Why You Need To Control Your Thoughts

I just started to read William Buhlman\’s book, \”Adventures Beyond The Body\”, and I wanted to share a passage in it which illustrates beautifully why one needs to learn to control their thoughts and keep a focused, goal-oriented mind, when astral projecting.

Buhlman writes:

Each experience increased my realization that my nonphysical state of consciousness was extremely sensitive and responsive to the slightest thought. My prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts would instantly propel me in a specific direction. I quickly learned that my subconscious mind exerts much more influence and control over my actions than I ever imagined. Often, a completely spontaneous thought would create an immediate reaction. For example, if I thought about flying, which I often did, I would immediately fly through the ceiling or wall and glide over my neighborhood.

This is probably the best paragraph I\’ve ever read that shows perfectly why we need complete control.

This is what I believe to be the cause behind the experience which some people refer to as the \”Astral Wind\”.  Whereby you\’ll be in one location, then some kind of wind or supposed \”pushing\’\’ effect will happen upon you, where you\’ll end up somewhere else unknowingly.  Well, this is why.

People don\’t realize it and they try to externalize the sensation, which will cause it to appear as something external, such as a \”wind\” that uncontrollably blows you elsewhere.

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