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First Lucid Dream

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hey teejaybird.....welcome to the astral pulse!   People asking if your awake and hawling you off to hotels?  HAHA thats funny.....I remember my first lucid was REALLY cool.  I was downstairs and suddenly I "knew" I was seemed MORE real than real life.  THAT was pretty cool.  After I became aware I was dreaming I started to hover over the ground.  BUT then I woke up.  

Good luck!

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That reminds me of a recent LD when I realized my ludity in a feild full of people and started floating around. I bumped into this one woman and we instantly started to make out. I woke up just as the fun part began and I'm still kicking myself for letting myself get distracted by the little subconsious tricks of myself. I think this happened beacuse some part of me did not want me having a lucid dream just yet. :(


Hey guys, thanks for your replies. The woo hoo of lucid dreaming sounds rather interesting. It does raise some moral questions if you are married though, as I am. My lucidity was not sufficient for me to recognise my marriage, I was only semi-aware and didn't seek to change anything, but I didn't mind at all being hauled off to a hotel. What puzzles me though is what it means when someone else asks if you are awake, ie. dreaming lucidly as Molly did. It was as though she knew what condition I was in. Does this suggest community dreaming? I have heard of the LD crossroads but barring wishful dreaming can other people enter our dreams for real. All this sure sounds like something that can keep me occupied for the rest of my natural.


Hi! lucid dreaming is a lot of fun,and you can use it as a gateway to astral projection.In order to do this you need to save a lot of energy.You do this by refraining from sex for longer than you are used to,or avoid orgasms,as it spends a lot of energy.If you do manage to have a lucid dream while your energy levels are low,you won't have much control over exactly where in the universe you go.If you do save the required amount of energy,it is possible to clarify and sustain your attention untill your energy levels run low. You can leave the dreamscape behind and travel anywhere you like.Last week I requested to go to the REAL TIME ZONE (an energetic echo of the physical dimention.Not the physical dimention itself,but very close to it).I descended through the sky,down to earth,and ended up near niagara falls! it was so cool! I found the difference between "realness" to be very noticable,but it is easy to get lost.I ran out of energy before I figured out how to get to my mothers place.If you want to have a lucid dream,after you relax and before you drift off to sleep,tell yourself several times  "I will have a lucid dream tonight".I tworked last night, but my energy levels were too low to have enough power to clarify my vision or go anywhere,so I explored a bit and drifted off.
Your question about community dreaming: I sometimes ask people in a lucid dream if they are real,and I find that some are, and some aren't.The ones that areoften "stand out" more,and are fun and interesting to converse with,while the ones that are not real beings often don't respond to your questions,and just stare at you as if they are zoned out or something.It is possible to learn a lot from the beings that are real though." border=0>There is obviously a lot more to dreaming than most people realize.Its good you are beginning to "wake up" so to speak.It's all about freedom...
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i had a weird lucid dream once. There was a huge dark tower with clouds of some energy eminating from it and i was walking along with someone and started mocking the tower (huh?) telling them how the tower wasnt really powerful and it shot me! then I realised the abnormality of it all and screamed out "Im dreaming" and then woke up!



Hi Lucid Dreamers, I tend to read rather than write, but feel that after having my first long semi-lucid dream to check in with you. Many of you have provided interesting and useful information that has helped me so may be I should get started having a say. I have had a number of very brief lucid incidents in dreams, mostly faces and names and then waking up, but my first long lucid dream was a few nights ago. I forget how I got into it but I feel that it was important. I am annoyed at losing that. The main thing though was the incidents were not like my usual dreams. Everything seemed normal. Though there were lots  more people around than usual. Do people come up to you and ask if you are awake and then try to haul you off to hotels? I lost this person and seemed to spend an age asking others where she was and they all knew who she was but I never did find her.I  talked with people whose faces I couldn't see. The last thing was a compulsion to speak to a man in the street who looked up in a puzled way, as though he were asleep, then I woke up. The feel of the dream is with me still. Everything was so vivid and bright, though I did seem to drift in and out of it. I suppose on reflection it seemed like I was dreaming in the usual way but with more awareness, the desire to search for some providing a kind of focus. I had earphoines in my ears which I felt at one point in the dream. I was using Deep Sleep, a Monroe CD. But the thing that strikes me most is that nothing really wierd happened, which is always the case in my normal dreaming. Many thanks for all your input. This is a fun site!