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I have read Kurt Leland's book and I just want to tell you that it has provided me with very useful tools for my exploration, I loved it! One of these things, which Escape Velocity has been talking to me about for months, are the famous "simulations" Twelve years ago I thought that if I was not having an etheric experience, then it was a lucid dream, I did not know that we could see the astral through personal mental images to translate this energy, nor did I know about our instructors' tests (although I already had them) dismissing everything to a simple lucid dream and perhaps discrediting my own experiences. So, this knowledge has been very useful for me.

The book also highlights the topic of controlling our ego, primary instincts and our emotions to be able to move from the Dream Zone to the Astral Zone, and not doing so can be a problem, it can condition our adventures a little bit. I still don't fully control my emotions, but there are days where I feel better in this area. Mastering lust, fear, control desire, adrenaline... I think it's very important to be able to do serious exploration, sometimes these things can be a distraction.   

Also, for 12 years I have dealt with the problem of how to go from a lucid dream to (as Leland calls it) "Otherwhere" and I really liked the technique given by his non-physical instructors, about simply creating a door... as simple as that. I have walked through many doors during my lucid dreams and on the other side there was nothing more than holograms. However, I think it can be helpful to set an intention. Lately what happens to me is finding myself in a dark hallway where there are hundreds of doors, it's difficult to choose one... and when I open it, something appears that I don't feel is a lucid dream anymore, therefore, it could be a simulation or well "Otherwhere". This has been very helpful for me, because I understand the hallway now as a threshold of states of consciousness, now I know that I must reach it and set an intention. I always get nervous when choosing one :-P .

Traveling via buses also seems like a good tool to me. In my lucid dreams I often become aware and I am already inside a vehicle of some sort, full of people... Lately these buses have taken me to beautiful areas where people go to rest. And I've also been on school buses but ran away kicking the doors... sad! Which still shows my resistance to learning and my desire to just enjoy. In fact, I told the driver that the day was too beautiful to go to school and I went to stuff myself with candy... and he looked at me a little disappointed. I so regret it! I'm not like that in physical reality, and I don't even eat candy. 

Everything mentioned about the Purgatory of Souls was very revealing, and I was also very struck by the use of the term "Shadows/Shade" or "Shadow World" for them. I didn't really understand why he use it and he didn't explain it either. However, I would like to tell some encounters, in which I think it was part of Afterdeath Zone and reminds me of the Shadows, I hope it's not bad to do so, I always try to tell nice things, because I'm afraid that someone who is reading feel insecure. The purpose of creating a Journal here is to learn and hopefully inspire other people to do the same thing, so sometimes I avoid talking about certain things so as not to create the opposite effect. But precisely my message is not to be afraid but to overcome and understand it, since we fear what we do not know, but once known, it is fine.

At 16 years old I had a spontaneous AP where I suddenly found myself floating in gray fog. At that moment I saw hundreds of beings around me, which are black shadows, their shape is partially human. From the waist down it looks more like a hanging cloth that fade and the upper part has more or less human features, but with suffering and haggard expressions, their eyes are completely white, they look like specters... Everyone was heading to a specific place, it was a huge crowd... At that moment I knew it was an AP and everything had an etheric feeling, not like being in a lucid dream/simulation. Somehow, I knew that they were people who had already passed away, and who were really going through a lot of pain, people who had really had a sad life and were full of darkness, a pretty grim landscape to witness. Even so, I wasn't afraid, but I felt very confused, I didn't know what to do or where to go among all those shadows. At that moment two shadows, one of them seemed to be a woman, approached me, along with a man (her husband?! I thought) She asked me if I was lost, because I looked confused and asked to go with them to make "the journey" if I was alone. It seemed that a great event was going to happen... All those shadows were waiting for "something" that was going to take them out of that place, it seemed that they would move on to a better area and that their time there was already over. I told them that I was not dead, I still had a physical body, but that I was very grateful for their hospitality. The shadow woman was stunned, as if to say, is that possible? and the shadow man said nothing, and they simply continued on their way. I decided to return to my body because I didn't like being there, a horrible landscape and a chilling sensation.

Another similar moment was last year (I shared part of this before) I suddenly became aware during the night and found myself in this gray fog, like a mass of formless white light, following a Guide, who looked like a formless mass of grayish-white light too. Here it was also full of shadows, which I saw in a very similar way to what was described above, black specters with white eyes and gaunt features, however, this time I did notice some more human characteristics. Two shadows passed by me and I felt a very intense wave of suffering, that shook my entire energy body, then I felt that I wanted to help them... I had to do something with those people. However, the Guide told me that I couldn't do anything for them and that I knew it very well (I don't know if because I was a newbie or because these beings are too immersed in their own misery). 
Anyway, I decided to try, so I approached a shadow woman, it was difficult to get noticed, as always, it seems that they don't see anyone around them. I saw that she was carrying an empty baby carriage, which was also made of this mass of spectral black light, did she die and leave her baby?! I didn't want to ask about this. I naively asked her if she needed help, and she said NO and left quickly. At that moment I followed the Guide a little more, we were supposed to be waiting for someone who would come, someone "higher" to him... because again "the great event" was going to happen that takes some shadows that are prepared to a better place. All the shadows gathered, and it seemed that they were waiting for the long-awaited arrival of (?)... I see a glow of white light and while I wait among the shadows, I practice some movements, since I started to feel "numb". But I couldn't witness it because I woke up, huh!

The feeling I get is that another part of my consciousness was in this Valley of Shadows doing something in particular, when suddenly my human consciousness takes over and suddenly finds itself there without knowing why and how. The question is, what the hell am I doing there?! I hope one day I can find out more, this place is not pleasant at all, but my desire to learn is stronger, this is how I have overcome fear, the desire to know more, curiosity. And I would also like to understand what part of the Afterdeath zone is about and why I see these people as shadow specters... and not as normal people. That's why I even questioned if they really are people, I think so, but being so immersed in their suffering made them take on that appearance, or at least that's how I perceive them. However, it is curious that many people around the world, both in their astral travels and those who can see beings from the physical plane, also see these black shadows here, with a description very similar to mine. Many say they are not people. I do not know what to think. I only once saw a huge shadow on the physical plane, but formless and no features, and several of my friends also saw them, my mother... And thousands of people claim to have witnessed through the internet. Even in the movies they look like that, and I think it's because they know something. I haven't found this information in books yet, but I still have a lot to read. 

The other time I encountered a similar being, it was also when I was 16. I had an etheric projection in my room, I was really happy... and I was just a formless mass of light. I wanted to explore the house and went to the living room, which was identical, there was no fluctuation, and I could say that my awareness was even higher than the awakened state. But I see a shadow coming out of the kitchen... exactly as I described it before, her white eyes are what catches my attention the most, a horrible specter indeed (maybe a woman?) However, just like before, I wasn't fact I wanted to get to know her better! (I am very curious) I tried to send her telepathic greetings, but she did not respond, nor see me or perceive me in any way, she simply continued on her way to leave through the balcony. I didn't want her to go, so I had a (terrible) idea to make her notice me... I merged with her!

I get inside the shadow... at that moment I felt like I was inside of the most horrible emotions I could imagine, I was completely disturbed and full of fear, I no longer saw anything but darkness and it was like being rolled over by a huge wave again and again without being able to get up and drowning in the deepest agony... I was very disoriented. But suddenly something happened, I found myself back in my room (I told this once) and there was my Guide, whom I saw next to my physical body as a huge mass of white light of about 3 meters... At that moment I was immersed in the purest and absolute Love, like I had never been able to feel in my entire life... It was overwhelming! A Love so intense that I (as Kurt also mentioned in his book) was starting to lose my identity. It was not Tak feeling Love, Light, Peace... but my essence was composed of that, there was no one "behind" that feeling, no specific personality, that was an illusion. It was the pure essence of Life flowing in the purest Love, not "someone" feeling that. I think he did that to cleanse me and rescue me from there, and as a result I got closer to my Divine Core. I couldn't be more grateful for having experienced that at such a young age, that marked me for life.

But all that was too much for me, so I decided to go back to my body. When I get in, I felt like I was going through many layers, and I felt that living in a physical body is like living inside a stone, something terrifying. When I opened my eyes, I felt that we human beings are truly warriors, for having left the comfort of the Love and Light of the highest Consciousness to immerse ourselves in the physical plane, where torment of diverse kinds exists. And being partially disconnected from our true source to learn lessons and grow... That takes a lot of guts! 

There were other encounters with shadows, but I just mention these.

I thought Kurt mentioned the deceased as Shadows, because he saw the same thing as me, but it was just a name. There is still much to discover! I just would like to learn more about the invisible worlds that surround us. I really liked his book a lot and the best thing was that it took me seven days to read it, and all seven days I had spontaneous lucid dreams every night.
Quote from: LightBeam on May 22, 2024, 15:40:36The hominid were altered genetically to create homo sapiens, so all of us are hybrids. 

Yes, every human being, homo sapien, originally evolving on Earth is an Anunnaki hybrid. The genome of genetic earthly human beings contain several hundred unknown genes that do not appear anywhere in the evolutionary genetic record of life on Earth.

Much can be said of these genetic modifications - there was more than one giving rise to the diverse races and distinct features on Earth -but as LightBeam said, ultimately we are first and foremost infinite, eternal Spiritual Beings, we are God, Source experiencing each "life" as a very narrow holographic projection of the ALL.

As an aside, "Anunnaki" is not the name the ET's call themselves, but rather am ancient Sumerian word meaning offspring of "Anu" a "god of the sky" - ET - and earthly partner "Ki" representing the ancient homonid.

The ET's named their new genetic creation which became homosapien, the "Adamu" which gave rise the biblical story of the first human called "Adam". This first modification took place in a location the ET's called "E'Den which gave rise to the biblical "garden of Eden".

The Old Testament is actually a much abbreviated and altered text based on much older extensive ancient Sumerian texts such as the account of the "great flood" as detailed in "The Epic of Gilgamesh".
Quote from: LightBeam on May 22, 2024, 15:40:36The information the interviewee provided was scattered, hard to follow and she did not possess the vocabulary to explain things clearly. She did not answer many questions directly. Some of the information has already been available to the public for centuries.
I agree with this information having been available for a long time.  Most of what I heard here is info that I've read in a multitude of books.  She may have had difficulty answering or expressing herself clearly but I also had a hard time with Linda's questioning.  At times Linda's question would turn into something a couple of minutes long and I wasn't even sure what she was trying to ask.

Quote from: LightBeam on May 22, 2024, 15:40:36On the other hand I think Linda and the Ancient Aliens production team need to expand their visions and accept that some things are strictly spiritual and not always related to aliens.

I definitely agree that the Ancient Alien team needs to expand their consciousness as well because not everything can be explained in Physical reality.

Quote from: tides2dust on May 24, 2024, 07:19:55Thanks T-Man, I skipped through here and there and found wherever I landed I was entertained by her answers. I really like the woman holding the interview, I could sense her frustration when she asked- "whats the point?" and I really liked the empathy coming from the young lady as she tried to explain her self. She's cute too.

Cheers.  :-)

It was certainly a long interview but I still enjoyed listening to it.
Thanks T-Man, I skipped through here and there and found wherever I landed I was entertained by her answers. I really like the woman holding the interview, I could sense her frustration when she asked- "whats the point?" and I really liked the empathy coming from the young lady as she tried to explain her self. She's cute too.

Cheers.  :-)
The hominid were altered genetically to create homo sapiens, so all of us are hybrids. If you were born to humans then you are a human. All of us are also ETs and all other types of characters from all over the multiverse existing simultaneously. We are all star seeds in a way, we are everything, all that is, as we speak. But during focus into one character at a time linearly speaking we may chose to remember certain other characters of ours and their existence for various reasons. If I am not mistaken most here on the Pulse have expressed the same feelings (as the interviewee)  when we were children of thinking that were are not from here. We have chosen to leave a channel door open from a certain life/lives for information exchange and different reasons. ET is considered someone not born on Earth and truly knowing physically where they were born, traveling to Earth maybe even integrating among humans to live undercover for certain missions. The information the interviewee provided was scattered, hard to follow and she did not possess the vocabulary to explain things clearly. She did not answer many questions directly. Some of the information has already been available to the public for centuries. Some things are questionable and maybe strictly related to the girl and a part of her personal reality if she believes in control, manipulations, negative abductions, etc. Everything that she claims happened to her was from a non-physical stand point and we all know very well how our beliefs, fears and expectations can create instant NP related experiences.
On the other hand I think Linda and the Ancient Aliens production team need to expand their visions and accept that some things are strictly spiritual and not always related to aliens. Like they always say people speak and depict angels, dragons, light beings, but they always try to take this to the path of all this being ETs but interpreted in certain ways by humans. Why wouldn't there be angels (true non-physical beings that are not attached to any physical planets/characters), why wouldn't the human spirit have the ability to travel by its own will to anywhere in the multiverse without any ET involvement. This is what they need to tweak in their understanding to make their concepts more complete and not strictly push everything through the channel of ETs. And to truly understand why there is polarity, darkness and negativity. ETs are a product of the spirit consciousness, not the other way around. Pure consciousness is the creator of all dimensions and their inhabitants.   

I came across this video and just wanted to share with others here.  It's 90 minutes long so make some popcorn!  Linda interviews a Star seed that claims to be an Anunnaki Hybrid.  There is a lot of information presented here from downloads of Physics, different ET races, agendas here on earth, reincarnation, the New Earth, etc.  I found it very interesting.
Dream and Projection Journals / Re: Kodemaster's dream, LD, OB...
Last post by Tak - May 17, 2024, 15:15:43
Welcome to the Journals, Kodemaster! It will be great to read your experiences. I'm sure you have amazing things to share :-) I want to tell you that I really admire your courage and strength to face so many challenges in your life, you are a true warrior! (as many here). I am so glad you are on the path to healing and building a better life.

Light for you ★
13 March 2003

What's interesting about today's OBE is that it was sandwiched between two nightmares, yet my experience was a good one. One would think that, given the thought-come-reality nature of the astral, the nightmares would have manifested somehow in my OBE. But, they didn't, thank goodness!

It was about 1 in the morning. After my first nightmare took place, I found myself in my room. I got up and walked into the hallway. At that point, I started moving really slow, like a cross between being extremely tired and walking through molasses. At that point, I didn't know if I was OBE'ing or in the physical plane, so I decided to test it out. I tried to fall backwards on my butt, but I slowly floated onto my back instead. At that point I realised I was having an OBE. I floated through the living room and into the dining room, where I got really close to the closet door. I looked over to the computer room and saw Dad on the computer. I immediately realised that it was not true, that it was just a distortion, and turned back around. I thought to myself "I'm starting to learn to tell the distortions from reality."

I then began to pick up speed and flew back into my room. I tried to float through the window to go outside, but I found myself in my room again! *Note: The window had the blinds closed, so it was not like I saw a reflection of the room.*

At this point, I felt myself getting confused, so I decided to raise my energy as far as I can to try and get into the astral plane. Unfortunately, this never panned out, so I went into the dream state again.

After a brief dream, I woke up into the physical plane. I thought about what had happened, and was scared thinking about the nightmare. I was actually happy to have the OBE, because it relieved my tension stemming from the nightmare a bit. I was still scared to go back to sleep after I got up and did a few things, but eventually I did.

I then went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning after having a second nightmare.
I will start by adding a link to the grandmaster of all my dreams, the one I named "Dream Universe" in 2006 (first time telling people this name) :)!/powerful-dream-where-i-donated-what/
Hey there, just your friendly neighbourhood master of Kodes. Am going to post my dreams in this here journal, and maybe copy/paste some older ones from my files.