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I also have been interested in energies out side of the body.  I have experienced various things when focusing awareness just outside of the body in similar fashions to new.   Although I have not been able to use mobile awareness on these areas I have noticed that there does seem to be a tappable energy source just outside the body and maintained by the body in the same manner.

I have on several occasions made attempts to fill a room with my energy with some interesting results.  One being that the energy does not seem to originate from inside me but rather from around.  Almost like it collects around me first and then pushes out from there.  This, to me, does not feel the same as I believe shielding to feel.  Shielding seems to be from more internal vs. this feeling more external but still of my own energy.

It would make sence to me that there is the same form of energy around us that we generate from with in.  If this was not so then things like telekinesis and such would not work or be affective.  Yes there is a natural amount of energies outside of the body, as in from objects and the earth.  But how much of what we manipulate not so much natural energies but energies maintained by the body?  This being that they are energies that are ours but not contained within but around.

I guess the only thing I can relate it to would be the "social bubble" that every one has.  Like I said before, it is not a shield but it is our space.  Because it is our space the body utilizes it the same as it would the rest of us by storing and moving energies in this area as to maintain the space.  I have been begining to think that for some the need for "extra" storage is needed and this space becomes more utilized. The more you can feel your energies within the more likely you will feel your energies outside and become more likely to be able to manipulate them.

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.
Dear shmuelbwll,

I do agree with you, but comparing these systems really depends on the practiotioner him/herself. How much time and mental effort is put into it depends on how good the energy flow develops. And because most people choose only one or two forms, its kinda hard to compare.

But, I do think NEW is one of the most effective ways, because it does not require the extra effort other styles depend on. For example special correographed movements in tai-chi, special martial-arts techniques for qi-gong, etc.

But, keep in mind that the other styles include other uses for their raised energy.. Qi-gong practitioners can litterally kick/hit everything without getting hurt,... NEW practitioners can't. Every other form has its own advantages... What I hope is that we can add all of these effects into the NEW system for an all-compassing easy to learn energy technique.

About reiki,....I recently got attuned over the internet, so I'm not very advanced yet.. But, keep in mind that Reiki sorts of techniques can heal almost everything without costing any energy from the practitioner... Just lay on the hand and the flow goes,..... No effort needed.....

So, which is better, I have no idea...
But I hope you can use the information Ive given anyway.....


There is a specific technique called Golden Shield Qigong of which one of the results gained from practicing it is resistance to injury. They train by basically hitting themselves comprehensively all over the body with increasing harder and harder objects and materials. This trains the body to "fire out" energy and automatically protect the body. (As far as I know.) One person who practiced it was in a car accident and at the moment of impact, before he blacked out, he felt an explosion of energy through his body. He was shaken up, slightly injured, but they had to *cut* the car away from around him to get him out. (Secondhand story.) Anyway, don't try this it home, it's fairly dangerous. People were getting injured all the time (my father was doing it), but it obviously worked. He'd have me punch him repeatedly as hard as I could, and I've been taking martial arts for 10 years. :) There big thing was building "a container" of energy in the abodomen... that just sounds like the sub-navel storage center to me. So maybe practice moving energy fast and hard to specific locations, and very, very, very carefully experiment with taking blows to different parts of your body and trying to protect those regions. But I'd personally wait 'til I'd been doing NEW for quite some time before trying anything too extensively. There's also tons of teenagers out there practicing with "energy balls." Maybe you should check that out too. ;)

What was the Discovery Channel show called? I think I've been trying to see that one for years, but I never catch it.

Take care,