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I was looking around the Astral Pulse looking for a good post to put in this edition of Post Focus!  …and I think I found a great one!  Now, I\’m not really much of a Bruce Moen fan, as I\’m not too keen on his method of projection which entails more about perceiving the experience instead of actually BEING in and directly experiencing the projection first hand.  However, one of the members from his forum posted a transcript of a chat that Moen did back in 2002.  This was posted on the Astral Pulse in the same year, so we\’re going waaaaaaaay back here.  hehe

I\’ve edited the chat log so that it\’s in a bit easier format to read. I\’m also going to try and interrupt it throughout, and break the chat log down a bit with my own commentary regarding what I feel is important to take away from this chat and what parts of it you should keep for future reading once you\’ve got a bit more experience under your belt… so here we go!

There are some interesting \”places\” to explore and one of the most interesting I ran across early on was an area of consciousness I call the 3D Blackness. That stands for 3 dimensional Blackness. I accidently stumbled into this place several times early on. If you close your eyes, and it\’s easier to do this in a darkened room, and focus your attention on looking at what your closed eyes are seeing, you would probably say you\’re seeing a sort of flat, two dimensional blackness, 2D Blackness. Kind of like looking at a flat screen image of blackness before your eyes. I\’m not sure exactly how to describe how to shift your focus of attention to the 3D Blackness, other than placing intent to do so, but when you shift your focus of attention to 3D Blackness it\’s unmistakable that you are there.

Moen makes reference to the 3D Blackness. I\’ve seen other names for this particular experience, most notably Focus 12/21, Void, Astral Bridge. If you practice Phasing, you\’ll probably come to your own conclusion about this 3D Blackness. I experience the 3D Blackness quite often throughout my meditations. I believe it\’s a sort of \”in-between\” state, but please, make your own judgments on this. 🙂

There is a definite shift in the feeling quality you are experiencing and instead of a flat, 2D Blackness you realize that you are peering into blackness that has depth. It\’s like you can change the depth you are looking into, sort of like the feeling of looking at a scene with your eyes open, but changing between focusing on an object that is near or far away, there is a definite feeling of being able to look deeply into this 3D Blackness, or looking closely into it, or anywhere in between. There is also a \”velvet\” quality to this 3D Blackness, like it\’s both smooth and grainy at the same time. Moving your eyes from side to side it\’s like you can see the velvety graininess going by. This 3D Blackness is, in my view, a specific, individual area of consciousness and it\’s one that can be quite useful for exploring other realities.

It\’s important to realize that you might not experience all of this exactly as he (or anyone else, for that matter) mentions it. Your 3D Blackness is going to be rather unique to you, so it might not be exactly as he says. What will (or should be, at least) similar is that sense of DEPTH to the field that you\’re looking into. I can\’t confirm the \”velvety graininess\” that he speaks of, as it\’s not a property of my own 3D Blackness. I can, however, speak volumes to this perceived \”shift\” that he talks about… for myself there is a distinct \”feeling\” of movement when I go from viewing 2D to the 3D Blackness. It\’s unmistakeable.

The many times I managed to shift my focus of attention to the 3D Blackness I was only there for very short periods of time. I\’d get there and think, Oh WOW! I\’m there! And in the next moment I\’d be back in 2D blackness. I had to learn to relax and just let myself be there once I arrived.

This is an important part to realize. You\’ve gotta remain relaxed and passively aware if you wish to \”hang out\” for extended periods of time in this state of consciousness. Otherwise, you\’ll have what happened to Moen… a return to 2D Blackness.

My first experiments with this area of consciousness happened accidentally too. I\’d been intending to try to visit some deceased person before I began my relaxing breaths and then found myself peering into the depths of the 3D Blackness. I\’d learned how to just sort of relax and allow myself to be there, so I didn\’t pull myself out of there. As I peered into the 3D Blackness I could see that it was all very uniform, the same shade of black if you will, then, as I moved my eyes looking from side to side and up and down, I noticed there was a small area that was darker than the surrounding blackness. This caught my attention and I wondered why this little area was darker. I focused my attention on this spot, it looked like a sort of dark swirl, I was trying to see it\’s shape and movement and thought, If I got closer to it maybe I\’d be able to see it better, so I thought about moving toward it. I started to feel myself move, I was suddenly somewhere else. As I looked around I realized I was near the deceased person I had originally intended to visit with. Big surprise!

This, I believe, is the very origins of Franks \”Noticing Exercise\”. This chat log of Moen\’s was done back in 2002, well before Frank finalized his Noticing Exercise on the Astral Pulse. I feel it\’s definitely where he got the idea from. He took this and tweaked it slightly for his own personal uses… he found success in it, and then shared it with others in an easy-to-learn format.

You\’ll notice in this paragraph that he tends to use his Intent quite often to imitate actions that he wants to take. This is very important and you should note this for your own journeys. 🙂

At first I didn\’t get any connection between these two events. But, as I continued exploring our afterlife, intending to find a certain person, or visit some area like the Education Center, or other Center,sometimes I\’d find myself in the 3D Blackness, peering into its depth, and looking it over intently, Then I notice a small area that was different than the surrounding blackness. Sometimes this would be a darker swirl, sometimes a small area that was a little lighter, sometimes just a small area that appeared to be very active, like the blackness in that area was jittering or jiggling.

I\’d focus my attention on the spot, think about moving toward it, and suddenly I\’d be in the place I\’d originally intended to go. Eventually I realized that this 3D Blackness was sort of like a Hub or central location for \”portals\” or \”gateways\” I imagined it was a place that had tubes running from it to any other area of consciousness that existed. Something or someone kept helping me shift my focus of attention to this 3D Blackness, or I was just becoming more aware of the process of \”going\” to the people and places I wanted to visit.

These paragraphs show a bit more of the origins of the Noticing Exercise, along with sharing how he uses his Intent (focusing his attention on a spot to move towards it) to initiate his desired action.

Eventually, I realized that if there was any person or place or thing I wanted to visit or explore all I had to do was to intentionally shift my focus of attention to the 3D Blackness, then I\’d say the name of the person I wanted to visit, in my mind, or the name of the place I wanted to go, then I\’d just start looking for one of those discontinuities\’ in the 3D Blackness. As soon as I found one I\’d just focus attention on it and in the next moment I\’d BE THERE Some here tonight have already found this area of consciousness called the 3D Blackness and by some of the posts on the Conversation Board it\’s pretty obvious some have learned to use it in the way I\’ve just described. I wish it was easier for me to describe how one finds the 3D Blackness, describe the feeling quality of it, give better clues that other folks could use to shift there focus of attention there. Because, it\’s such a great navigational tool for getting from point A to point B.

His first sentence actually gives us a great clue as to how to find our own 3D Blackness within ourselves. Shift your focus of attention (awareness) towards experiencing your 3D Blackness. Shift your Intent to do this. Afterwards, while there, he\’s shifting his Intent once again to visit whoever he wants.

If you\’re noticing a pattern here… it\’s all about your \”Intent\” and using that to illicit the changes that you want to happen.
In this way, Moen is using the blackness as a sort of Hub connecting him to the larger reality.

For those of you interested in exploring for the 3D Blackness and exploring it directly, I\’d suggest you begin in a darkened room. The reason I suggest this is because there will be less physical light stimulating your retina, not that it can\’t be found any where but a darkened room, it\’s just that it\’s a little easier to start that way. With your eyes closed, take in some deep relaxing breaths, Remember the feeling of being relaxed, Let memory of that feeling help you relax a little more deeply as you continue taking in relaxing breaths. When you can feel a difference in your level of relaxation that\’s a good start, for this 3D Blackness exercise it\’s worth spending a little more time than usual to allow yourself to relax deeply. Then, with your eyes still closed look closely at the blackness before your eyes, examine it. describe it, feel it, at first it will probably appear to be flat, two dimensional blackness, Then, say in your mind, I desire to explore the 3D Blackness, place intent.

I suggest closely reading what he says here and take it to heart, but don\’t worry too much about \”his\” details. Use it as a basis and create \”your own\” details.

Then, continue to look into that flat blackness, move your physical eyes a little from time to time, as if you are looking at \’things\’ within this blackness. At some point you may feel a shift in the feeling quality of that blackness, for me it\’s a feeling like being drawn into a scene I\’m looking at, you know how you can just look at a scene and not be drawn into to it, or you can \’look into a scene\’ in a way that your attention is drawn to details within the scene? the feeling is similar. Wish I could describe it better, but that doesn\’t matter, if you place your intent to explore the 3D Blackness and peer into the flat blackness before your eyes, at some point you\’ll feel the shift and then realize you are peering into a different kind of blackness, a velvety, blackness with depth. When you notice you can peer into its depth you\’ll know you\’ve made the shift of your focus of attention to the 3D Blackness. Fascinating place.

As I said earlier, the first several times I arrived there I pulled myself right back out moments after arriving because I began thinking about having arrived. The area of consciousness I\’m in when I\’m thinking that way is a different area than the 3D Blackness. it\’s okay. Just relax and intend to shift to 3D Blackness again, look closely at the flat blackness, and at some point you\’ll make that shift again. EAch time you make that shift take note of the feeling quality of that shift, Then, as you\’re doing the exercise remember the feeling quality of that shift. If you remember it to the point of re-experiencing that feeling quality you\’ll probably find that you can begin to make the shift to 3D Blackness pretty much at will.

He makes a great distinction here to relax at all times and not get excited about experiencing anything in particular, because, as it happened with him, it broke his trance state. This is part of the training, keeping yourself grounded and centered at all times. \”At all times\”… before, during and after a projection.

For me \”at will\” didn\’t necessarily mean \”immediately\” but when I could remember the feeling quality of the shift to the point of re-experiencing it, \”at will\” meant I was definitely going to be there shortly. As you learn to make that shift and let yourself just be in the 3D Blackness, And learn to look around within it, when you can see/detect a small area that looks a little different than the surrounding blackness, just focus your attention on that spot. In other words, be in the frame of mind that you are looking at it and looking at if from a little closer position would be better. Don\’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself within some entirely different reality, or, reality space. With practice, you\’ll be able to intend to visit with a nonphysical person, human or otherwise, go to the 3D Blackness, find that spot that looks different, intend to move toward it,and suddenly find yourself where you wanted to be,the place is almost like magic. About time for me to take a short break. Hopefully, this chat about the 3D Blackness has stimulated your curiosity and you\’ve got some questions about it. So, let\’s take five.


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