Realm of Awakening Vision

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Dear All,

Ok! I had one of my typical OBEs which means I was conscious for the first part going up the tunnel...feeling really great....things are going fast but I am able to get into the moment and enjoy it....and then I guess my destination is selected or something and suddenly things speed up way out of control.  They get so fast I can not stay with it.   All I brought back this time was the Realm of Awakening Vision.  Now what the heck is that.  First of all Awakening infers some sort of time line and since there is not time line over there what the hey!  Anyhow.  Has anyone else heard of a Realm of Awakening Vision?  Sigh!  I really do have to try harder at this but it is so hard to stay conscious after the initial projection...once I see the symbol or my destination is selected and the like.  Sometimes I feel like I have been gone for hours and feel like a massive down load of info occurred.  

Does anyone else get this massive speed up when they enter portals?   Its like a super rush that makes me consciously pass out as if it is a safety to ensure I can't counsciously remember or maybe because my conscious mind would get in the way?  Thanks All.

Love and Light to Everyone,