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I was wondering what others think/ know about the chakra's outside of the body. Since I've been attuned to reikimaster level I've tried out a lot of alternative things and techniques. In one of those techniques I have opened the chakra above my crown chakra and the earth chakra under my feet. Specifically: I attuned myself to energies which did this for me.  The first is for extra reiki connection/ healing energy and the other is for better grounding with the earth and its energies. I know that there are more, but do not know how many.

I'm not really good at sensing specific details yet, but it seems I can use NEW techniques on these two chakra's. Very interesting. :)

I'm very interested in your opinions!


First I want to say that the new forums look very good, I'm looking forward to reading them. :)

I've been watching a documentary on Shaolin monks on Discovery Channel yesterday, and since then I've been wondering about it. There was a whole show dedicated to chi, qigong as the chinese call their technique.

In the show the shaolin monks talked about how they used their "chi" to harden their bodies so that their bodies could resist sharp points and hard blows. I.e. they wouldnt get hurt when driven over with a scooter, or the spear would break when pushed into their necks. Also they discussed how they would use their "chi" to handout harder blows in their martial arts moves.

I've been practicing Taekwondo on an amateur level for a while now, and I was wondering if we could discuss and experiment on using NEW to gain the effects I discussed above.

The method they use was to collect the "chi" from the whole body (+from their sub-navel center) and gather it at the point of their body they wish to protect, for example their necks or stomachs.

The method they use to deliver harder blows, is to gather their "chi" from their sub-navel center and flow it through their arms into their opponent while striking.

I'm sorry for the length of this message, but imagine the possibilities of developing these effects with NEW! Not only for martial arts, but for example (when trained to become instinctive) could be used to protect oneself against an accident. If for example a car is coming your way, about to run over your leg... You could protect it using this method.

I'm very interested in everyones oppinion, and I'm hoping these experimentations will lead to an ever more improved version of NEW.

Thank you in advance for your comments,

Hello Bjays_Angel and others,

I am not at all experienced in all this, but I would like to point to the article Robert wrote, or his new book.

Also I found a very interesting technique of Robert somewhere, I can not remember where, but I will mention it here:

Eneregy Conversion Technique:

Can allways be done in negative areas. Or to cleanse and clear a room.

1) Imagine a shiny jet-black ball (the size of a tennisball) before you
  in the center of the room. Make it turn anti-clockwise and keep it
  spinning the whole time. As it spins, see it attracting black negative
  energy from the surrounding area. See the Black ball ripping black
  flecks and sparks, strings and cloths of negative energy from the
  walls, the ceilling, the floor, the furniture, etc.
  See the ball slowly moving around the room, gathering up all the
  negative energy and growing steadily in size.
2) Once its size is big enough (size of a beach ball?), stop its spinning
  action and immediately turn the direction around. The ball should now
  be moving clockwise.  Strongly imagine it changing colour from black
  to brilliant white. Concentrate and keep the ball spinning clockwise.
  It's now positive.
3) Imagine the ball exploding into the room, flinging bits and pieces of
  white substance everywhere, charging and filling the whole room with
  positive energy.

Extra use of this technique:
-I tried this technique to cleanse my house, I begin in my room. I make it
go anywhere in the house(just by feeling/ imagining it), through the walls.
And cleanse the whole house.

Angel noticed negativity around, maybe with this technique that negativity can be cleansed away..


Hi there,

Just a short comment:
I think you can somehow liken the energy body with for example the blood system. If it flows in your arm, it flows in the rest of your body too. If you stimulate your arm, the flows gets stronger and this stronger flow will probably go through the rest of your body. Probably clearing blockages too.


Hi Kifyre,

I know that people have auras around the body, sometimes extending for meters. You might be feeling your aura.

What I also know is that I can use a technique called "scanning" with reiki, I "feel" around the aura of someone, feel if there are areas which feel different, pulling or some other sensation. These areas allways need extra reiki. Maybe you have some blockages in the aura. If so, these blockages could become physical problems in time.

I read a lot of techniques on the internet which use visualisation to clear these blockages, imaginaing white or golden light from above clearing away negativity around you. Spiralling down.  Maybe you should try this out?

If those arent blockages, maybe you even found something very very interesting?


Hi Cainam,

Yes, these energies are very interesting. As Im doing reiki, I believe everything is energy, at different frequencies. Therefore it is possible to use reiki on almost everything if not everything.

A good example for working with energies outside of the body is the exercise RB mentioned somewhere (I have no idea where it was) . In which he visualises a black spinning ball, which goes around the room (feel it and visualize it) collecting negative energies in streams, cloths and bits and pieces. Which cling into the ball making it larger. It goes around. (I use it to go around my whole house, all different rooms included.) Once it has all negative energies, it stops spinning and you visualize it turns completely (cleanly) white and spins the other way around. (now clockwise).
Then you let it explode where you want sending white (positive) energy splattering all over the room.

Its very handy, especially in negative areas.. I guess.. Plus it helps getting in touch with energy outside the body.

But, I agree... lets just discuss some more... This could become very interesting indeed... :)


Hi there,

Very interesting. :)

I have read somewhere that a human has many chakras all on one line, IN the body and out of the body. All in one line with the other chakras. There seem to be a few chakras above our heads.

As I said, Im not totally sure, but I believe I have opened this chakra. And when I focus on it it feels good to me...

What im especially wondering is how this knowledge can be used to enhance NEW for spiritual development and/ or better energy healing capabilities. But, I doubt that these chakras are easy to activate.... Even with NEW.

I must say that "feeling" these chakras kind of feels similar(for me) to crown or feet sensations.. But, especially with the one above my cornw, I feel  distance.. Maybe it takes a bit of probing before you can get used to the feeling that you are poking outside of your body.. Especially the first time you probably think its your crown and your feet your stimulating..... But, it could also be that these chakras can only be opened with extreme effort, or with techniques as reiki.

Salubri (is experimenting a lot...)


I dont know about this, but remember that with NEW there can be harmfull side effects. Although theres a very very slim change it will.  Developing the energy body  is to my opinion not very smart while there are very complex processes going on inside the pregnant woman. Especially because those processes probably need lots of energy.

If she does choose to do new, it probably will not do very much damage. Just keep it safe and not too intense. And the most important thing, I would try to keep the energy away from the baby, for example taking it over the belly in stead of through.



Just wanted to comment here. About reiki (all levels) it is easiest when taught, but it can be learned by reading. The only thing really needed is a master to attune you to reiki. If you want to do it the safe way, sure go to a master and pay for a good course.

But if you have money problems(like I had) or dont mind at all, you can consider taking an attunement from a distance. There are so many sites on the internet which offer free attunements.. The training you need you can read about on the internet. The only thing still needed is lots and lots of practice.

This site: is very good, it learns you all you need. And if you need more information, just search the net for the thousands of chat/ forum or other information resources for reiki.



I started using NEW, and experimented a lot with things I found on the internet. I raise energy a lot and practice NEW kind of exercises a lot, but recently I received the Reiki attunements. And I've been experimenting with reiki a lot.

These days I use a combination of reiki and NEW, theyre both very cool..


Hi there,

I would say most exercises are energy related, but some are not.. But hey,.. it doesnt matter very much.. as long as the exercises are recorded somewhere. We can also ask the administrator if he/she could create a "Skills related to energy or similar abilities" directory in the main forum list.

The main point is that it involves skills which do not fill in the standard categories. For example telepathy itself doesnt fill in here, but ways to exercise it or to use it may. It is meant more as a collection of skills you can try out and talk about later. Maybe even more directories inside this new section for categorizing different kind of skills and exercises.



It takes a lot of time, but merely typing those words into a search engine on the internet delivers lists of manual sites...



Yes kifyre, let's do that!!! I'm very curious what comes out of that... :-)

A small comment to Arie, the extra uses of NEW are very interesting.. You can use NEW only for astral projection, but also for many more things.. Probably as much as your imagination can think of.. Why not explore this factor somewhat more?
Bruce is also writing a book about it I believe, but still.. it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.

Kifyre, do you know how to contact the administrator you mentioned? I have very little time at the moment, I would be gratefull if you could do it like you said. Otherwise I'll do it later this week.

I'm very curious indeed.


I dont really get results from NEW too, but I know it works because of simple things.. Like feeling activity in my sub-navel storage centre, simply feeling certain happy feelings(coming from my efforts to spiritual development exercises), etc. Also other exercises seem to work for me.

/I'm trying to keep a "skill" list. Anything people or websites
/mention in passing, claiming that they're able to do "X." Only thing
/to do is try it for yourself, and to keep practicing it, to try and
/verify if it's really possible to do.

Mark, I'm impressed by your enthusiasm.. I try out everything I come in contact with. (well as much as possible) I've been collecting exercises and 'stuff to try' for a while now. From websites, this forum and books.

If you are interested, maybe its a good idea to start logging all these ideas and exercises somewhere on the net. Categorized and tested, it would contain original authors, little stories of peoples experiences with it and more.

This would make lots of people able to try out many different techniques, and also it would make all suggestions and exercises already mentioned availlable to anyone. For example the NEW Healing Technique was mentioned a few times, but if the message becomes too old, the techniques dissapear and new people miss the opportunity to use it. Without this situation everyone would have to read lists of archived posts and other matterial just to look up the exercises we could make availlable.

Maybe its an idea to make this idea into a new section on the astraldynamics website? And, all authors should be notified that their exercises or ideas are noted here. But the forum users probably dont mind, because they're already sharing those ideas now...

If not for this site, than maybe you and me(and all interested) can benefit from this?

Thank you,


I've sent reiki to them, and will do so for a few times the coming

I wish them goodluck and God bless them,

PS: Could you keep us posted on the outcome and when I can stop sending reiki?

Hi Froggysaurus,

Some idea that might help you with 'feeling' your awareness hands.
I have been doing Taekwondo on an amateur level for a while now.. Because of this I began practicing the movements, punches and blocks in my mind.. Sort of visualizing them,.. but more feeling them...
Because of this I kind-of developed my awareness hands without realising it..

My tip therefore is: Try punching, without moving your actual arms. Its like rehearsing movements of the arms.. without actually moving them. Or try out other things you normally do with your arms..

I hope this helps you,


Hello wannabe healer,

If you're serious in wanting to become a healer, why dont you try out reiki? Its very easy to heal with reiki, it heals everything and it does not cost anything. New uses self-raised energy, reiki does not.

I myself am a student, I dont have a lot of money. So I couldnt go to a reiki weekend workshop to get attuned. Because of the high costs. What I did do was searching on the internet for "free reiki attunement", what I found was people offering free distant attunements. Because its for mankinds best intrests, they offer it for free..

Think about it, if you'd prefer to use NEW go ahead.. The new healing technique works fine as Robert Bruce has shown himself.


PS: I would recommend using NEW next to reiki, this makes a perfect combination.

Hi there,

A few comments on the new site:

I like the new layout, especially the graphic on the top. What I miss is the total screen of the former site, it was a lot easier to read the articles fullscreen. But this is compensated by the "more professional/ serious"-looking style. Which makes the offered information and books more expert-looking.

But I do think the blue is too dark, it looks nice.. but it distracts the reader too much. And I think the left side, with the links, is a bit too empty.. Maybe a few graphical buttons would do the trick?

For the navigation I wouldn't put articles and poetry next to each other, the same for forums/books and magick/ links/ help.
If I myself would make it, I think I would use this navigation:
Home, Whats new, Training guides, Articles, books, forums/chatroom, links/help, mirror sites, Robert Bruce, associates. I would choose this because the first subjects are usually clicked on mostly.

Usually a person seeks something, he wants information.. Very likely that he wants it for free.. Therefore place articles and training guides first. The reader is then probably interested, and likes to see the books you are offering. Because he knows that you know what you are talking about. Chatroom comes later, because if the reader is interested in the first few subjects.. he will likely be looking further in the site for chatrooms and forums and the like. Whats on top is mostly read first, and if the reader likes it.. he will click further.. if not he's gone before discovering that there even were books and articles, chatrooms and forums.

But further than that, it looks fine!
Im sorry if I mentioned too much critics, I mean well.. ;')



I would suggest buying the "Astral Dynamics" book. It suggest lots of exercises from the start to the end of OBE. Its easy and usable for everybody.


Hi there,

About the 'Dweller' awaiting at an OBE,.. Robert said a while ago that it is a possibility that these beings are some kind of test to see if you are ready for conscious obe. If you truly are you just go on with the obe without getting disturbed. Another possibility is what you say.. They are there to scare you away from projecting.. Once projected you can hurt these beings very easily, thats probably why they dissapear quickly from your exit.

To Ladyoflove, I would suggest reading the articels on Roberts site, Here he describes a few very special obe's including one realm where he saw spirits being tended to before their departure to the next realm. In here he describes obe's of very long times.. I think Robert was talking about new projectors being able to project shortly, once you're doing it for 25 years... you're getting longer and longer projections... But this depends on your internal energy reserves to.. A lot of the tips Bruce has about these things are on the internet site too.. Including the way to raise your energy reserves.

I have no experience in obe yet myself, im still practicing. But I thought you might like this information.


Dear shmuelbwll,

I do agree with you, but comparing these systems really depends on the practiotioner him/herself. How much time and mental effort is put into it depends on how good the energy flow develops. And because most people choose only one or two forms, its kinda hard to compare.

But, I do think NEW is one of the most effective ways, because it does not require the extra effort other styles depend on. For example special correographed movements in tai-chi, special martial-arts techniques for qi-gong, etc.

But, keep in mind that the other styles include other uses for their raised energy.. Qi-gong practitioners can litterally kick/hit everything without getting hurt,... NEW practitioners can't. Every other form has its own advantages... What I hope is that we can add all of these effects into the NEW system for an all-compassing easy to learn energy technique.

About reiki,....I recently got attuned over the internet, so I'm not very advanced yet.. But, keep in mind that Reiki sorts of techniques can heal almost everything without costing any energy from the practitioner... Just lay on the hand and the flow goes,..... No effort needed.....

So, which is better, I have no idea...
But I hope you can use the information Ive given anyway.....



I.M.O. the crown center is a energy conduit for universal energy, used when the practitioner uses a reiki similar technique to acces energy other than raise it themselves. NEW raises its energy from the surroundings (and not from some universal spiritual source), and enhances the energy of the practitioner. NEW energy stays and may therefore overstimulate the crown center, creating an imbalance in the chakra system.. But I might be wrong ;)

The people in the show were ill, received reiki and became better.. This treatment proved to them that Reiki is real(people need evidence first) and then started to use it themselves because of that.


PS: If they were using some form of Reiki technique, keep in mind that reiki energy never does harm, only good. So it would never hurt raising energy through any area. Would you use NEW, there is no guarantee that it wont hurt or over stimulate any area. Thats probably why NEW suggests that we take the energy from the base upwards through all the pri.centers. Just to be safe.


The technique you're saying was described in the show I watched also.. Hitting themselves again and again to train their bodies. But, since I'm not really into martial arts more then amateur level, I'm a bit reluctant to train myself this way. It's a hobby for me, but not more than that.

I'll try moving energy hard and fast to locations while sparring. It should work when practiced often. Energy balls havent worked for me yet, cant seem to detect them.. But I need a bit more practice probably. ;)

The show was called Shaolin: Myths and Logic, if I remember correctly.
There were two shows, one about Shaolin itself (Styles, exercises and their temple) and the other about qigong and chi.

Goodluck with finding the show,