Meditation – Monday, August 1st, 2011

So I figured I\’d take some time to meditate while my girlfriend prepared us dinner for the evening. I sat down on our couch in the living room, closed my eyes and began my meditation. I didn\’t have any real goal in mind other than attaining what I\’ve currently been working towards lately, the point consciousness state, so what ended up happening was quite pleasing and unexpected.

I began relaxing the muscles in my head, especially around my ears which I tend to hold more pressure. The best way I can describe what I\’ve been doing lately is that I \”push\” my consciousness out into the blackness while observing to see what \”patterns\” evolve out of it. About thirty minutes went by and the unexpected happen. I\’ll explain… in front of our couch we have a big TV stand which holds our TV and related electronics, well, what happened was that I began to see it crystal clear during my meditation, just as if I had my eyes open. It slowly formed in front of me, it stayed for a few seconds, then faded away again.

I\’ve had this sort of thing happen before, but never THAT clear. I count this as a big step in the right direction towards Phasing from anytime/anywhere.

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