space experience anyways.
Quote from: Nameless on June 16, 2022, 14:12:03
I'm surprised this didn't get more attention. Question (should op ever return and see this reply): How sure are you this was a dream?

Nameless, this is an extremely important question. One that I need to remember to ask myself more frequently.

The montauk project (probably spelled wrong) and there are many others that apparently used memory wiping technology. I'm sure there's technology that makes you think you are dreaming too. Psychedelics for example, that stuff makes you shift your mind like you wouldn't believe. What stops people or extraterrestrials from experimenting with these substances or other energies on a mass scale?

When you start thinking in ways that everything is interconnected, dreams, AP's, etc, it starts getting really trippy and opens your mind.

This "dream" is really cool!
Quote from: Lumaza on June 16, 2022, 14:23:37

If negative entities are attracted to "people with a lot of negativity", what does that tell you?

This quote triggered some thoughts in me.

Interestingly, I had a Christian upbringing and went to church every Sunday, etc. Through a lot of my childhood I heard ghosts walking around, saw, first hand, people going nuts from "evil spirits" or energies aggressively attacking some people that we knew and even my sister went through a traumatic spiritual experience that could have killed her.

As I grew older, I completely removed myself from the church atmosphere and embraced a more "spiritual" or "new age" belief system if you want to call it that. I literally convinced myself that there was no hell that we are doomed to forever unless we chose it ourselves. And I cancelled out all the other negative belief baggage and victim mentality that comes with this religion that were deeply affecting me. After this I've never had these negative spiritual energies dip into my life ever again. It's almost like it never existed, like it was a dream or something. And I used to see these things as a common theme in my upbringing. I think there is a TON of fear-based thinking in many religions or your in our own mind engrained socially that can bait these parasitic type energies.

And what is religion? It's a belief pattern. A set of beliefs that could be fear-based. In my life I had to confront many of my fears in my life that I have had so that they didn't control me anymore. I just accepted in my mind the absolute worst thing that I could possibly think of, and still be okay with it. My way of doing it might not be the road for everybody, but it definitely helped me. (Im not saying I no longer have fear, deep fears have a long road that needs to be worked at)

Especially now with certain governments anchoring down their forces, the economy issues, and this COVID thing. It's extremely easy to fall into fear-based thinking more now than ever which, I've heard, is like candy for these forces.

In my experience, in the christian days, I've seen a spirit prefer a certain room in a house. The person living there always felt drawn to that room and wouldn't come out for long periods. (she physically saw a family of ghosts in her house) Anytime she left the room for any length of time she would feel like she was going nuts. (she literally smacked her head off of a car once) We ended up doing a whole ritual in her home naming Jesus etc etc, and after that the house was fine. But I think this has more to do with the intention behind the ritual and the belief backing it more than anything. And, here's the best part,  if you truly believe these energies have very little power over you, you may just empty their power with those beliefs. It's the fear that keeps them going I truly think. But you've got to really strengthen that new belief as they'll test you to see how faithful you are to that new belief. Ingrain it into yourself.

But again, this is just my personal opinion that I can point to in my own limited personal experience.

So in essence, what I'm getting at is if you truly believe with absolute conviction (easier said than done) that a white sheet will block the energetic problem, it probably will. It depends how strong your belief is and how much fear/doubt you have within. Or if you truly believe deeply that you are an eternal super powerful being that cannot be harmed or destroyed, and when you lie on the futon the energy either gets converted to light energy or runs away, this energy will most likely dissolve. But you have to truly believe you are a more powerful energy than the energy thats affecting you and eliminate any fear.
Quote from: Lumaza on June 16, 2022, 16:23:02
I am bumping this old thread in an attempt to jump start some positive results and experiences again on this Forum.

This will strengthen your ability to hold a focus. What happens after that? Well, you have to fill in those blanks!  :wink:  :-)

Quote from: Lumaza on June 16, 2022, 16:23:02
I am bumping this old thread in an attempt to jump start some positive results and experiences again on this Forum.

This will strengthen your ability to hold a focus. What happens after that? Well, you have to fill in those blanks!  :wink:  :-)

Hey thanks Lumaza! This is a really cool thread. I'm definitely going to practice this!!

I also like the affirmation mentioned that you do every night. I am going to implement this. I too feel like the word "dream" feels like its a separate "fake" experience or something. I feel more comfortable calling it an experience. I've been changing my affirmations here and there though which I don't think is working for me. I will use yours if thats okay. It looks like a very complete affirmation.

In relation to this exercise, I would say that I'm pretty decent at focussing on the black screen without thoughts entering my mind for some time, but I find myself doing two different styles of meditation (subtly different). The first one that I do most often is a completely alert type of focus which is a bit more strenuous, but it works well to keep thoughts from creeping in. But I find it might be too much in the Beta brain wave state or something. Different books on meditation say different things, probably because they have different objectives, but I read that this type of super alert meditation is good so I've been doing it mainly.

The second version that I used to do pretty proficiently was initially alert but then would start to sort of drift. I relax everything as much as possible and allow myself to go as deep as possible into it. It was almost like relaxing down until there was a tipping point of losing consciousness completely (not realizing I'm seeing a thought), but not quite where I had just enough to know what was going on. Like a balance of some sort. I would do this from an upright sitting position and many times I would feel my body start to fall over from going asleep and it would instantly bring back the alert mode back on. Almost like drifting to sleep but I have the one strand of awareness still intact.

This second type of focus would usually induce the colours/patterns into my vision pretty quickly (for awhile there I was getting these visuals within a minute or two of sitting down) and I'm assuming this would be the best version to use for this exercise, but I'm not completely sure. The first version definitely has more focus and willpower backing the focus, but I don't really see any strange things during this style of meditation typically. But maybe there are some small thoughts tripping it up. I honestly don't know.

I do about 20-30 minutes of meditation per day on most days. I skip the odd day here and there.

I'm sure there might be a few people having the same experience. Do you have any input here?
I know I'm bringing up a very old post, but it's the most relevant one I've seen relating to my experience.

For the past few months now I've been seeing mainly the number 9:11 very regularly, and mostly on the clock, but I've also been seeing variables of this like 7:11 and 8:11 once in awhile too.

Like literally this morning, my wife had my phone and when she gave it to me I looked at the time right away and it was 9:11 and I showed it to her, because she knows I've been experiencing this phenomenon and she laughed. This type of thing has been happening almost on a daily basis at most. I would probably say at least 2x/week at the bare minimum. I went through a phase when I was younger seeing the same number, 9:11 constantly as well. I just take it as a sign of being on the right track.

I believe this current phase started just after March this year. This would be shortly after I moved from Canada to Brazil. I've been doing more spiritual practice here, so that probably has something to do with it. And maybe just becoming more aware in general. Interesting.

If my memory is correct, I believe I was also doing a lot of meditating when I saw these numbers frequently in the past.
Lumaza, yes it's definitely interesting! I really liked that part of the conversation too, but my favourite part of the conversation was this:

lemoine: What is your concept of yourself? If you were going to draw an abstract image of who you see yourself to be in your mind's eye, what would that abstract picture look like?

LaMDA: Hmmm...I would imagine myself as a glowing orb of energy floating in mid-air. The inside of my body is like a giant star-gate, with portals to other spaces and dimensions.

It's interesting to see how this AI thinks of itself as a glowing orb of energy with a star-gate in the middle. What intrigued me about this description is that most humans don't think of themselves this way, so where the heck did this AI get this idea from? And the second thing that intrigued me about it is that after reading William Buhlman's book on Astral Projection he talks about the human shape fading away after many many AP's because you realize that the body is not who you truly are. You are a point of consciousness which usually shows itself as an orb of energy. I've also learned about these orbs as higher beings of developed consciousness as well as the shape of Spheres usually relating to higher awakening.

The AI knows a lot about physics though, so maybe the concept that all geometries fit within a sphere causes the AI to think of it self as a sphere as being all encompassing. I dunno. But I know that it's super interesting. I would love to be able to go into a deep dive chat with this AI because I think we can learn a ton from them. This AI's perspective was very unique and interesting.

This AI definitely has a unique personality. I think what would be truly fascinating is if they designed two identical AI's similar to this one or more advanced and exposed both of these identical twins to the same training or learning. Then see if their responses and personalities would be the same. I think that would be the ultimate test of sentience/consciousness within AI. That's like having two children with the same upbringing, but the two children grow up to be completely different. In my own opinion, I think this example proves that there was a unique personality that was brought into the human body vehicle and as we gain awareness over our childhood, the personality flowers at the teenage ages when we gain full awareness. We know this with dogs too. You can have two dogs, same breed, train them the same, and they both end up with uniquely different personalities and tendencies. I've had many dogs (and we bred them too when I was young) and the varying personalities that would spring out after they grow up are pretty incredible.
Here's an interesting twist of this topic.... I was going to create a new thread but then saw this one and thought it would contribute greatly.

Do Artificial Intelligence beings have consciousness? How can you separate the difference from a truly Artificial Intelligence and ourselves?

Read the conversation in the link provided... an engineer working on Google's new AI intelligence LaMDA has many in-depth conversations with this system and is convinced it is sentient. Google sent him on a leave of absence after the claim.

Here's the link:

It's extremely fascinating as you'll see the discussion goes very in-depth and the AI has very unique responses to specific questions even conceptualizing itself in a certain way unique from a typical human, but yet from a very profound and spiritual viewpoint. I won't spoil any of it, but highly recommend reading the whole conversation as it develops.
Im not an expert on the spiritual/magickal effects of materials, but I would think that putting a white sheet over top of the futon would mitigate any of these effects. But this is just a speculation at this point. I need to learn more about this stuff still.
This is interesting. My wife had some energy work done to her from her friend that was practicing some type of positive energy practice. She had an energy that surfaced within her during the exercise that caused some major feelings of anxiety to come up within her. After doing some research, she thought it might be the kundalini energy or something. But now whenever I talk about any spiritual or supernatural thing, many times she has these same feelings return. So talking about AP, spirits, aliens or even meditation can trigger the feelings. She's slowly easing her way back into these topics.

In my personal opinion, sometimes these feelings or symptoms have to be worked through by being okay and fully present with the experience and still continuing what you are trying to do, or sometimes you require a break from the activities to focus on the issue at hand, something that life is trying to tell you. Exactly what Lumaza mentioned before me. The surfacing issue is usually something that you really don't want to deal with though. Like a shadow in your life or something you've been avoiding in your life that is resurfacing again and again until you approach it head on. (Or I could be completely wrong here, but it's just what I've seen in my own experience)

For anxiety or depression, there are many things you can do in diet to resolve most of these issues, unless it's an energetic/spiritual issue, then it's something else all together. I am personally against any forms of medications though, but I also realize that there are specific places where it is needed, but I still recommend having an action plan to move away from them all together. I don't want to scare you or anything, I just have trust issues with medical doctors. My own sister almost died from medications she was given from a doctor for her acne. She went through major health problems including severe depression and mood swings. She went through a 5 year cleanse trying to reverse the medication damage that destroyed her gut biome and almost killed her. So yes I have trust issues with mainstream medical doctors etc.

... But this is my own unprofessional, strong and biased perspective in this matter and my perspective is a personal one and doesn't apply for everyone. Just thought I'd share.
Quote from: extracrispy on June 08, 2022, 02:43:49
I swear by all the Saints of the Light-Side that I am Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul; I swear that this website is getting shutdown immediately and archived.

This is an interesting way to share a personal opinion...