Lucid Dream – Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I\’ve been in quite the non-physical slump as of late.  My last lucid awareness experience was back in mid-February!  So I\’ve been quite eager to continue my exploration.  Last weekend, I finally had one, it was relatively short, but I think I might have made a strange personal discovery.

I remember it started off on a beach, I was standing around with my father.  What triggered the initial lucidity was everything had a slight \”grey\” filter on it.  I noted this to my father, and I got to thinking that something was up.  Once that happened, I started a reality check.  I got stuck on the question \”How did I get here?\”.  I tried really hard to answer it, but seeing as I had no idea how I got to the beach in the first place, I couldn\’t answer it… so I must have been dreaming.  However, I went to attempt to fly (which is another reality check I usually do to solidly confirm if I\’m dreaming), yet failed twice in a row, but then a minute later, I tried once more and I got off the ground, I came to the conclusion that I was definitely dreaming.

The strange personal discovery was this \”grey filter\” on my vision.  I\’m wondering if it\’s always present and I just happened to notice it this time.  I think next time I need to really look around more and \”see\” what I\’m seeing.  I\’ve never noticed anything like it before.  Everything was perfectly clear and in full colour, there was just this greyness to everything that was glaringly obvious.  So obvious, in fact, that it triggered my awareness.

I guess I\’ll have to wait and see where this new information takes me.  It\’s been a few days since, and I haven\’t really experienced much else… nor have I noticed anything strange about the \”colours\” of my dreams lately either.

2 thoughts on “Lucid Dream – Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

  1. xanth18 says:

    An addendum to this post… I was reading some stuff on API ( and that while I was talking to my father in this experience, I remember seeing a big brick-type wall behind him.

    The possibility exists that it was a wall from the API pyramid. Who knows really… could have been a normal wall too.

    I’ll definitely need to investigate this further… since a lot of my projections tend to take me to beaches, it could be that I’m inadvertently headed to API.

  2. SikWilly says:

    Hi, I once experienced the grayness that also triggered lucidity. I was walking in the neighborhood I grew up in with my brother and noticed that everything was in black and white with accents of red. I said “thats weird, I must be dreaming!” I was walking with my brother at the time, so I told him we were dreaming and he went lucid. We decided to walk down to the house we grew up in. When we went inside, color came back into the environment.

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