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"occult police forces"

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What do you mean by "occult Police Force"?


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I would assume the classic Men In Black and the like.

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didn't we have a discussion about this? :)  i am currently reading a book that details stuff about militaries, throughout history, using "supernatural" forces. it also talks about how the US military was trying to get soldiers to develop remote viewing capabilities and were doing pretty good. but they used it for spying (international espionage), not policing. but they had to cut the funding cause the government is stupid  :)  (that was an interpretive summary).

it is called "The Psychic Battlefield".


Secret of Secrets


Is there any real evidence suggesting that national governments indeed employ individuals as "psychic police"???

Please post any website URLs if there are any, thanks!

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I do not think that it was meant as an actual government body.  

Did you know the actual "Men in Black" idea stems back 100's of years.  The black suits and ties are only the image of today.  The image has changed over the years but there has always been many connections to the paranormal and a bunch on mean dudes dressed in black trying to cover things up, or control them.

David Rogalski
I am he who walks in the light but is masked by the shadows.


Does anyone reading this have any information to give me about these types of organizations?  I am interested in doing research.  Thanks. Mary