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Hi Astral Pulse!

I'm new to OOBE.  I've been following Tom Campbell's stuff for a while and stumbled upon Frank Kepple's stuff recently.

Firstly, just by using some binaural beats (not even gateway) a few months ago I ended up in a "3D Space" that had points of light, like stars.  I thought it was just a personal experience, then I read about MajorTom's experience with the starscape... wow! That was a big synchronicity for me. I'm still trying to figure out if this stuff is "real" so that was big.

I've been experimenting with Kepple's noticing and mental rundown techniques.  Last night I was experimenting with noticing when the visualizations became very clear.  Usually the visualizations are almost non existent for me, like they are more of an idea and I only see a shadow, if that.

However, last night I got a very clear visual.  It was a cartoon pig walking on two feet on a road wearing red overalls.  It kinda walked like those old timey cartoons.  I decided to slowly open my eyes, and to my astonishment, the cartoon (which was in a small panel in my vision) overlayed on top of my eyesight!

I've been getting really palpable vibrations recently.  I definitely have fear I'm trying to get over.  The other night I had some major vibrations following along with some of Jade Shaw's techniques from this video here:

Is her stuff useful?  I haven't seen her mentioned in this community, but I've only been around for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I just needed to tell someone. I have no one to talk to about this.  I am just happy for whomever made it this far. Thanks!


Hi jnadro, welcome. You are on the right track. I am not familiar with Jade but I say never stop learning/studying. You can usually find something of value in unlikely places as well.


Thanks!  I'm super excited about the progress I've made.  I definitely need to work on some fears and other issues, but it's fun to do for sure.

I've read through so many resources, but any tips about getting to the next level are definitely appreciated.