My Lifelong Hypnopompic Images

This is a little bit about me…

So, all through my life, I\’ve been waking up in the middle of the night seeing, what I can only describe as \”something\” standing in my room, seemingly \’observing\’ me.  I\’ve never felt anything bad about it being there, it was always just startling when I was younger.  I remember more than once I\’d jump out of bed attacking whatever it was that was there… only to flick a light on quickly and see that nothing solid was there.

I used to believe that it was just something in my head… until the penny started to drop and astral projection came into my life.  Then I started to put two and two together regarding the non-physical.  Over the last 10ish years, I\’ve become rather accustomed to \”seeing things\” in my room in the middle of the night when I wake up… so it rarely startles me too much.  I simply lie down and go back to sleep.

I\’m realizing now that over the course of my life, this \”thing\” has slowly become more and more clear to me… until last night, when I believe I got a real good look at \”him\”.  Yes, \”him\”… a male spirit/entity.  I just remember a slender face, with a goatee, medium height, medium build.

I remember, last night, sitting up slightly and staring this entity right in the eyes, my heart beating a little faster.  Then I watched as it walked past the foot of my bed, at which point, I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep… a few minutes passed and I went to the bathroom instead, THEN went back to bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

So I\’m now armed with an image… and a desire to stare this thing down and hopefully get some answers to some very old questions.

3 thoughts on “My Lifelong Hypnopompic Images

  1. Deus says:

    Great stuff here, i find and integrate many things you write into my “lifelong” questions.

    Slowly, but steady, i learned so much and therefore i thank you for all this 🙂

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