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Side effects???

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not sure but i'll offer this, sometimes you can over energize parts of your body and they can remain that way for days.  i believe i read somewhere that chocolate is supposed to ground you.


NEW causes you to raise energy by creating tactile sensations in different parts of your body. Being caught in the rain, feeling the wind and water, you are doing exactly the same thing. You spent a long time during the night relaxed and raising energy. It is normal after raising energy for the currents to continue to flow for longer than you spent on raising the energy. The strength of the sensations will decline over time and then you will want them back. Please try to enjoy it.


Thanks for you replied - at least I know I'm not going crazy!!!!
Just wondering though, is this a good thing or a bad thing that I have done?
What if any is the benefit?
C'est la vie.


It sounds like a good thing. You are doing what might be considered a variation of Robert Bruce's NEW system. The benefits would be the same as of any other way of raising energy. Your health will improve. There is no upper limit to health and happiness. The internal dialogue becomes easier to control. Raising energy will be easier with practice. Learning new ideas and practices gets easier. Ordinary, day to day activities become simpler and easier to accomplish. Perhaps what is really bothering you is that techniques to do one thing will overlap with techniques to do other things. Meditation, self-hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and astral projection techniques all overlap. If you pick any one technique and do it well, you will cultivate the others along with your main goal.


thanks for that. Its interesting that u mention the internal dialogue...I have been working REALLY had on that this week, and I've had more success today than any other day so far.
I've read alot of Roberts Bruces stuff, I never really got into the NEW, so maybe I'll go back and re read it.
Everthing does seem to overlap. I've meditated for ages and still do, trying to AP caused me to try and Lucid Dream 1st, and to have success at any other these I've had to work really hard on the internal dialogue (awareness). It's all very interesting.
Thanks so much for your help!
C'est la vie.


I was practising a technique to induce LD that I read about last night, which was basically imaginging rain falling on your body, the storm that follows, the wind and sounds was very effective and almost caused a concious AP, but no LD that I remember (my kids kept waking me up all night) BUT the question is while I was going this technique I was getting weird sensations in my chest and arms, almost buzzy, light gentle energy,  its hard to explain...I thought it was just the heart chakra working overtime, but I have woken up today with the feeling still there, particuarlly in my arms....its very unsual, not painful, just weird and I would prefer that it went away, so I can concentrate on my work!....does anyone know what it is?
C'est la vie.