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From my view if you beleive that u are evil you are and btw who defines are you good/evil who said that it's really defined by rate of your vibration, it's just a belief. If from childhood you were said that having low vibration makes you a good person you would have that beleief now.

Basiclly in this good/evil stuff there is for me 2 things.

1) There is universal law/truth call what ever u want which defines who u are so like something above you, which judges all your actions creates all values and you have to follow them ( Like God,Source or call what ever u like)
2) Everything this is made by us humans and there is 0 difference between good and bad, and the only person who draws a line between this 2 things is you and everything is made up by personal beleiefs.

If you wanna hear my opinion this is really just made by you what you beleive is your truth, we all have our truth and i really doubt someone has found universal truth.

I would say so create your own values and don't be chained by values of others because u can't know are these values really "real truth" or it was just made to enslave you or made by someone who will like to use these rules for his own needs.
Example that u are using values created by others, u began post with saying : "So, it's generally known that negative entities have low vibrations and positive entities have high vibrations."

Sometimes people tell me that my texts are passive agressive u will feel like that just know there was no attempt of being agressive or deceiveing/manipulating you into dirrection i want, everything above was my subjective opinion,tip or advice.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Objective/Subjective
November 05, 2016, 06:21:38
Objective: (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.
Subjective: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

If this life is projection of my mind and everything is consciousness and perception creates out reality , does it mean that there is actually no objective opinion? or the fact that i think that there is no objective opinion is just my subjective opinion and if it's so it can actually be objective :D
No i understood that point of view but how we know it works that way? how we know that it's not helping consciousness what let say " Scans " our intent price so we get same in return? does that mean there is one devine truth we can't deny ? or it's our labbeling of good and bad that's the question i got, if we are gods of our selfs doesn't that mean i am the one who judges my self and defines what i am, for example i punched someone because i wanted to hurt them, we would define this as " bad inteneted action " yes? but why it's bad intented, if from my view it's not bad and from your view it's bad who's correct :D i don't want to sound like a psyco i am not punching people in face just to clear this out :DD

+ yep saw editing just now
Yes but how we know that decresasing or increasing works that way? these last time i was into a little bit psycology and like i thought what's good what's bad is just our point of view i mean : if i hug someone and if i punched someone what defines was it good or bad, my intent why i did it? but what defines was this intent good or bad i mean :DD oh it's so hard to explain on not native language who says what's good what's bad maybe everything is just same i mean punching someone and loving someone may have different actions followed but in terms of good and bad punching for me can be good, for others bad who is correct? and is there an actual divine truth?
Quote from: Xanth on October 20, 2016, 12:24:37
Yes, the chair you're sitting on is apart of everything in the same way you are part of everything. 
You might ask how that knowledge helps you to project... directly it doesn't.  Indirectly it plays a huge part in your spiritual development, which then drives your projections.
When you realize that everyone is simply an aspect of you from a different perspective, you learn that when you hurt someone else, you're really only hurting yourself. 

So does that mean when i hurt someone i hurt everyone if we are one? or if someone gets hurt i am also getting hurt but why don't i feel it? or why don't i feel it when i hurt someone else that it hurts me ? if that feeling comes from realisation does that mean that realizing may not have such a good impact?

Also aspect of me like if i used different perspectives i could see my self in others? sorry for this massive question bombs but i really want to clear this out 1 year ago i heared same thing form you i thought i understood but now i realize i have no sense what ( Being one ; Being same or say like everyone is consciousness) means
Quote from: Xanth on October 19, 2016, 12:06:42
Although, I wouldn't go as far as saying that access to those other states is a "physical" trait, since this physical isn't physical at all.  You are just part of consciousness and so is this "physical" reality.
The trick is to stop buying into the concept of physicality.  Once you break yourself from that, you'll begin to see reality in a much different light and it kind of loosens the hold it has upon you.  It's a slow learn though, as it was for me.

From where to start tho?

also when you say everything is consciousness what u mean chair i am sitting on is consciousness? if u can help me figuring out this part i am really interested ^ _^
You know whats the thing for me at least for now love is like just brain stuff i mean not like something above my body, earlier i thought uh ah it's so beautiful like something supernatural :D so when it lost its like price now it's just chemical making me happy i mean u can say oh really sherlock :D but yeah how to say it makes me a little bit upset : P
Ty for answers  ^_^

and about loving others, mostly i don't feel love towards myself towards others or from others , what i suspected is like that i have to turn this chemical reaction by myself it comes by it self maybe like once a month or sometimes i can even have a big deadline :D
Last days i started to realize that i love in past or in future and i miss this present moment i miss my life and it wasn't so easy as i thought to live in the present i mean really enjoy each moment and rush towards or backwards, have you got any advices how to tune into present more? and not loose focus of it
I can halfly relate to that halfly because still we have different experiences :D but the sad fact is it only comes several times or maybe twice a month maybe every day like not everyday and it's upsets me some times because it's a great feeling :d

What idea you follow or beleive have faith in? , i mean like any religions or something like that? Christianity, Hinduism or ?
Maybe i missunderstood but so does this mean the intent u send comes back only if you beleive it so? if not then my quesiton is same why it doesn't come back to so called "bad people" and also about this dark path i always try different views and things if u like take one and don't try to change it how can u have many beautiful experiences.

The one thing i understood is that knowledge doesn't mean so much without practicing, experiencing it , acknowledging it by your self.
For example i knew what to say or how to communicate with people this is basic example i had this basic knowledge but when i had to do it i failed hard, but after gathering experience it's much easier and easier u start to understand others and see beauty in communication maybe same goes for bad/good path u have to experience both to understand

But my quesiton isn't still answered : ( :D
From big picture everything looks small like let me bring bad example bad someone killed someone from 7 billion people 1 died 6 billion people or even more don't care and didn't even know about it but does it make this death less or more valuable, i have a little bit problem bringing any valid arguments :D on english so hope u udnerstand what i said

anyways from your answer does that mean that u can actually have bad intent and nothing bad will happen to you? i mean i will be honest sometimes i am manipulative it's like that u have to be manipulative to get something i know that this isn't far the best mindset and it can be my deep bbelief and that's why i can't do another way, for now i want to clear this mess inside my head u know one staments goes against other what is better what should i do and don't, don't get me wrong but i still don't get answer on my quesiton does this mean that the intent u send actually doesn't come back?

When u say self terminating u mean that something based on fear or destruction will fall by it self? yes maybe it's true if u meant that but after that goes off they can create a new one i don't want to bring a speciffic person just know that i am not speaking from air :D there are some examples i can lay on that sometimes manipulative people even most of times are more succesfull in relationships work or what ever and it doesn't go bad against them
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Sending/Receiving
September 19, 2016, 09:38:43
I have this problem that i can't really point topic into one direction :D and mostly my opened topics are too basic sorry for that tho...

This is old quesiton in terms of good and bad, good intent bad intent call it what ever u want. Why do "bad people" with "bad intent" are sitll living fine like not getting this bad intent back and many people with "good intent" may suffer more then those "bad people".

these type of questions may sound stupid but let' say so i am on my way choosing what path i am going with i want to really clear the situation and understand where i will really feel comfortable and what can be a trap and what can be a good doorway to better way, plus i am little bit skeptic :D
You can create what ever scene u like to
Quote from: Bluefirephoenix on August 24, 2016, 10:51:36
The measures you spoke of are next to useless. Proving something exists will not take care of the problem. If you have telekinetic ability you can produce any image or sound on physical equipment but it is you that is producing the effect. Only someone with a physical body can produce an effect here. The body is the transition point to this focus.

So when people claim that something from nonphysical could interact with items in physical reality is a lie? i mean so opening doors flying stuff and so on u know things which are captured in "ghost hunting" things :D i thing i am little missunderstood body is what makes us be in this reality but can't non physical "things" also occur here?
There are a lot posts and exit techniques you can use just have a look at older also pinned posts, these rush of energies feeling no weight vibrations and so on are just exit signposts that you are doing good but after you get them you must ignore them and don't focus on it, from my experience focusing on vibes and such signs will just bring your awarness back to physical.

Below are link which in my opinion may help, you may already know all this information if not have a look if you are interested :


Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Astral World
September 08, 2016, 19:33:48
Xanth i asked you in that masculine energy topic and didn't get answer i am really interested how you discovored or know that we are here to learn love or how to love?
Welcome to Magic! / Re: White magic
September 05, 2016, 14:40:04

I don't want this comment to be like we are laughing at you :D so i will add that this is just a joke and answer to your post is no i don't know
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Masculine Energy
September 03, 2016, 21:17:26
Sorry not only to experience also to learn how to love i will correct it
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Masculine Energy
September 03, 2016, 18:07:55
You know sometimes i realize that i trap my self into illusion or like labbel my self, hard to explain on english as it's not my native language but the thing is that's what makes sometimes my experience amazing i mean living life and enjoying or playing these tricky games there is some kind of beauty same goes when u are in game and u like to act like a good citizen or a honorable warrior what ever doesn't same goes to life, i beleive we are here to experience so i think even if i try to fit in in a labble or labble my self it will be kind of experience for me what's bad in that isn't that the thing to experience different situations? cry, laugh , have fun , work what ever u want to do, i don't mean become a animal rush out in world and like be a catastrophe but like lol i find sometimes big enjoyment in this, i like to create sertain emotions to experience different things, i may sometimes force my self to be depressed when i am alone because sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels good just not to care maybe this is because of my early age "youth" and i will realize it later but as far as it doesn't destroy me or goes against me for this moment i am fine with it, or maybe it does and i don't realiaze it.

and actually i asked my self but never questioned it here from xanth and other members who say we are here to learn love , how u came to that understading don't get me wrong this is not attacking style or something like that, i like to have friendly chat so without sarcasm or something like that my question is : How you know that we are here to learn how to love?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Masculine Energy
September 02, 2016, 07:32:31
So a male physical body contains as feminine so masculine energy?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Masculine Energy
September 01, 2016, 20:57:54
I am little bit confused isnt yin yang playing the duality game and the reason i am alergic xd to labelling is because that label appeears to be only truth for peole and i think it will go in good/bad, right/wrong and i think thats the problem we like to call thing name they arent and then traped in our own made labbels i am little bit confused now on this subject so i dont know if i cleared out what i wanted to say

Anyways lets please go back to topic : D
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Masculine Energy
September 01, 2016, 12:21:42
You know i don't really know in what direction i want bring this topic i mean like my question is what people really mean when they say speak about Masculine Energy, when they tell you tune into it,  do this, be this i feel like someone is trying to label me and i if i follow their let's call "advices" i loose my self but still what you think what is Masculine Energy how it can be identifed and does it have any characteristics and maybe your basic knowledge about Masculine energy in general.
Actually i am just interested where do people like Lionheart and bedekin and others went ? like not my business but they posted some interesting stuff