Why Is Astral Projection So Hard

This is a wonderful writeup from the Astral Voyage website. The direct link to the write up is here.

If you\’re wondering why Astral Projection is so hard, you are not alone. You must be thinking, \”If this was so natural, why do we struggle so?!\” I tell people it IS natural. How can it not be? You are not your body, you are your soul. So to travel about and experience that condition is no more unnatural than sleeping. But why is it so hard then?

It is difficult because of our self-inflicted concepts and lifestyles. This starts at the society level, and then works its way down to us at a personal level. If you review your typical life (American or otherwise), during our most formative years, we are taught how to socially behave, left brained topics like math and science (with art as an \”elective\”), fear based religion, and physical survival. We dismiss all metaphysical things with great vehemence and skepticism. Then, after our formative years, we plunge into the electronic and physical lifestyles, which leads us even farther away from inner self. Everything from cell phones, beepers, televisions, traffic, jobs, and surface relationships keep us from seeking inner truths. I just got an e-mail this week from a 14 year old that had her dream journal taken away from her at her religious school because it was a \”sin\”! How a dream journal (keeping records of soul and astral activity) can be a sin, boggles my mind. It is no surprise to me that we can\’t project! Instead, it\’s a miracle any of us can project at all! But then again, is this surprising since this type of oppression goes back even before the Christians imprisoned Galileo for promoting the simple theory that the earth goes round the sun and not vice-versa? Ignorance, established and held by fear, means control to the controllers and as long as we stay ignorant and let fear rule us, our growth will be stunted in this area as well as all others.

So here we are, conditioned and programmed to be the worst astral projectors possible. We\’re ignorant and afraid. Will we ever be able to flex these astral muscles? How do we undo this?

It is my opinion, that with our current pace and attitude of life, this is not possible to any great degree for the general public. It will always be a struggle, and it will take extraordinary efforts to master this natural ability. However, I strongly believe, as with all things, we have yet to uncover an astral projection AID (or tool) that will help us all. This was the purpose of my Science page. We already have tools for projection (hemi-sync, meditation tapes, herbs, etc.) but if any of these worked with great success, we\’d all be projecting. You can go to the Monroe Institute for one week (for a hefty sum of $1,600.00) and probably project, as you\’re in a sealed, soundproof booth for days on end, with hemi-sync playing till all hours. But what happens when you get home and are back to your daily life? Probably nothing! No, the tools we need are yet to be discovered. Of all my years of research and projection, there is one fundamental truth that I think is an important clue, and that is that our physical body has a magnetic hold on the astral body. Only through intense meditation, illness, mastery of the body asleep/mind awake state, assorted deprivation, do we reduce the magnetic pull enough to allow for separation.

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She has really hit the nail on the head. These are the conditions we must struggle against to pursue this skill. It\’s not an easy road, by any stretch of the imagination… and it\’s a road not heavily traveled either, but in the end, it\’s definitely a journey worth taking if you\’re interested. 🙂